Saturday 31 May 2008

NEW DAWN - There's A New Dawn" ( Dreamy US Psychedelic masterpiece 1970)

Another one not to be missed.

Link :

Tracklist :
Side A
1. (There's A) New Dawn
2. I See a Day
3. It's Time
4. It's Rainin'
5. Hear Me Cryin'
6. Dark Thoughts
Side B
7. Proud Man
8. Billy Come Lately
9. We'll Fall in Love
10. You
11. Last Morning
12. Life Goes On

Originally released by Hoot in 1970. Psychedelic rock band hailing from Salem, Oregon.
The album is full of fuzz guitars & 'acid' organ sounds but with a few nice soft rock ballads.
Too deep and dark for some but could be the pinnacle for xian sorrow.

FELT - Same ( US Psych Prog Rock 1971)

This is a classic album. A true must-have LP.

Link :

Line-up :
Allan Dalrymple (rip 197?) : keyboards
Tommy Gilstrap : bass
Myke Jackson : guitar
Stan Lee : guitar
Mike Neel : drums, percussion

Tracklist :
(side A)
1.) Look At the Sun (Myke Jackson) - 3:18
2.) Now She's Gone (Myke Jackson - Mike Neel) - 5:29
3.) Weepin' Mama Blues (Myke Jackson) - 4:40
4.) World (Myke Jackson - Mike Neel) - 5:36
(side B)
1.) The Change (Myke Jackson) - 10:10
2.) Destination (Myke Jackson) - 6:43

A great example of 60s-70s heavy psych and blues rock. A little of the Beatles when they were in their progressive stage and not doing pop music. A little Led Zeppelin. A little of the best psych and blues rock bands of the era. Heavy guitar, organ, good harmonies and strong lead. All the tracks are great.

Highly recommended !!!!!

Friday 30 May 2008

DRAGON - Same ( Belgian progressive - 1976 )

Link :

Line-up :
Bernard Callaert - guitar, backing vocals
Christian Duponcheel - keyboards, synthesizers, Mellotron, strings
Jean-Pierre Houx - bass, piano, synthesizers, trombone, backing vocals
Georges Vanaise - drums, vibes, flutes
Jean Vanaise - lead vocals, lead guitar, strings

Tracklist :
1. Introduction (Insects)
2. Lucifer
3. Leave Me With Tears
4. Gone in the Wind
5. In the Blue
6. Crystal Ball

A little bit amateurish but rather good progressive music.
I've seen them on stage in the seventies and I'm still a little bit nostalgic of that time.
Listen to it and leave me your comments.

SYNANTHESIA - Same ( UK acid folk - 1969 )

Another unknown masterpiece of psychedelic Folk.

Synanthesia are 2 singer songwriters, Dennis Homes and Leslie Cook, who between them play acc.nylon & steel gtrs, vibes, violin, mandolin and bongos (the only percussion you get here) and a 3rd man, Jim Fraser who is a very capable alto/sop sax, oboe & various flutes player.

Synanthesia existed for a year and a half at the tail end of the '60s, released one impossible-to-find LP, then sank without a trace. Pity, as the ground they trod on this reissue was fairly fresh at the time, and still resonates with lysergic psych-folk abandon. Wispy, faerie-prince style lyrics are framed properly against acoustic guitar, sax, bass flute, vibraphone and percussion, in a dynamic mix of melody and dissonance, breaking some boundaries of form for the genre and adhering closely to others. Inspired and lush, this is one of the finer titles to spring up from the new Sunbeam label and should appeal to most latter-day folk/psych/drug music enthusiasts.

Try it, you won't regret !!!

Link :

STEEL MILL - Green Eyed God ( UK - 1972 )

Very great Hard Progressive Blues Rock from these English guys.
All the songs on this album are just awesome and there are some focus/tullesque flute and subtle sax here and there.
This album got a German release on Bellaphon (BLPS 19105) in 1972 but had to wait three more years for a UK airing, by which time they'd split.

Line-up :
Dave Morris (keyboards, vocals), Jeff Watts (bass), Chris Martin (drums), Terry Williams (guitar) & John Challenger (woodwinds)

Tracklist :
1 Blood Runs Deep 5:13
2 Summer's Child 4:21
3 Mijo and the Laying of the Witch 7:49
4 Treadmill 3:56
5 Green Eyed God 9:41
6 Turn the Page Over 3:48
7 Black Jewel of the Forest 6:00
8 Har Fleur 0:44
Bonus Tracks
9 Get on the Line 4:12
10 Zang Will 3:43

Truly an unknown masterpiece.
Very highly recommended.
Link :

Friday 23 May 2008

TRIODE - On n'a pas fini d'avoir tout vu ( France 1971 )

Excellent psych prog album from this French band.

Studio Album, released in 1971.

