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March 2007 pt.2

Saturday, March 31, 2007

V.A. - Havoc From Holland (Cryptovision, 1989)

Side 1
1 The Outsiders - Do You Feel Alright
2 The Mokum Beat Five - Apologize
3 The Humbugs - Go On Home, Little Girl
4 The Nicols - Lord, I've Been Thinking
5 Penny Wise - Silver Girl
6 The Fallouts - I've Been Waiting

Side 2
1 The Rob Hoeke Rhythm & Blues Group - Margio
2 The Scorpions - Hey Honey
3 The Sandy Coast - Subject Of My Thoughts
4 The Motions - I've Waited So Long
5 Weetjewel - Lila Lovin' Lola
6 Les Baroques - Girls Enough
7 The Dukes - Try To Understand
8 De Maskers - Three's A Crowd
9 The Clungels - Dat Had Ik Nog Nooit Gedaan
*Sorry, no front-back cover

Clap - Have You Reached Yet? (1972)

Info is spotty on these suckers, but the album is believed to be recorded in 1972 by a band from Huntington Beach, CA. This album doesn't sound like 1972, though... What we're looking at (and what hopefully you will be downloading and listening to soon) is spectacular garage psych, with killer rockin' melodies and inspired, tight playing. All of which is hidden behind a bank-vault-door-sized wall of looooooow fidelity. In that sense I suppose the best band to
compare Clap to would be The Bachs, although Clap has more of that shades-of-punk-to-come energy and attitude that one hears in, say, the New York Dolls. The tune "My Imagination" has one of those classic naive untrained ham-fisted sax solos in it. SO GOOD!!!

Get it HERE, friends!

Fantasy (US) - 1970 - Fantasy

01 Happy (5:24)
02 Come (6:11)
03 Wages of Sin (3:37)
04 Circus of Invisible Men (5:32)
05 Stoned Cowboy (5:55)
06 Understand (4:42)
07 What's Next (9:24)

David Robert Robbins - bass
Mario Anthony Russo - keyboards
Lydia Janene Miller - vocals
Vincent James DeMeo - lead guitar/vocals
Gregory Scott Kimple - drums

A Californian obscurity from 1970, this eponymous LP by Fantasy held promises. The group offered a brand of psychedelic rock itched by the mood swings of progressive rock -- Jefferson Airplane meets Babe Ruth. Lead singer Lydia Janene Miller is the group's strongest asset. Her voice, still rough-edged and untamed, allies the bluesy rawness of Janis Joplin (striking in "Understand") or Carol Grimes with Grace Slick's acrobatics. The liner notes state she was only 16 at the time, but that is simply too hard to believe! If the vocals are fantastic, the music needed improvement. Psychedelic rock for the thinking man, Fantasy often sounds self-indulgent. "Stoned Cowboy" is a flat instrumental number where Vincent James DeMeo, Jr. delivers an overlong generic solo on fuzz guitar. And what about Mario Anthony Russo's classical quotes (à la John Hawken on Renaissance's first two LPs) in "What's Next"? On the other hand, the alternating verses and choruses in "Happy" work out perfectly, and further developments in "What's Next" (a nine-minute epic) serve up a highlight. If you can overlook the misjudgments of youth and a certain naïveté in the lyrics, seek out this rarity. Miller's soul-piercing voice is something you don't easily forget.
~ François Couture, All Music Guide

Thanks J.P. The 60s Junkie for this one !!!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Boys From Nowhere - 1990 - Cyclone Death Machine mLP

The various versions of Mick Divven's great band, the Boys From Nowhere, have all managed to show that he's one of those rare people who can put together a group that burns with that kind of listen to a few of their records will make that obvious. Divven's approach blends a sixties garage sound that will remind some people of bands like the Lyres or Stems with a harder, nastier element that owes a debt to the Stooges or even late 70s punk bands. It's a sound that hasn't won him or his band a lot of success in his hometown of Youngstown, Ohio, despite the fact that Boys From Nowhere have records out in four different countries and are generally adored everywhere anyone has heard of them. Like fellow Ohio natives Sister Ray, the Boys From Nowhere find themselves struggling to get gigs and draw people at home and unable to assemble a tour away from home. But Mick has an even bigger problem than Sister Ray, because he barely has a band together behind him...
The Boys From Nowhere have been going since about 1984. The first three Boys From Nowhere records were singles; "Beg"/"@@@@@", "Jungle Boy"/"1966" and "Goin' Too Far"/"I Don't Bother". All three are a blast of garage punk with a real hard edge to them...much tougher than almost any band you can think of in this kind of thing. Top of the stack is "Goin' Too Far", which has a feeling like the hardest edge of the British invasion with a terrific tune and irresistible chorus.
If you can't find the singles, you can get most of the tracks through the three import eps. I asked Mick how these came to be. He started by discussing the origins of the German ep Cyclone Death Machine.
"Reinhart was doing a magazine, and I don't think he's doing it anymore...before there was Glitterhouse the label there was Glitterhouse the magazine. He was also doing some small level of distribution and wholesale. So he had taken so number of copies of the first couple of 45s, and when he decided to go away from the magazine and start the record label, the first record that he did in order to generate the funds to start the record label was a compilation The Declaration Of Fuzz. He got all his favorite 60s and 70s punk bands to send him a track to be included in this record. None of the bands got anything for it, which didn't really bother me because he's a pretty cool guy. I think he did really well with the record. I know that it went into at least two printings because there are two different colored covers of it, red and blue. Everything that he took in above the printing and pressing costs was profit to him since he didn't have to pay any of the bands, and that's the money that he used to start that record label."
"So he and I had a history going back. And subsequently he kept asking me if I would put out an album on his label...and I...when I did those eps, a German one and an Australian one and a Spanish one, I gathered up 12 or 14 songs and I sent each of the people that I'd worked with the same 12 or 14 songs and told them all pick your favorite 6. So all the three eps have a couple of similar tracks and some different tracks. The Spanish one has a bunch of unreleased stuff. That guy fucked me over. I'm so pissed. It's on Romilar D. I got nothing out of that... But the Glitterhouse thing worked out cool. I got paid for the Glitterhouse thing."
(from Noise for Heroes, 1991)

