Wednesday 22 November 2023

Carey Rowland - Revelation 5:9 (Great 1979 US Private Xian Folk LP)


Good homey arrangements with an accent on backwoods rural simplicity decorate this multi-faceted cutting-edge country folk obscurity. Sort of a mysterious project housed in a flimsy insert-like cover that opens on the top, with blank white labels on the record. Takes some digging in the credits to realize it’s mainly the work of a one L Carey Rowland. Instruments include guitar, violin, mandolin, banjo, harmonica, bass, drums and slide, plus piano from jazz-man Howard Hanger. Quite a bit of variety here, from the Dixieland-ish cover of ‘When The Saints Go Marching In’ to the hushed gospelly acoustic rendering of ‘Amazing Grace’. ‘Baptism’ has an easygoing country rock flow while ‘Spirit Of The Lord’ supplies a loungy nightclub mood with soft trumpet and Hanger’s smoky piano backing. Some relaxed bluegrass roots crop up on ‘Let Us Shout’, ‘Life’s Railway To Heaven’ and Hank William’s ‘I Saw The Light’ (which begins with the group opening in prayer). Title tune is a reading of Revelation 5:1-9 backed only by George Winston-like solo piano. Rowland’s guitar work flowers on the lengthy standout track ‘Follow The Way’ which has a creative progressive flavor akin to Bruce Cockburn’s early acoustic works. Recorded in North Carolina. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

Listen : Carey Rowland's 2nd LP - The whole LP



Record : VG++ (light warp that does not affect the play)
Cover : EXC (see pictures)
Price : 80,00 Euros (+ postage costs by registered parcel calculated by the Belgian Post office)
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Tuesday 21 November 2023

Karen Gibbs - Window Panes (Beautiful 1977 US Private Female Folk LP)


Karen Gibbs is a songwriter and vocalist.

All credits under song title are Karen Gibbs, Romar Publications, BMI with the exception of:
Side A : Track 4: Loving Arms: Written by (Tom Jans, Almo Music Corp, ASCAP)
Side B : Track 4: Oh Daddy: Written by (Christine McVie, Gentoo Music, Inc, BMI)

P) 1977 Romar Productions P.O Box 8428 Salt Lake City, Utah 84108

Listen : A2. Windowpanes (To Friends)

A very nice LP that deserves a wider audience !

Record : VG+
Cover : VG+ (bottom seam begins to tear - see pictures)
Price : 20,00 Euros (+ the expedition costs calculated by the Belgian Post)
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Tuesday 14 November 2023

John Sase - Aessence (Excellent 1985 US Private Acid Folk LP - Limited edition)


"I originally started to write Zothique and the rest of the suite of songs known as Aessence in 1972 and completed the work in 1976. After performing these songs with various ensembles of fellow musicians at the Freezer Theatre and the St. Andrews Community Concert series in Detroit, Michigan, I scraped together enough money to record and press them to vinyl in the 1980s. We used two 6-track Tascam Porta-Studios and finally did the final mix and mastering at Tanus Studios. Zothique was inspired by the book Zothique written by Clark Ashton Smith. The stories were originally published in various fantasy magazines in the 1930s, notably Weird Tales." -- John Sase

Plain white back cover. With the rare insert !


Listen : A2. Winter Song + A3. Industrial Age + B2. Get It Together

The whole LP : Aessence

The album was released in a limited edition of 300 autographed and hand numbered copies.
This one is numbered 280/300.
US dreamy acid folk gem,with deep vibe and similar to Arthur Lee Harper, Bobb Trimble and the likes.

Another little gem we have here !

Record : EXC+
Cover : EXC (see pictures)
Insert : EXC (see pictures)
Price : 250,00 Euros (+ postage costs - by registered parcel - calculated by the Belgian Post office)
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Monday 13 November 2023

Emily Bindiger - Emily (1972 US Psychedelic Folk masterpiece released in France on Pathé)


Recorded in Paris by a 16 year-old New Yorker, and released only in France, this extremely rare album has been acclaimed as a psychedelic folk masterpiece. With sensitive backing from local progressive rockers Dynastie Crisis, the eight self-penned songs feature delicate arrangements and lyrics that show remarkable maturity and depth.

