Saturday 28 June 2008

ROOM - Pre-Flight ( British brassy progressive 1970 )

Room was an obscure British group who released a promising debut-album, and then disappeared into oblivion. They played a quite rough, unpolished and guitar-dominated style of early 70's progressive rock mainly influenced by jazz and blues, but they also gave the music a symphonic side by using lots of strings and brass. They were fronted by a female-singer, and her voice fitted well into their often melo-dramatic and complex songs. The title-track and the instrumental "Cemetery Junction" are both solid progressive rock tracks in several sections, and reveals a tight and technical very competent band. "Andromeda" shows the band from their most dramatic and grandiose side, while the more blues-inflected tracks "Where Did I Go Wrong" and "Big John Blues" are more modest and basic. The quiet parts of "No Warmth in My Life" tend to remind me of Affinity, and that's not a bad thing at all. "Pre-Flight" is an album with lots of qualities, and should be well worth checking out. (

Line-up :
Steve Edge / Lead and Rhythm Guitar
Chris Williams / Lead Guitars
Bob Jenkins / Drums, Congas, Percussion
Jane Kevern / Vocals, Tambourine
Roy Putt / Bass, Artistic Design
Guests artists :
Violins : Raymond Moseley, Eric Eden, Denis East & Brian Smith
Violas : Tom Lister & Max Burwood
Cellos : Norman Jones & Denis Nesbitt
Bass : Michael J. Hart
Trumpets : Ray Hudson, N. Carter & J. McLevy
Flügel Horn : Mo Miller
Trombone : Peter Hodge

Tracks :
01. Preflight - Parts I & II (8:56)
02. Where Did I Go Wrong (5:27)
03. No Warmth In My Life (4:34)
04. Big John Blues (2:33)
05. Andromeda (5:07)
06. War (4:33)
07. Cemetery Junction Parts I & II (8:32)

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With Fusion Orchestra & Affinity, it's one of the best of the genre !!!


Anonymous said...

My grandad was the Bassist for this band =)

imnotgod said...

Are you speaking of Roy Putt ?

Is he still alive ?

And does he still play music today ?


petrosis said...

:) thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanx a lot!