Cyclone Death Machine - 6 Song 12" EP
(Glitterhouse Records Germany) 1990 #GR 0048

Don't Make Me Laugh
I Don't Bother
Walk A Fine Line
Goin Too Far
I Can Take It

Mick Divvens - Vocals, Guitar, Vox Organ - all tracks
Charlie McNeil - Guitar - tracks 1 & 2
Ted Nagel - Bass - tracks 1 & 2
Johnny Bernardo - Drums - tracks 1 & 2
Mark Poole - Guitar - tracks 3, 4, 5, 6
Todd Burge - Bass - tracks 3, 4, 5, 6
Wes Poole - Drums - tracks 3, 4, 5, 6
Doug Edwards - Bass - track 6
Bill Donovan - Duck Call - track 6
Engineered by Doug Edwards
Produced by Donovan's Brain

Here you can find the 1989 7" No Reason To Live/1966

The Plastic Cloud - 1968 - The Plastic Cloud

Plastic Cloud infamous Canadian 60s psychedelia with stinging over the top and out of control insane fuzz guitar.

The label says: "In 1968, the Plastic Cloud recorded, quite simply, one of the greatest psychedelic albums ever made. This is one hip album, full of catchy melodies and hippie harmonies, as well as some of the most superb (and trippiest) fuzz guitar ever recorded. There is no point singling out a specific track, they are all excellent;one is equally as good as the next.

Essential psychedelia!

Track Listing:

  1. Epistle to Paradise
  2. Shadows of your Mind
  3. Art's a Happy Man
  4. You Don't Care
  5. Bridge Under The Sky
  6. Face Behind the Sun
  7. Dainty General Rides
  8. Civilization Machine
Formed in 1967, they managed to encompass the commercial side of the music in pleasant, The Plastic Cloud were an Ontario-based folk-rock quartet, consisting of Brian Madill (bass), Don Brewer (lead vocals, 12-string guitar), Mike Cadieux (guitar), and Randy UmphreyByrds-like original numbers, but also showed a much harder sound dominated by fuzztone guitar and other effects, for a much more spaced-out sound on about half of their recorded material. Madill and Umphrey were the initial partners, with Cadieux and Brewer -- who not only sang lead but wrote all of their original songs -- coming aboard next.

They were signed to Allied Records in Ontario and got one self-titled LP out which, sadly enough, never found an audience, despite beautiful production and some bold, ambitious use of psychedelic effects. Their vocals were pretty and they played better than that, and the results, with a sympathetic producer in charge, were mighty impressive -- their one album is worth hearing a lot more than once, and you get the feeling that if these guys had been working out of, say, L.A. or the Bay Area and been signed to a label with some real marketing power, they'd be a lot more than a footnote today with exactly the music they did leave behind.

Bruce Eder AMG

Download it HERE :

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

V.A. - Follow That Munster vol.1-2 (Rock, 1989-1992)

"16 Teen Monster Tracks 62-67...Rock'N'Roll Punkers & Ballads"


Side 1
1 The Countdowns - Can't You See
2 The Quantrill Raiders - I'm Going
3 The "In" - In The Midnight Hour
4 The Different Parts - I
5 The Different Parts - Why
6 The Staccatos - Girl
7 The Cardinals - I'm Gonna Tell On You
8 The Decades - C'mon Pretty Baby

Side 2
1 The Galaxies - On The Beach
2 The Royale Monarchs - Surf's Up!
3 Jim Jones & The Chaunteys - Kiwi Boogie
4 Jim Jones & The Chaunteys - She's A Doll
5 The Cavemen - A Small World
6 The Barbarians - You've Got To Understand
7 Wild Things - Love Comes, Love Goes
8 William The Wild One - My Love Is True

"Raw Sixties Punk Sound.... & More Monsters Tracks"


Side 1
1 The Mummies - House On The Hill
2 Jimmy Rabbit - My Girl
3 The Ruins - Take My Love
4 The Knights Of Day - Hey Gyp
5 Haymarket Riot - Trip On Out
6 The First Four - One And Only Man
7 The Staccatos - Gypsy Girl
8 The 4th Amendment - Always Blue

Side 2
1 Jim Jones & The Chaunteys - Turn On Your Love Lights
2 Jim Jones & The Chaunteys - If You Know How To Start
3 The Sheppards - Poor Man's Thing
4 The Combenashuns - Hey! Uncle Sam
5 The Tigermen - Tiger Girl
6 The Outcasts - Run Away
7 Huntsmen - So Long
8 The Mummies - I Know Why

vol.1 Download! vol.2

Jackson C. Frank - Blues Run The Game

1965 Reissue + 5 bonus tracks

Track listing
1. Blues Run The Game
2. Don't Look Back
3. Kimbie
4. Yellow Walls
5. Here Come The Blues
6. Milk And Honey
7. My Name Is Carnival
8. I Want To Be Alone (Dialogue)
9. Just Like Anything
10. You Never Wanted Me
11. Marlene
12. Marcy's Song
13. Visit, The
14. Prima Donna Of Swans
15. Relations

Contributing artists: Al Stewart on track 4
Producer: Paul Simon
Distributor: BMG

Album notes
Originally released as JACKSON C. FRANK, this was also released in the mid-1990's as BLUES RUN THE GAME.

This is a piece of folk history that slipped through the cracks. Buffalonian Frank traveled to London in the mid-'60s and recorded this album with the help of his still unknown pal Paul Simon. After its release, Frank became the toast of the town, though his music never hit the States. His poetic, Dylan-influenced lyrics, complex fingerpicking, and artsong-like structures influenced everyone from Bert Jansch to Nick Drake.