Track Listings
1. Magic Flower
2. Misomaque
3. Moulos Grimpos
4. Blahsha
5. Lilie
6. Ibiza Flight
7. Adeubis
8. Come Together
9. Chimney suite

- Pierre Chereze / guitars
- Pierre Yves Sorin / bass
- Didier Hauck / drums
- Michel Edelin / flute

Releases information : CD Mellow Records MMP 389 (Reissued 2001)
On N'a Pas Fini D'Avoir Tout Vu is an instrumental album with a strong flute presence that might have an immediate attraction for Jethro Tull fans, although both the music and the flute playing show more of a jazzy Canterbury vibe (think of early Caravan). Other bands that come to mind during some passages are Gravy Train (first album) or Traffic. In addition to the virtuoso flute playing, there are some great psych guitar leads. There is also a flute-drenched cover of the Beatles track, "Come together". Anyone with an interest in flute-dominated music should have this album. ( taken from Gnosis )

Enjoy !!!

MESSAGE The Dawn Anew Is Coming 1972 Germany

Their first and best release, a progressive rock album featuring German and British musicians.
The second one, "From Books And Dreams", released in 1973, is amazing too but heavier than this one.

01. Changes (3:35)
02. The Dawn Anew Is Coming (8:35)
03. Evil Faith And Charity (3:55)
04. Heaven Knows (9:42)
05. When I'm Home (7:40)
All titles written by Message

TAM MC GUIGAN : Vocals, Sax, Lyrics
GERHARD SCHABER : Percussion, Vocals
BILLY TABBERT : Guitars, Spinet, Vocals

Highly recommended for all heavy prog lovers !!!

Link :

Sadly, no covers scanned.

Thursday 22 May 2008

Gandalf, The Common People and Food (psych US 1969)

In 1969, Capitol Records in their wisdom pumped rather large sums into a number of groups, to be released on their new-style green label...Gandalf, Food, The Common People, ... A "holy trinity" of obcure late-'60s psych groups, all known for their mellow, moody, atmospheric psychedelia.
Universally known as Capitols follies, these groups all made a particular type of music, caught between Pet Sounds and Prog, that no one seemed to get...until now.

See following posts.

FOOD "Forever is a Dream" USA 1969

The third one of the Capitol's follies.

For all fans of psyche, they are all three very recommended.

THE COMMON PEOPLE "Of The People / By The People / For The People" USA 1969

Another very great one, in the same spirit as the previous one. Highly recommended !!!

GANDALF "Gandalf" USA 1969

One of my favs for all times, you must hear it !!!!!

Tuesday 20 May 2008

Violence Fog + Jerusalem "SWF Sessions Vol.6" 1971 Germany

Whereas previous CDs released in the SWF-Sessions series were devoted to one band, Vol. 6 features VIOLENCE FOG and JERUSALEM.
The titles recorded for the former radio station SWF demonstrate both musical originality and considerable technical ability.
Compared to previous releases in the SWF-Sessions series, VIOLENCE FOG and JERUSALEM really belong to the ‘guitar‘ category, in VIOLENCE FOG’s case, with the noticeable addition use of flute and some impressive singing, while JERUSALEM are characterized by epic music pieces with West Coast overtones.
VIOLENCE FOG was formed in 1969 from members of various local bands in the Baden-Baden region (of Germany). It only took a few rehearsals before they were making successful live appearances where, apart from original compositions, their repertoire also included their own version of ‘Brother Where Are You‘ (Remo Four) and ‘Paint It Black‘ (R. Stones).
By the mid-seventies the group had achieved more than just local fame and decided to try their luck with SWF which was producing a series for potentially successful up-and-coming groups. On 23.4.71 the band achieved their aim and recorded the titles released on this CD in the radio station’s own studio U1 in Baden-Baden. Despite the motivation created by the SWF recordings the band broke up a few weeks later for professional reasons. Intensive research has failed to shed light on any other publishable title by the band.
Guitarist Enno Dernov and drummer Herbert Brandmeier later played together in Jud’s Gallery (SWF-Sessions Vol. 1), Enno Dernov leaving the group several months before the recordings were made at SWF. He went on to join Brainstorm and took over as bass player on their second LP before joining Respect. The twin brothers Karl-Heinz and Wolfgang Höfer changed over to playing folk music.
JERUSALEM was formed at the end of 1969 when Matthias Stein and Richard Reß quit the goup Intoxication and after Hungry Love with Günther Rüffel, Wolfgang Hilgert and Bernd Lewandowski split up. The five 16-20 year-old school kids and job trainees were already a permanent feature of the music scene in and around Landau in the Palatinate region of Germany and wanted to create their own sound, having become fed up with playing other people’s international hits. The highly motivated young musicians had soon put together a stage show featuring all their own compositions and were soon the number one attraction on the Landau music scene.
There were two reasons for the group’s popularity: the impressive interaction of the two lead guitars (Matthias Stein and Günther Rüffel) and the fact that JERUSALEM used two bass players (Richard Reß and Wolfgang Hilgert).The band’s music, following as it did the progressive trends of the time, was an expression of the creative potential of each band member and enthusiastically received by the fans. As a result of various appearances at the same gigs, JERUSALEM got noticed by other better-known bands like Ihre Kinder and Frumpy and were asked to play as warm-up group. A tour with Frumpy saw JERUSALEM playing not only in the south-west and south of Germany but also in Austria and Switzerland. JERUSALEM appeared on the same show as Fashion Pink (SWF-Sessions Vol. 3), Roland Schaeffer’s band. SWF had given Roland Schaeffer the job of organizing the talent contest for up-and-coming new bands. JERUSALEM were one of the applicants for the contest and on 04.06.1971 recorded the titles on this CD in the radio station’s own studio. All the songs were broadcast in the SWF 3 programme ‘Pop-Shop‘. However, the band were never able to take advantage of their resulting increased popularity. A few month after the SWF recordings singer and guitarist Matthias Stein died in a tragic motor cycle accident. Richard Reß, Matthias Stein’s friend of many years was so badly shaken that he gave up his musical career and withdrew from public life. These events marked the end of JERUSALEM. Intensive research has likewise failed to turn up any additional titles by this innovative band. The remaining musicians joined other local groups. Günther Rüffel plays for a cover band in his spare time. Bernd Lewandowski works as a free-lance musician.

