Tuesday 13 May 2008

BILL CLINT - The Crying Of A Generation

Rural folk weeper with an unnerving tortured feel like Bobb Trimble. Vocally, he resembles John Denver, with some oversinging thrown in for good measure. The highlights are: "Angels Don't Need Friends", an amazing downer track where he breaks down crying, and "Babe Is It Easy" which continues the crying theme and adds running water and a music box to the mix. There's also some creepy sounding xylophone in places. There are two cover variants. On one the opening for the record faces the spine, on the other it is at the outside edge. The insert reads: "I'm no longer afraid to admit I'm an insane animal"!
(taken from http://www.lysergia.com/AcidArchives/)


imnotgod said...

I'm searching this one for years and years.
I'm waiting desperately for a reissue on CD and it never comes.
Now I hope that someone will upload it on the Web.
Could somebody help me ?

Redtelephone66 said...

Hello Fantasy,
Haven't forgotten you, still looking for this one.
By the way, you have a very nice blog.


Anonymous said...

track 3 isn`t working !!!!!

Anonymous said...

track 3 does not work, have also problems with track 8.
reup possible ???

imnotgod said...

Sorry Kai, it's not my rip !!!
The link comes from :

Try to contact Munju and ask him to re-upload !!!


Anonymous said...

Thanx a lot!

Antonin said...

Hello !!

I wonder if you could put another link please ?

imnotgod said...

The 'Big Pink Music Korea' reissue is still available !
Please buy the CD on the net !
It's not so expensive for a 'high quality' reissue.

Unknown said...

If anyone is still interested I can get it back online, it's my Dad's music