Except for a young Al Stewart's recorded debut playing second guitar on "Yellow Walls," BLUES RUN THE GAME is just Frank--his lilting tenor arcing over his delicate acoustic guitar accompaniment.

The sparseness adds to the emotional impact. Beset by physical and psychological traumas, Frank soon disappeared, never to make another album, but this stands as one of the most important singer-songwriter offerings of the '60s.


Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Morning Glory - 1968 - Two Suns Worth

Morning Glory - 1968 - Two Suns Worth
(Fontana SRF 67573)

  • Need Someone (Bohanna)
  • I Cry (Bohanna)
  • Hey Little Girl (Bohanna)
  • Stone Good Day (Bohanna)
  • Even When I'm Up I'm Down (Daniel)
  • Jelly Gas Flame (Daniel)
  • I See The Light (Daniel/Graybeal)
  • Live For Today (Bohanna)
  • Point Of No Return (Gerughty)
  • So Glad Being Here (Bohanna)
  • Gini Graybeal - percussion, lead vocals
  • Bob Bohanna - bass, guitar, vocals
  • Larry Gerughty - organ, piano, harpsichord, vocals
  • Daniel Nu Delman - guitar, vocals
  • Allen Wehr - drums
  • Producer - Abe Kesh
  • Engineer - John Cale
Typical westcoast Airplane/Mamas & Papas sound with male/female vocals and full-on hippie-psych vibes. A bit inconsistent, with 2-3 excellent tracks including the classic trance psych floater "Jelly Gas Flame" which must be heard. Not great, but better than some albums five times as expensive. Producer credit is "John Cale"! [PL]

This is a slight bit wilder than most of the Airplane-wannabe albums, with some truly ripping fuzz guitar. As with a lot of these albums it's pretty hit and miss, but the best moments on it are more genuinely psychedelic and experimental than on albums like Yankee Dollar, Ivory, Spirits & Worm, and so on. [AM]

Signed by Fontana, the group's 1968 debut "Two Suns Worth" teamed them with producer Abe 'Voco' Kesh (of Blue Cheer fame). Interestingly the set was engineered by Velvet Underground alumnus John Cale. With three of the six members contributing material, the all original set offered up a distinctively West Coast sound that was simultaneously quite heavy, but also quite commercial. At least a couple of reviews I've seen draw a comparison to The Airplane. It's not a perfect comparison, but gets you in the general aural neighborhood. Exemplified by tracks such as 'Need Somebody' and 'I Cry' Graybeal had a great voice that could more than handle the band's heavy edges. She also avoided the shrieking excesses favored by many of her contemporaries (Lynda Pense, Grace Slick). The rest of the band were also pretty impressive with Daniel NuDelman kicking in more than his share of fuzz guitar. There are enough treasures here to give the album a strong recommendation, particularly since you can still find this one cheap. Personal favorites included 'Stone Good Day', 'Even When I'm Up I'm Down' and 'Jelly Gas Flame'. Fontana tapped the album for at least one single: 'Need Somebody' b/w 'I See a Light' (Fontana catalog number F-1614). ~badcatrecords

It's seems there is something wrong with track 3.
My Apologies for that...

Track 3

Arica - Same (1972)

Arica; 1972 (NYC meditation group; occult/exotic/out/psyche/sitar; 2-LP, no label or #; Side 4 is "Water Music")
Arica: Audition; 1972 (same as above except Side 4 is 6-part "Mantram")
Arica: Heaven; Just Sunshine JSS-11; 1973 ("Arica Rhythm & Movement Band")

ARICA (New York City, NY)
"Arica" 1972 (Woo Soo a-1001) [2 LPs; gatefold; brown cover)
"Arica" 1972 (Audition a-1001) [2 LPs; gatefold; magenta-pink cover)

Mystic trance with tablas, acoustic guitar, piano, and creepy voices. On the Woo Soo releases sides 1-3 are meditative instro trance sounds, side 4 is free jazz. On the Audition version all four sides are meditative instro trance sounds. The WooSoo version appears to be first and is rarer. The side-long free jazz track is titled "Water: Reception of the Buddha" [RM]
Arica Audition. New York: Arica Institute in America, Inc., 1972. Two records of meditative sounds, including Shutati-Shumawi.

These is the only info i could track down....... no covers or anything else.

This one is great...i love it
Don't forget we are looking for their last one -heaven
Info and artwork would be much appreciated

Highly recommended

V.A. - Greek Garage Bands Of 60's (Music Box Int.,1990)

Side 1

1 The Persons - Drive My Mustang
2 The Teenagers - You Don't Love Me
3 Stormies - Try Try Try
4 The Rabbits - Run Around Of A Girl
5 Girls - Rocket For Girls
6 Stormies - Drums In The Storm

Side 2
1 The Persons - All The World Is Mine
2 The Rabbits - I'm Looking In The Universe
3 The Teenagers - Fallin' Star
4 Stormies - Dilly Dilly
5 The Knacks - The Theme Of The Day
6 The Loubogg - She Is Cool


*more thanx my friend Aris

The Beach Bitches - 2000 - Soul Shake Power

Wanna Cum - Oh Precious - Back In Town - (That's) Love, Baby - I Got Something - Nights Of Wild - Baby R'n'R - Awesome Baby - You Got The Power - Up, Up, Up

The Beach Bitches form in 1994 in Perpignan, France and play demented fun garage-punk made from screamin' organ'n'vocals and mighty guitars over loose beats… They quickly get a big reputation on stage out of wild gigs all over France, supporting Teengenerate, Jeff Dahl and the Earls Of Suave, and making a striking appearance at the Mind Disaster Festival in september 1995. Left by their organ player shortly after, the Beach Bitches turn punker, . While still touring ( Dig! Records releases Monkeyfuck, a 10-inch compilation from previous recordings), they organize concerts in Perpignan, where a local garage scene is then , and support bands like Stewed, Country Teasers, Fleshtones, Drags, Registrators, just to name a few… In the meantime, drummer Wlad XIII quits (july 1997), replaced by Kcnarf Franck. The Female Jungle LP is being released in march 1998 on the Banana Juice label. The band goes touring with labelmates Dare Dare Devil and Atomic Spuds once in november, and once again in may 1999, with Wlad back behind the drums. The Beach Bitches close the Cosmic Trip Festival, play with Electric Frankenstein and record the Soul Shake Power album. Guitars are still xxx, but the feeling's gone souler, around a merciless beat. In 2000, they appear in rock and ska festivals where they let their deep rock'n'roll sound roar and howl.

