Sunday 2 September 2012

TOM PARKER - "Let All The Earth Sing His Praise" (Great 1969 US Xian Folk)

The strange cover illustration of peace signs, a priest, a flower child, an elephant, onion domes, a pagoda, a happy sun, etc. would seem to imply a fairly hip album lurking within. And indeed there is - guitarist and songwriter Tom Parker excels in the minor-key Catholic small-folk-band sound. Assisting Tom are Jim Rosch and John Nuttall who handle the vocals. Stripped down basic vibe, sometimes electric along the lines of label-mate Jack Miffleton. Nice tempo mix, the fast Latin feel of 'All You Nations' juxtaposed with brilliant mysterious ballads like 'Charlotte's Song'.
('The Archivist' - 4th Edition by Ken Scott)

One of my top 5 fave Xian LPs !
Listen to these tracks :

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