VIOLENCE FOG and JERUSALEM are striking examples how Kraut and Progressive Rock was not only reserved for the big metropolises but was also a regional phenomenon.

An excellent release (Long Hair 2001) with two amazing heavy prog bands.

Link :

Highly recommended !!!

Saturday 17 May 2008

SUBWAY ( USA 1972)

Studio Album released in 1972

Track Listings
1. I Am A Child
2. Songs For Sinking Shelters
3. Warm You Are
4. All The Good Things
5. Enturbulation - Free Form
6. Arizona Sands
7. Rosana Of The Roses
8. Can I Trade With Your Mind

- Irvin Mowrey / vocals, guitars, sonwriter
- Malcolm Watson / violin, arranger

A dreamy Acid-Folk masterpiece !!!!!

Link :

Friday 16 May 2008

BOB THEIL - So Far ( UK 1982 )

How can this album be so unknown? It's an absolute masterpiece, one of those few albums which live in their own world and can take you there with a few notes, whatever you're doing.

Bob Theil's a singer/songwriter, and his music is one of the most sad and unhopeful I've ever listened to. It's based on 12-string acoustic guitar, his beautiful voice and sparse synthetizers which, together with cold harmonies and bluesy electric guitar soloing somehow make the album's atmosphere amazing. The album has few quasi-optimistic episodes ("Moments Lost"), but most songs feature a unique "epic" depressive aura.

Link :

SATIN WHALE - Desert Places (Germany 1974)

Track List :
1.Desert Places (6:48)
2.Seasons Of Life (6:41)
3.Remember (9:38)
4.I Often Wondered (7:15)
5.Perception (12:56)
Total Time : (43:18)

Line-up :
Thomas Brück : bass, vocals
Gerald Dellmann : keyboards
Dieter Roesberg : guitars, saxophone, flute, vocals
Horst Schöffgen : drums

Release information : LP Brain 1049 [1974]

The masterwork of SATIN WHALE !!! Highly recommended !!!

Link :

Thursday 15 May 2008

TROYA - Point Of Eruption ( 1976 Germany)

Elmar Wegmann : guitar, flute, vocals
Klaus Pannewig : drums, glocken, vocals
Wilhelm Weischer : bass
Peter Savelsberg : organ, mellotron, e-piano

01 : She (5:46)
02 : Battle Rock (7:58)
03 : Chromatik (4:06)
04 : Festival (3:48)
05 : Sinclair (4:58)
06 : Choke (5:58)

Influenced by classical and baroque music, in 1976 Troya released their unique self-financed sole album; Point of Eruption, with very little means.
The music sounds both melancholic and space, and is mainly guitar and mellotron driven.
The opener, She, introduces the disc with smooth organ and light guitar, to go on with beautiful symphonic piano and vocals. Battle Rock is more energic and alternates between epic and slow movements. The next song, Chromatik, features mysterious atmosphere and trippy guitar solos sometimes reminiscent of Novalis. Festival announces that the second part of the album will be dominated by organ and mellotron and is very psychedelic. The two final tracks Sinclair and Choke conclude superbly the album and let the listener in the sky...

I don't know why but I really love this album. It's a pity that it's too short and the sound quality is below average.