V.A. - Your Mind Works In Reverse (Cicadelic, 1998)

"The Human Expression & Other Psychedelic Groups from the 60's"

1 The Front Page News - Thoughts
2 The Remaining Few - In The Morning
3 The Human Expression - Your Mind Works In Reverse
4 The Human Expression - Calm Me Down
5 The Human Expression - Optical Sound
6 Silk Winged Alliance - Flashback
7 Silk Winged Alliance - Hometown
8 The Remaining Few - Painted Air
9 The Cicadelics - We're Gonna Love This Way
10 Mechanical Switch - Everything Is Red
11 Mechanical Switch - Spongeman
12 Children Of The Mushroom - You Can't Erase A Mirror
13 Children Of The Mushroom - August Mademoiselle
14 The Kyks - Where Are You
15 The Kyks - When Love Comes Searching For Me
16 The Rubber Band - Forever Friday
17 The Rubber Band - Below Up, Above Down
18 The Gruve - You're Gonna Love Me
19 The Gruve - Take Hi Five
20 The Front Page News - You Better Behave


Sunday, March 25, 2007

Peter Thorup - 1970 - Wake up Your Mind

As requested!

Couldn't find too much info on this album...even the cover art took a little scouting to come across. Peter Thorup originally played in a band called the Beefeaters, in Denmark in the late 60's. He was regarded as one of the best blues singers in the region, and is credited to have spawned interest in Danish blues. While British bluesman Alexis Korner was touring Scandanavia, he met Thorup and they collaborated on a number of projects, including the bands New Church, and later the Collective Consciousness Society; a jazz-rock outfit that did surprisingly well for itself. Thorup is still currently touring.
The album has a good standard blues-rock feel, with some progressive flourishes including hand percussion and jazz flute to make it stand out. Quite well done overall, I'd certain recommend it.

7 X 7 is - U.S. Garage Singles pt.6

Back after almost 2 months, here's part 6 of the US singles series.

Bags - I Know / Hide And Seek (Stanton Park STP-013, 1989)

Jon Hardy, Jim Janota, and Crispin Wood formed The Bags in the summer of 1985. In 1987 they recorded and released their debut album Rock Starve. In 1989 they released an album on Stanton Park under one of their many aliases, Swamp Oaf. Byron Coley wrote about Swamp Oaf in Spin (February 1990): "This Boston trio (perhaps best known for their non-thug work under the name the Bags) have a sense of compositional burl most redolent of early/mid period Blue Cheer. The guitar quick-switches between ass-puddle wah-boom and overblown zorch-flash with Leigh Stevens-oid flair, and these guys don't get even close to the Zep cliche path most of their "peers" are treading. In 1990 The Bags released their eponymous LP The Bags, again on Stanton Park. At the end of 1991, after six and a half years of playing together, The Bags celebrated the release of their album Night of the Corn People (Stanton Park / Helter Skelter) by breaking up. The Bags left behind a large following and a reputation as a killer live band.
The Bags reunited once in 1996, and in 2003 reformed and spent the summer and fall of 2004 recording Sharpen Your Sticks, their first full-length album in over 13 years.

Dana Lynn - Circle/Pot Head - Son (Dionysus ID074514, 1991)
Formed by the Kroll brothers from Oahu, Hawaii, Dana Lynn settled in LA and released 2 singles and a tape without any success. This single came out in a pressing of 1000 on different vinyl colors (grey, blue, purple, green...). The band (troy Miller gtr/vcls, James Kroll bs/vcls, Jon Kroll gtr and Johnee Kop drms changed their name to Chokebore, and in 1993 they send a demo at AmRep in Minneapolis. As you may know they're active until today.

Johnny & The Jumper Cables - Total Depravity/I Get Nervous (Dog Meat DOG-015, 1990)

Known as the proud proponents of what local scribe Brett Milano once dubbed “proto-garage-metal,” Johnny and the Jumper Cables were part of the 1980s Boston club scene, direct descendents of bands like the Nervous Eaters, Real Kids, and Neighborhoods. Started in 1982 as a recording project by guitarist and band roadie Johnny Black and the legendary Kenne Highland of Afrika Korps and Gizmos fame, the band was joined in the Radiobeat studios in Kenmore Square by Swinger’s Resort/Outlets drummer Tom Bull and bassists Lee Harrington (Peytons/Neighborhoods) and Jonathan Paley (Paley Brothers/Nervous Eaters) for sessions that produced “Not Your Kind,” “I Get Nervous,” “Landmine,” and “Death Squad of the Mind.” The Cables went on to record a series of 45s and compilation album tracks for the Stanton Park, Dionysius, and Modern Method labels in the US and Dog Meat in Australia. The band performed as recently as 2004, although Kenne Highland, once a staple of the local rock scene, has now apparently forsaken rock and roll for gospel music and has not appeared onstage since. (from the band's myspace page)

Hypnolovewheel - Wow/KGM-365 (Alias 1992)
Well, you can't consider Hypnolovewheel a garage band, they're more on the guitar/grunge/smart/Husker Du-pop side, but this 7" (with the a-side from their Angel Food LP) finds them playing with feedback and fuzz (on Wow), as well with Fall parody (on KGM-365). Hypnolovewheel were a good band, they lasted enough, they put out great LPs, yet w/o any success. Same sad story.

