Tuesday 12 December 2023

Dan Lewis - Towards the Light (Excellent 1979 US Private Psych Folk LP)


Rare original vinyl LP album of "Towards the Light" by Dan Lewis !
This album was released in 1979 by a small private press label called Imaginary Records with the catalog number IM-001. A total of 1.000 LPs were pressed in 1979.
Imaginary Records was the name that the artist chose to use, because there was actually no record company; hence, "Imaginary" Records.

"The soul of a mountain child shines through his music"  reviewed by The Native Stone, Asheville, NC 1979
This unique collectable recording is a private press release from 1979, created by a young folk songwriter in the Blue Ridge mountains of western North Carolina. Containing 12 songs, Dan Lewis wrote all the words and music, and performed on 12 instruments on the various songs, including acoustic guitars, bass guitar, electric slide guitar, mandolin, harmonicas, tambourine, talking drum, folk harp, 32 string ukelin, piano, organ and synthesizer. Lewis also drew the front cover art and liner notes art ...

With the rare insert !

Listen : A3. Love From Afar

A5. Hometown

& A2. When I See You 

B6. Time

B2. Right Here

Dan Lewis is from Asheville, located in the mountains of North Carolina and he really seemed to capture the essence of this city. This is a special little album that sounds almost magical. Most of the songs are in a quiet psych folk vein with a few being more up tempo with a band. This is one record that probably didn't make it to far out of the mountains but deserves to be heard by those who care. (from popsike)


Record : EXC
Cover : VG++ (see pictures)
Insert : EXC (see picture)
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Monday 11 December 2023

Andy Jones - The First Not The Last (Amazing US Private Downer Folk LP from the 70s)



"... Seldom seen private 70's downer folk style ... focus is more on groove and emotional presence ... the mood is intense with energetic acoustic guitar strumming ... uses echo to fine effect ... even a melodic number that brings in mellotron". (from Acid Archives)

A little gem in my opinion !

Listen : A1. Get Down

B2. The Wisdom to Know the Difference

Some other tracks on Sébastien's blog - The Strange Experience of Music :

Andy Jones

"Dark acoustic folk that hits all the private press buttons. Very few copies pressed, don't sleep on this one !" (Alex 'PsychedelicGuy' Kerner)

Record : EXC
Cover : VG+ (ringwear - see pictures)
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Sunday 10 December 2023

Rick Wooley - Salt Water Highway (Rare 1980 US Private Folk LP)



Another 80s oddity with amazing psych folk tracks.
The best tracks being the originals written by Rick Wooley himself.
A great album !

Pat Ringley - Bass
Bobby Patriquin - Drums + other explosions
Michael G. Brown - Piano, harmonica on "Calcutta Monsoon"
Betsy Braud - Flute
John Holland - Cello on "Song for Charlie Smith"
Walter Holland - Tenor sax on "Salt Water Highway"
Rick Wooley - Vocals, guitar, kalimba, congas, percussion, wind & coyote, harmonica

Recorded 1980 at Sountrax, Inc. - Baton Rouge, La. 70806

Listen : A1. Ferris Wheel

Record : VG++
Cover : Exc
Price : 80,00 Euros (+ expedition costs calculated by the Belgian Post Office)
Payment : PAYPAL only to etienne.reyser@gmail.com
Contact : etienne.reyser@gmail.com