You must try it :
(thanks to )

DIABOLUS - Diabolus (aka High Tones) UK 1971

John Hadfield (guitar, vocals)
Anthony Hadfied (bass, vocals)
Philip Howard (flute, keyboards, saxophone, organ, piano)
Ellwood Von Seibold (drums)

Their only LP, "High Tones", was recorded in 1971, in London, produced by Hugh Murphy and Shel Talmy (THE WHO).
Music runs from folk tunes to excessive instrumentation, including flute, sax and chorus sang by three of the members of the band, passing through jazz-fusion and complex time composing. GENTLE GIANT's choruses run similarly to DIABOLUS'; flute sound takes them close to JETHRO TULL. Sax prefigures later PINK FLOYD sound, but while in PF sax is "invited" in DIABOLUS it comes as part of the whole. Some of the tunes approach electric jazz through the use of broken times and an open drumming, with moments of total free improvisation.

Excellent !!! For all hard psych folk prog lovers !!!

Link :

Enjoy and leave your comments.

PETE FINE - On A Day Of Crystaline Thought - USA 1974

While having played in a heavy guitar trio (THE FLOW) just before this, Pete Fine was considering making an ambitious classical composition, which became this conceptual piece, which not only featured a chamber string section, and French horns, but also 12-string and electric guitars, flute, electric bass, drums, and a bit of organ and piano, and various vocal parts.
A masterpiece. Only 100 albums were printed at the time.
It's one of my top albums for the desert island.
A real psych prog gem.
Enjoy it here :

Wednesday 14 May 2008

DEIRDRE - Deirdre ( Superb Dutch Folk Rock 1977)


01. Daughter Of Peggy'o
02. Lonely Jean
03. Cup Of Tea
04. Tell Me What You See In Me
05. Young Waters
06. It Visserke
07. Nine Paints Of Roguery
08. Koopangszanje
09. Grave Walk
10. Call The Yaves
Highly recommended for all folk rock lovers.

ARK - Voyages ( USA - 1978 )

A pretty good Christian effort in a mellow late-60s westcoasty psychrock style despite the vintage. Consistent throughout, with a relaxed and reflective late-night mood that makes it seem unexceptional at first, then it creeps upon you. Not a killer, but appealing enough to check out. Often compared to the Doors, but I honestly don't hear much of that. The very small press size figure comes from a band member.
(taken from )


1°) A most impressive album, albeit a strange one. It's strange in that it is so sparsely arranged, seemingly just two guitars (one of which is very lightly doodled much of the time), bass and drums. There is just so much space and air that it almost makes me believe that some producers would just record an empty room for the duration of a track, just to add atmosphere to a recording....The lyrics are quite pensive and rarely bland, the melodies aren't rivetting and nor are the vocals but they don't need to be because the whole works in a way that's for me never boring. "Sea of life" seems to literally drift out to sea and they almost work up a sweat on "Sidewalk preacherman", a great track with a semi sizzling riff and all the electricity of a light coming on.Also of interest to me is when the album came out, just as punk was fizzling out and mutating into the more musical, moneyspinning (sorry, commercial) new wave. The album has a minimalist punk undercurrent yet is as far from punk as it was possible to get. Some Jesus bands remained blissfully behind the times, some were ahead of their time and others like Ark seemed out of any time......They were alot more gritty and successful at this kind of style than the 4th Movement {grimtraveller}.
2°) This is without a doubt one of the best albums that no one has ever heard. I have been involved in the Christian music industry since 1975 and have never even heard a mention of this terrific album. I can't stop listening to it! To me "Drifting" and "Sidewalk Preacherman" are the best tunes on the LP but every single song is highly enjoyable. It could be one of the top 20 Christian albums of all time.
3°) Thanks for the kind words everyone. I am Lee Henderson, the drummer/percussionist on the ARK Voyages album. It was both fun and eventful recording that album as some of it was recorded in my parent's basement on a 4 trk reel to reel. It's hard for me to believe this music is still out there as I thought I had the only few copies of the album any more. And yes, Eddie Herold was a Doors lover back then, as well as Moody Blues, and just blues. I was into progressive rock and actually recorded some more nice percussion tracks on some songs, but alas, lack of space and desired guitar parts etc, wiped my extra percussion off. Looking back, it was a miracle that album ever got completed but I am so thankful it did. Much appreciation to those who have listened to it.

Tuesday 13 May 2008

BILL CLINT - The Crying Of A Generation

Rural folk weeper with an unnerving tortured feel like Bobb Trimble. Vocally, he resembles John Denver, with some oversinging thrown in for good measure. The highlights are: "Angels Don't Need Friends", an amazing downer track where he breaks down crying, and "Babe Is It Easy" which continues the crying theme and adds running water and a music box to the mix. There's also some creepy sounding xylophone in places. There are two cover variants. On one the opening for the record faces the spine, on the other it is at the outside edge. The insert reads: "I'm no longer afraid to admit I'm an insane animal"!
(taken from