R.Erickson & 27 Devils Joking - You Don't Love Me Yet/I Am Her Hero, She Is My Heroin (Sympathy For The Record Industry SFTRI-152, 1990)
This is a more rockin' version of "You Don't Love Me Yet" - Roky sings and plays rhythm guitar, backed by 27 Devils Joking, a New Mexico band lead by Brian S.Curley (for more on B.S.Curley read the next single's notes). On the flip side there's no sign of Roky, but a nice version of "Heroin" w/Curley on vocals. The two of them (Roky & Brian) had been playing together in the 80s (in The Resurrectionists & Evilhook Wildlife).

Psycho Desert Rangers - Rhythm of Blood/I Can't Help It/And We Dream/House Made of Dawn (Live Wire 1986)
Brian Salvador Curley is an outstanding figure in Texas & NM garage-punk for over 20 years. He played with Lester Bangs in The Delinquents and with Roky Erickson in The Resurrectionists & Evilhook Wildlife. This is a 7-inch from 1986, recorded in Santa Fe, NM. Psycho Desert Rangers were two couples: Brian & Melinda Curley and Lee Ann & Dave Cameron. It reminds me a bit of Chris D's Divine Horsemen, especialy the use of man-woman vocals. Brian now creates rock posters (and has for many years) in his studio, South Texas Psychedelic Cattlemen's Association and he's a vegetarian.

Yard Trauma - Eyes/Traumatized/Priority Mail (Dionysus 74511, 1991)
No need to tell you 'bout Lee Joseph, I believe. His own band, Yard Trauma started in Tucson at the end of 1982, with just Lee and singer/guitar player Joe Dodge. After almost 10 years of pure garage, Y.T. became more punk and more heavy. "It's funny how things change like that", says Lee. "We're playing a lot faster than we used to. And the funny thing is that when Dave (Steel -drums) joined the band he was totally sick of all the hardcore stuff. We had no intention of sounding like we sound right now. It just kind of happened."
Produced by Brett Gurewitz from Bad Religion.

I forgot Johnny & The Jumper Cables single out of the rar file. Apologies and here it is: Total Depravity/I Get Nervous

Lyd - 1970 - Lyd

Lyd - 1970 - Lyd

01. The Time Of Hate And Struggle (3:09)
02. Need You (2:37)

03. Stay High (3:57)

04. Double Dare (1:56)

05. Think It Over Twice (7:23)

06. Trash Pad (2:13)

Originally recorded in 1970, unreleased one sided acetate. Some great garage guitar psych with intense basement atmosphere, long fuzz excursions, and wasted junkie lyrics, well worth checking out. [PL]

This one is an incredible rare collectors item. A violent mixture of garage punk with visionary acid guitars, released in 1970 only in a few acetate copies. The legend said that the band was massively using LSD and other psychedelic substances, to create a psycho garage sount,
that you can't miss!!

Friday, March 23, 2007

The Floating Opera - s/t (1970)

A pretty hard-rockin' album produced by Herbie Mann for the Embryo label. Well-written melodies, good, strong, honest guitar and organ solos, decent soulful vocals, and a lot of energy make this quite enjoyable. There's a song about onanism, which isn't so common a topic in rock music...! This has never been reissued on CD, as far as I can tell, and I think my rip of this might be the only one thus far out there in Web world. Enjoy!

Get it here.

V.A. - Rumble (Dog Wild, 1993)

"Quebec garage-beat 1966-67"

Side 1
1 Les Asteks - Oui Je T'aime
2 Les Dabsters - J'en Ai Assez
3 Les Differents - Soyons Differents
4 Les Fleaux - Gloria
5 Alex Fontaine - Tu N'es Pas Sincere
6 Les Loups Blancs - Je Sais Que Tu Mens

Side 2
1 Les Loups - Pour Tout Dire
2 Les Miserables - Chemises A Pois, Cravates A Fleurs
3 Le Pouvoir Des Fleurs - Va T'en Chez Toi
4 Regent - Qui Es-Tu
5 Les Tallmud - Avoir Raison
6 Le Comte Richard Valente - Kansas City


V.A. - Ain't It Hard! - CD (Sundazed,2007)

"Sunset Strip '60s Sounds! Garge & Psych From Viva Records"

1 The Sound Sandwich - Apothecary Dream
2 The Second Helping - Let Me In
3 The Leathercoated Minds - Psychotic Reaction
4 The Wailers - I Don't Want To Follow You
5 Gypsy Trips - Ain't It Hard
6 The Second Helping - Hard Times
7 The Leathercoated Minds - Eight Miles High
8 The Second Helping - On Friday
9 The Sound Sandwich - Tow Away
10 The Shindogs - Who Do You Think You Are
11 The Second Helping - Floating Downstream On An Inflatable Rubber Raft
12 The Sound Sandwich - Zig Zag News
13 The Leathercoated Minds - Non-Stop
14 Sunday Servants - I'm Puttin' You On
15 Sunday Servants - Who Do You Love
16 Roger Tillison - Nobody's Lover


