Thursday, 12 March 2020

Don Platt - Sunday (Very rare and excellent 1971 US Private Loner Folk LP)

Short album (less than 29 minutes for 14 tracks) with all original compositions.
A great voice for a very great LP from the beginning to the end.

"Here is a very rare LP released in New York State in 1971.
The music is downbeat, evocative and somewhat crude-sounding folk."
(eBay seller's review)

"No-label release from 1971 recorded in New York. Mostly solo acoustic guitar and vocals with an introspective, melancholy feeling in several places."
(another eBay seller's review)

Listen to these tracks available on YouTube :

Scarce and very great LP ... in a flawless condition ... don't miss this one !

Record : EXC+
Cover : EXC (just a touch of shelf wear - see pictures)
Price : 480,00 Euros (+ postage costs calculated by the Belgian Post)
Payment : PAYPAL only
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Wednesday, 11 March 2020

Stephen Raley - Won't You Hurry Us Home ... Wish We'd All Been Ready (Excellent 1971? US Xian Loner Folk LP on Angelus)

Totally obscure Californian loner folk psych issued on Angelus (same label than Fraction).
A couple of 100 made at max.
Deep introspective vocals with a Perry Leopold feeling.
Very great and rare album !

Recently discovered excellent early 1970's Xian folk private on the Angelus label.
This is (in my opinion) one of the 10 most significant Christian folk records ever released.
About half the tracks have a darker Tim Buckley-like loner folk edge, but really the whole thing is great. This would certainly be listed in Acid Archives if they ever did a 3rd edition. (reviewed by ebay seller)

Listen to these tracks from YouTube :

A rare and wonderful LP in a flawless condition ! Don't miss this one !

Record : EXC+
Cover : EXC+ (still in shrink - see pictures)
Price : Recently SOLD ... I'm sorry !
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Sunday, 8 March 2020

St Rita's Folk Group, "Re-Creation" - God Will Set Us Free (Rare 1973 US Private Xian Folk LP on the RPC label)

Another Xian Folk little gem released on the RPC label.

Another very rare and interesting LP !

Listen to this track available on WFMU (thanks to Jason) :

and this one available on YouTube :

and also these two thanks to waxidermy :

Record : EXC+
Cover : VG+ (see pictures)
Price : 120,00 Euros (+ postage costs calculated by the Belgian Post)
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