Listen : B2. Song of Decision

B3. Old Lace (to John)

A3. Jesus Said

& B1. Born Again

A4. My Mother's House

This is truly a lost gem !
The music is mainly vocals, piano, acoustic guitar and flute.
A real masterpiece highly recommended to all psych folk lovers !!!

A holy grail among psych collectors in an excellent condition !

Record : EXC
Cover : EXC (see pictures)
Price : 280,00 Euros (+ the expedition costs by registered parcel calculated by the Belgian Post)
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Thursday 9 November 2023

Mike Johnson - Lord Doctor (Excellent 1972 US Private Xian Psych Folk LP)


Rare 1972 Private Press Christian Psych Folk Rock album from ex-Exkursions main guy Mike Johnson (Freedom Light Records NS-2037).
Acid Archives describes Johnson's recordings as "Eclectic rock with folk, rural and jazz inflections, with both acoustic and electric guitars," though they haven't yet reviewed this killer LP.
It all starts off with the monster heavy apocalyptic psych track "Cause and Effect", with a stomping heavy beat, plenty of distorted fuzz guitar and completely over-the-top lyrics about the end of mankind, Judgment Day, etc.
The next track has a wild extended freakout intro of Arp Synthesizer, guitar and frantic drumbeats. All the songs on here are originals -- a satisying rural mix of bluesy rock and folk -- Neil Young is definitely an influence.
Lyrically and musically, this album is a journey through Mike Johnson's longing for a better day for mankind.
From the intense, apocalyptic visions in the storytelling of "Cause And Effect" (complete with fuzz guitar and a dark, foreboding rhythm) to the fantastic arp synth/prog psych workout lead-in to "Pride" fans of private psych folk rock will not be disappointed.

Listen : A1. Cause and Effect

and A2. Pride

and A3. The World Rejoiced 

and B4. Lord Doctor

Another little gem never reissued on CD or on vinyl !

Record : VG++
Cover : VG+
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Wednesday 8 November 2023

Rep Boyett - This Old House (More Than Just These Memories) (Excellent 1975 US Rural Folk LP on Artist's Records)


One of my best discoveries ... and a really solid LP throughout !

 Listen : B4. This Old House


Very rare. Amazing dreamy recording with a mix of folk/country rock with dreamy rural psych touches.
A true gem that is hardly known. One day this will fetch way more money as more folks give it a listen. (recent review by eBay seller)

Record : EXC
Cover : EXC (still in shrink wrap)
Price : 120,00 Euros (+ the expedition costs calculated by the Belgian Post)
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Tuesday 7 November 2023

Frankston Teachers' College (aka Footscray Technical College) - There's an Elf in My Pocket (Excellent 1972 Australian Private Folk School Project)


Recorded in 1972 by students from the Frankston Teachers' College (or from the Footscray Technical College) for a drama production entitled 'There's an Elf in My Pocket'. Those students created a few heart-achingly beautiful folk songs for their 'Elf-In-My-Pocket' show ... The title track is particularly haunting. 

Plain white back cover !

Complete with the rare booklet (three double-sided stapled sheets) !

Listen : There's an Elf in My Pocket

This is a rare privately pressed record ... probably only a few hundred copies ever made.

Record : EXC
Cover : VG++ (see pictures)
Booklet : VG++ (see pictures)
Price : 600,00 Euros (+ postage costs calculated by the Belgian Post office)
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Monday 6 November 2023

Jeff Carroll - Bread : The Soul Sound Jesus Review (Very rare 1972 Australian LP on Troubadour Records PTY LTD)



Rare 1972 Australian LP released on the little Troubadour Records PTY LTD label.

Composer & Director : Jeff Carroll

This sombre baroque-folk track is taken from the rare Sydney musical 'Bread: The Soul Sound Jesus Revue', with music written by composer Jeff Carroll and privately released on the Balmain-based 'Troubadour Custom' label - the same label that released other highly collectable albums by Michael Caulfield, Pageant Theatre and The Followers. This track with its heavy and funky drums, choral harmonies, tender female lead vocals and minor-keyed mood is by far the stand-out from this album.

Listen : B9. Now The Green Blade Riseth   

A rare record we have here … and in a great condition !

Record : VG++
Cover : VG++ (see pictures)
Price : 50,00 Euros (+ postage costs - by registered parcel with tracking - calculated by the Belgian Post office)
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