Here & Now - Gospel Of Free

Here & Now - Gospel Of Free

Here & Now are an English Psychedelic/progressive/space rock band formed in early 1974. They have close connections with the band Gong and in 1977/1978 worked with Gong's Daevid Allen and Gilli Smyth under the name Planet Gong, which released one (live) album "Floating Anarchy 1977" and one single "Opium for the People" Guitarist Steffy Sharpstrings' Highly individual sound developed from many early influences including Steve Hackett of Genesis and former Gong lead-guitarist Steve Hillage. Both Steffy and bassist Keith the Bass have featured in later incarnations of Gong. The first version of Here & Now, co-founded by drummer Kif Kif Le Batter (or Batteur, as it is commonly mis-spelt) in 1974, were known for jamming (free musical improvisation), which they did exclusively, as they believed in the purity of creating music "in the moment" and didn't have rehearsals or songs. They would only play their music at free shows and free festivals. One other part of their manifesto was never to compromise the "in the moment" ethos by releasing, or even making, sound recordings. Consequently no recordings of the 1974 version of the band exist. There have been many changes of personnel over the years, yet the defining moments in the formation of the band's musical character came with the 1975 - 1977 line up of Kif Kif (Drums and Vocals), Twink (Synthesiser, and not the same Twink who was in the Pink Fairies) , Steffe (Guitar and Vocals) and Keith the Bass (Bass Guitar). Keith the Bass and Steffe still perform as Here & Now with Joie Hinton from Ozric Tentacles/Eat Static on keyboards and Steve Cassidy on drums. A line-up featuring Kif Kif, Twink and Steffe currently perform improvised music, a la mid-seventies Here & Now, under the name "Ici Maintenants".


Euclid - 1970 - Heavy Equipment

An obscure garage rock classic...these guys really know how to lay down some heavy fuzzed-out riffs. Their cover of the Spencer Davis Group's hit, Gimme Some Lovin' is really well done!

From Lysergia:
Well-regarded psych/hard rock transition LP and undoubtedly one of the better LPs in that often disappointing genre. Obvious influences from the UK mod scene, covers two tracks from that era with fairly good results. Tight, pro-sounding affair with the token macho vocals a minus and a good modern-sounding drummer a plus. Not 100% up my alley, but respectworthy. Ralph Mazzola of Lazy Smoke plays guitar, while other members came from the Ones and the Cobras, making this a New England "supergroup" of sorts.

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Plasticland - 1985 - Plasticland

Plasticland is a Neo-Psychedelic and Garage rock (revival) band, formed in Milwaukee in 1980 from two remaining members of Arousing Polaris, Glenn Rehse and Dan Mullen and John Frankovic.


Color Appreciation - (1984)
- (1985)
Wonder Wonderful Wonderland
- (1985)
- (1987)
Confetti (Live)
- (1990)

Plasticland's acid-drenched neo-psychedelic sound bore some resemblance to L.A.'s concurrent paisley underground scene, but instead of drawing their chief inspiration from the Velvet Underground, the Milwaukee quartet had a greater affinity for vintage garage rock and British mind-benders like Syd Barrett-era Pink Floyd and the Pretty Things. Formed in 1980 out of the ashes of prog rockers Arousing Polaris, Plasticland included vocalist/guitarist/organist Glenn Rehse, guitarist Dan Mullen, bassist John Frankovic, and drummer Vic Demechei, who debuted that summer with the "Mink Dress" single on Scadillac. Several more singles and EPs followed, including 1982's Pop! Op Drops (whose material later became part of the band's first album); there were also several personnel shifts, as Demechei was replaced first by Bob DuBlon, then Rob McCuen. (Several tracks with the Violent Femmes' Brian Ritchie on guitar were also recorded during this era.)

Plasticland's first full-length, Color Appreciation, was issued on the French Lolita label in 1984; a year later, it was re-released in America by Pink Dust with two different tracks, titled simply Plasticland. The follow-up, Wonder Wonderful Wonderland, was released before the end of 1985, and featured Mellotron and bouzouki, among other vintage psychedelic accoutrements. By the time of 1987's Salon, Demechei had returned to the fold. Plasticland subsequently resurfaced on the Midnight label with a pair of live albums: 1989's You Need a Fairy Godmother featured onetime Pink Fairies/Pretty Things drummer Twink, and 1990's Confetti. In the late '80s, a German fan commissioned an album, Dapper Snappings, for his Repulsion label. The albums was eventually released in 1994. Some of the band's early recordings were collected on Mink Dress and Other Cats, while a career-spanning collection was issued in 2006.


Donovan - 1967 - A Gift From A Flower To A Garden

Donovan - 1967 - A Gift From A Flower To A Garden

Phonograph Record / The First
("Electric Album")

Side 1
Wear Your Love Like Heaven
Mad John's Escape

Skip-A-Long Sam


There Was a Time

Side 2
Oh Gosh
Little Boy in Corduroy

Under the Greenwood Tree

The Land of Dosen't Have to Be

Someone Singing

Line Up
Donovan – vocals, whistling and guitar
Cilff Barton – bass

Mike O'Neil – organ, piano and harpsichord

Kieth Webb – drums

Candy John Carr – conga and bongo

Harold McNair – flute

Mike Carr – vibraphone

Eric Leese – electric guitar

Jack Bruce – electric bass on "someone singing"

Phonograph Record / The Second
("Acoustic Album")

Side 1
Song of the Naturalists Wife
The Enchanted Gypsy

Voyage into the Golden Screen

Isle of Islay

The Mandolin Man and his Secret

Lay of the Last Tinker

Side 2
The Tinker and the Crab
Widow with Shawl (a portrait)

The Lullaby of Spring

The Magpie

Starfiss-on the Toast

Epistle to Derroll

Line Up
Donovan – vocals, guitar and harmonica
Harold McNair – flute

Tony Carr – drums, bells, conga, Turkish and finger cymbals

Candy John Carr – bongos

Ken Baldock – string bass

A Gift from a Flower to a Garden
is the fifth album from Scottish singer-songwriter Donovan, and marks the first double album of his career and one of the first box sets in rock music. It was released in the United States in December of 1967 (Epic Records L2N 6071 (monaural) / B2N 171 (stereo)) and in the United Kingdom on April 16, 1968 (Pye Records NPL 20000 (monaural) / NSPL 20000 (stereo)). In December of 1967, Epic Records released each of the two records from A Gift from a Flower to a Garden as separate albums in the United States. The first record was released as Wear Your Love Like Heaven, and the second record was released as For Little Ones.

