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VARIOUS ARTISTS - "Travelling Folk" (1976 UK Small Private Pressing featuring Merruwyn, Stephanie Clarke and others)

Unusually for one of Eron’s multi-artist showcases, the tracks by the various artists and bands here are not interspersed: each gets a block of ten to twelve minutes, during which they play between two and four songs. However, most of the acts are familiar from earlier Eron ventures. Skinner’s Rats still have a penchant for upbeat morris tunes, and are one of the lesser outfits here. Meanwhile, Tundra (aka the non-Vulcan’s Hammer half of Mingled) offer two lovely, haunting numbers, one traditional and one self-penned, and Mariners have reinvented themselves as a competent electric folk act. Stephanie Clarke (now minus sister Leonie) offers three delightful Spinning Jenny-style songs that are my favourites on the set, whilst Keith Pearson has unfortunately formed a band called Treacle Line that plays horrible countryish jugband stuff. Finally, there’s Merruwyn (better known for their rare album At The Grosvenor), who provide three pleasant cover versions and one excellent original composition ‘Down Among The Evergreen’. (Review by Richard Falk)

Tracklist :

A1 Skinner's Rats - Kentish Nutting Girl
A2 Skinner's Rats - Rambles of Kitty
A3 Skinner's Rats - Horn of the Hunter
A4 Skinner's Rats - Jackie Coleman
A5 Tundra - Bold Fisherman
A6 Tundra - Battle of Balaclava
A7 Mariners - Here's Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy
A8 Mariners - Silver Sphere / Jenny's Chicken
A9 Mariners - Blow the Candle Out

B1 Stephanie Clarke - Satin and Silk
B2 Stephanie Clarke - Venus's Looking Glass
B3 Stephanie Clarke - Apple Seed Johnny
B4 Keith Pearson & Treacle Line - Burglar Bold
B5 Keith Pearson & Treacle Line - West Coast Ramble
B6 Keith Pearson & Treacle Line - Bowling Green
B7 Keith Pearson & Treacle Line - Foggy Mountain Breakdown
B8 Keith Pearson & Treacle Line - The Cuckoo
B9 Merruwyn - Peace Will Come
B10 Merruwyn - Ore Boats
B11 Merruwyn - Down Among the Evergreen
B12 Merruwyn - South Australia

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JOHN SASE - "Aessence" (Great 1985 Privately pressed Acid Folk LP)

"I originally started to write Zothique and the rest of the suite of songs known as Aessence in 1972 and completed the work in 1976. After performing these songs with various ensembles of fellow musicians at the Freezer Theatre and the St. Andrews Community Concert series in Detroit, Michigan, I scraped together enough money to record and press them to vinyl in the 1980s. We used two 6-track Tascam Porta-Studios and finally did the final mix and mastering at Tanus Studios. Zothique was inspired by the book Zothique written by Clark Ashton Smith. The stories were originally published in various fantasy magazines in the 1930s, notably Weird Tales." -- John Sase

The album was released in a limited edition of 300 autographed and hand numbered copies.
This one is numbered 280/300.
US dreamy acid folk gem,with deep vibe and similar to Arthur Lee Harper, Bobb Trimble and the likes ....

Listen here :

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