Friday 30 May 2008

DRAGON - Same ( Belgian progressive - 1976 )

Link :

Line-up :
Bernard Callaert - guitar, backing vocals
Christian Duponcheel - keyboards, synthesizers, Mellotron, strings
Jean-Pierre Houx - bass, piano, synthesizers, trombone, backing vocals
Georges Vanaise - drums, vibes, flutes
Jean Vanaise - lead vocals, lead guitar, strings

Tracklist :
1. Introduction (Insects)
2. Lucifer
3. Leave Me With Tears
4. Gone in the Wind
5. In the Blue
6. Crystal Ball

A little bit amateurish but rather good progressive music.
I've seen them on stage in the seventies and I'm still a little bit nostalgic of that time.
Listen to it and leave me your comments.

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