This was done to allow budgeting for the double album package, which included a folder of the printed lyrics to the second disc with artwork, and a cover featuring an infrared photo of Donovan by Karl Ferris who was his and Jimi Hendrix's personal photographer (requiring six colour separations for printing, instead of the usual four separations). The back cover photo was also a shot taken by Ferris in LA during Donovan's and Karl's initiation into Transcendental Meditation, and depicted Donovan visiting with the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

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GEYSIR - Hljomsveitin

Superb, extremelly rare lp from 1973.

Highily recommended

GEYSIR Hljomsveitin (Thorns )

Reissue of the one and only album by this early 70's fine, folky psychedelic US rock band. Allegedly this had only been released in Iceland.

Tracklist :
To My Little Lady
Ocean Song
The Messenger
A Candle Weeps
Warrior Child
It Is All Up To People
Fantasy Of Reality

Can't find any more info nore artwork???.... any help would be appreciated



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V.A. - Bury My Body - CD (Fossil, 2006)


1 The "In" - Just Give Me Time
2 The Colors Of Night - C-O-L-O-R-S
3 Castaways Five - Revenge
4 Sir Kenneth & The Yorkshire Coachmen - Set You Free
5 Cole & The Embers - Love Won't Hurt You
6 J.T. & The Three Wise Men - You're Gonna Lose Your Lovin' Man
7 The Centuries - I'd Cry For You
8 Dave & The Stone Hearts - I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better
9 The Barons - Now You're Mine
10 The Illusions - Just Be You
11 Fugitive Five - I Ain't Gonna Give Up (My Way Of Life)
12 The Sensational Sleepers - Do You Feel It
13 The Lee VI's - I Don't Know
14 The New Lime - Ain't Got No Soul
15 Disturbers - Coming To Your World
16 The Zero End - Blow Your Mind
17 The Paragons - Mister You're A Better Man Than I
18 The Troupe Of Love - Running Away From Love
19 Other Five - You Really Got Me
20 The Triumphs - The Walk
21 Sanz, Incorporated - I Just Want You
22 The Delcords - I Got Wise
23 Willie Hobbs & The Dirte Four - Gloria

King Black Acid and the Womb Star Orchestra - Womb Star Session

King Black Acid and the Womb Star Orchestra - Womb Star Session

Portland-based guitarist Daniel Riddle, a founding member of industrial combo Hitting Birth Family Circus, originally launched King Black Acid as a solo side project, but eventually it became a real band (King Black Acid And The Womb Star Orchestra) with keyboardist Melinda Dicillo, guitarist Roger Campos, bassist Nathan Jorg, drummer Scott Adamo (ex Wipers), percussionist Joe Trump (ex Pigface). The single Caterpillar Blood (Ruckus, 1995) and the posthumous EP Into The Sun (Starseed, 1999) capture their early, raw sound. Their performances were soon legendary.

The real deal, though, was the albumd Womb Star Sessions (Cavity Search, 1995), that contains four lengthy jams: the 10-minute The Wave (with samples of chanting monks), the 18-minute Aloha, the 15-minute Alone On Mars (with a poppy refrain that leads to a demonic freak-out) and the 10-minute Autumn. It was blues-based space-rock, something different from the mighty Oregon school of garage-rock, something that mixed and disfigured Red Crayola, Pink Floyd, Neil Young, Jimi Hendrix, Grateful Dead, Doors, Mercury Rev, My Bloody Valentine, etc.

Sunlit (Cavity Search, 1996) offers a gentler, dreamier, dilated sound. The tracks are even longer: twenty minutes for Somethings Must Be Believed To Be seen and eighteen for Headfull. But the third and last track, Think Away makes up for the languor with a 22-minute devastating freak-out.

Royal Subjects (Cavity Search, 1997), the soundtrack for a film that apparently never materialized, refined their atmospheric experiments. While not as wildly original and spontaneous as the previous albums, it achieved a classical sound of sort. The main tracks were structured and well-planned like progressive-rock suites, rather than chaotic free-form improvistations. Except for The 144,000 Member Acid Army (with didjeridoo) and Royal Subjects (both a quarter of an hour), the songs were also shorter. 60 Cycles Numb and Only Wine Will Tell seemed attempts at focusing rather than expanding the mind and recall Brian Eno at his most abstract (but not yet ambient).

King Black Acid broke up in 1997 and the following year they transformed into Starseed Transmission. But then somehow the band reconstituted and released a new album, the sprawling Loves A Long Song (Cavity Search, 2000). The songs (eight of them, each about 10-minute long) continue the metamorphosis towards a more traditional structure and performance, although they maintain Riddle's penchant for hypnotic codas and for contrasting gently-morphing phases with hard-hitting phases, implosions with explosions, introversion with extroversion. Not only School Blood recalls late-period Pink Floyd and Colorado rediscovers the format of the orchestral ballad, but standout tracks Into the Sun and Butterfly Bomb are fundamentally catchy progressive-rock. The album even gains spiritual depth from the celestial psalm, Gentle Collapse, that closes it.

Enjoy !

V.A.-Chicago 60's Punk Vs. New Mexico 60's Pop (Eva,1988)

Side 1
1 The Little Boy Blues - Love For A Day
2 The Little Boy Blues - Look At The Sun
3 The Little Boy Blues - I'm Ready
4 The Little Boy Blues - Little Boy Blue's Blues
5 The Little Boy Blues - I Can Only Give You Everything
6 The Little Boy Blues - You Don't Love Me
7 The Little Boy Blues - The Great Train Robbery
8 The Little Boy Blues - The Season Of The Witch

Side 2
1 Lindy Blaskey & The LaVells - I'll Get Along Somehow
2 Lindy Blaskey & The LaVells - My Baby Done Left Me
3 Lindy Blaskey & The LaVells - Papa Oom Mow Mow
4 Lindy Blaskey & The LaVells - Would You Believe
5 Lindy Blaskey & The LaVells - You Ain't Tuff
6 Lindy Blaskey & The LaVells - Let It Be
7 Lindy Blaskey & The LaVells - Sweets For My Sweet
8 Lindy Blaskey & The LaVells - Moving Away
9 Kartune Kapers - Knock On Wood
10 Kartune Kapers - On The Plane


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Mick Stevens - 1975 - No Savage Word

Mick Stevens - 1975 - No Savage Word
(UK ultra rare folk psych)

Tracklist :
01 Runaround
02 Easy Love
03 Little Miss Freedom
04 Sometimes
05 Holiday
06 Angie
07 As I lay me Down
08 Some Kind of Unholiness
09 Park and Grinners
10 Waiting For the Blues
11 Across the Miles

Mick Stevens: lead & backing vocals, electric guitar, 12 and 6-string acoustic guitars
Warne Livesey: Bass, harmony vocals
Mick Ransome: Drums
John Theedom: guitar and harmony vocals
Des Brewer: Guitar and harmony vocals.


Mick Stevens album, originally released in 1975, and extremely unknown. Stevens is credited on: words and music, vocals, guitars, banjo, percussion, bouzoukitars. "Loner vibe, beautiful vocals, a mixture of acoustic and electric numbers. If you like Michael Angelo with a Billy Nichols touch, this one is yours.
The recording quality is top major studio. The album where pressed at Deroy studios, the famous collectors label among Psych and Folk freaks. All Deroy albums are rare because you could press as little as 10 copies for a start. So most Deroy production are under 100 copies pressed. Some famous Deroy LP's are: Candida Pax, Parameter, Complex, Circulation...This 2 album set, which features that came out separately in 1972 and 1975, beats all other Deroy productions, sound-wise and music-wise. Mick Stevens was able to create a sound of emotions with an underground touch.

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Bio from AMG
Review from AMG

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Linda Perhacs - 1970 - Parallelograms

Chimacum Rain
Paper Mountain Man
Call of the River
Sandy Toes
Hey, Who Really Cares?
Moons and Cattails
Morning Colors
Porcelain Baked Cast Iron Wedding

Here's a superb long-lost gem from the end of the 1960s, a perfect example of the more thoughtful & optimistic sensibilities of that time. Linda Perhacs' voice is haunting, playful, yearning, sensual, or soaring, just as each song demands. There's intelligence & a certain otherworldliness in her songs, along with an occasional streak of whimsy & mischief. An album just made for solitary listening, it will take you to a sunnier place (with patches of cool, mysterious shade) ... and isn't that what we all need at times? "Chimacum Rain" & "Hey Who Really Cares?" are standout tracks, along with the wonderfully spacey title track, which just shimmers with eerie beauty.

Highly recommended!

Download It Here :

Bonus Tracks :

Robert Calvert - 1975 - Lucky Leif & the Longships

Robert Calvert - 1975 - Lucky Leif & the Longships

Tracks :
01 Intro
02 Ship of Fools
03 The Lay of the Surfers
04 Voyaging to Vinland
05 The Making of Midgard
06 Brave New World
076 Magical Potion
08 Moonshine in the Mountains
09 Storm Chant of the Skraelings
10 Volstead of Vodeo Do
11 Phase Locked Loop
12 Ragna Rock

Robert Calvert (Vocals, Percussion, Trumpet)
Andy Roberts (Guitar)
Simon House (Violin)
Sal Maida (Bass)
Mike Nicholls (Drums, Percussion)
Paul Rudolph (Bass, Guitar)

Robert Calvert's second solo album followed in the conceptual footsteps of its predecessor, this time extrapolating upon the Viking discovery of America to picture a nation that retained its Norse characteristics to the exclusion of all others. It is a vivacious scenario, as vivid in the churning psychedelic primitivism of "Storm Chant of the Skraelings" as in the ultra-modern Beach Boys parody "Lay of the Surfers" (key lyric: "bar bar barbarians"), while the liner notes are punctuated with enough historical interjections to firmly establish the outline of the tale. Backed by what amounts to a British underground supergroup, including the Pink Fairies' Paul Rudolph, Hawkwind's Nik Turner, and author Michael Moorcock, all bound together by Eno's crystalline production, Lucky Leif is a far cry from the jam-heavy miasma of Calvert's earlier work with Hawkwind. Indeed, the reliance on tight song structures predicts the vast sea change that Calvert would wreak on the Hawkwind mothership following his return in 1976, while anybody schooled in the joys of Eno's own first two solo albums will certainly find much to rejoice in here. From hot Viking calypso-jazz ("Volstead O Vodeo Do") to apocalyptic metal-funk ("Ragna Rock"), Lucky Leif conjures the entire spread of modern music -- elsewhere in the cycle, "Magical Potion" offers a throbbing variation on the old "Willie and the Hand Jive" riff, while "Moonshine in the Mountain" is as sh*t-kicking country-colored as such a title demands. Only the multi-layered spoken-word incantation "The Making of Midgard" and the radio-dial dynamics of "Phase Locked Loop" truly jar the album's continuity, but even those flaws are promptly remedied by "Brave New World," a triumphal ballad with a chorus to make your toes curl. With its cover portrait of the Statue of Liberty clad in a Viking helmet and a dragon ship flying the Stars and Stripes, with both the Indian wars and Prohibition raising their own ugly heads in the narrative, the ultimate point appears to be that American history itself would have remained much the same no matter who colonized the country first. But the hats, at least, would have been a lot more interesting. ~ Dave Thompson, All Music Guide

> Read various of Calvert's statements on LUCKY LEIF on the QUOTES pages
- and Paul Rudolph's memories on the recording sessions.
> Read an extensive interview/article on Calvert from the time of the Lucky Leif release.

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