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Rupert's People - The Magic World Of...

Rupert's People
The Magic World Of (Circle Records CD/LP) The latest release from one of the UK's finest re-issue labels. Classic UK psych/freakbeat from this highly prized 60s band. This disk presents all their singles, in pristine quality, plus live tracks from both '69 + '99 and the pre-Rupert's People 7" by Sweet Feeling. So what do you get? all the familiar songs are here including; Reflections Of Charlie Brown, Hold On, Prologue To A Magic World, Dream On My Mind all of which are perfect examples of the UK's Psychedelic Pop sound of the mid-sixties and are presented here in the best sound quality yet. Anyone with even a passing interest in the UK psych needs to buy this disk. It's great to finally have all this stuff on one disk! Also included are some live tracks from '69 which, ok, are very rare, but there not going to bowl you over. You've always got to be a bit wary of re-formations everybody's at it these days, with varying degress of succes, but Rupert's People pull it off pretty well and, thankfully, the '99 tracks don't diminish from their ever growing reputation.

Ofege - Try And Love (1973) @320

Nigerian high school students. Afrobeat/pop with psych-fuzz guitar solos. Very very catchy stuff! It may sound a little slight at first, but the tunes really grow on you, and the grooves are as irresistable as a Fela record. This one goes for hundreds of bucks on eBay. One track from this album appears on the African volume of the Peace, Love, and Poetry series.

Bloodstone - 1973 - Unreal

Another Great Soul band and album.
This is one of my favorite in the 70's.
A must for the soul brothers.

Bloodstone comprised of:
Charles McCormick (lead vocal, bass guitar)
Charles Love (lead vocal, guitar)
Willis Draffen (vocal, guitar)
Henry Williams (vocal, percussion)
Eddie Summers (drummer)

1. Outside Woman
2. What Did You Do To Me? (Part 1)
3. What Did You Do To Me? (Part 2)
4. Unreal
5. Everybody Needs Love
6. Something
7. Keep Our Own Thing Together
8. Let Me Ride
9. Traffic Cop, The (Dance)
10. Moulded Oldies: Hound Dog / Searchin' / So Fine

Bloodstone had a long and storied career as a five-piece Soul outfit. They originally started as a Doo Wop group in High School in Kansas City. They then went on the road, landing in Las Vegas before going to LA. There they learned how to play instruments and became an actual band. That wasn’t the end of their journey however. Still not finding any interest by record companies, in 1971 they moved to London where they finally got a record deal and found success. The band shows off their Soul roots with the opening power ballad Outside Woman that sounds a bit like the Chi-Lites. Then there’s the more upbeat What Did You Do To Me? Part 1. Part 2 of the song is a slow grooving, let’s get down and dirty follow up. There’s also the funky Everybody Needs Love that starts off with a drum break. Bloodstone is much better at sticking to their lush Sweet Soul sound however on tracks like Keep Your Own Thing Together and Unreal.

In fact, Bloodstone was a very good funk-soul group using the Hendrix-derived licks of Charles Love and Willis Draffen against multiple percussion ideas to underpin a vocal blend that still owed its soul to gospel and doo wop. Bloodstone received no record company interest in L.A., however, so at the advice of its manager, the group relocated to London in 1971. There, they teamed up with Mike Vernon, founder of the Blue Horizon label, who'd made his bones producing an album with the great Chicago pianist Otis Spann; white blues acts like Fleetwood Mac and Savoy Brown; and early Euro-rock with Focus. Vernon took Bloodstone into the studio and by early 1973, its debut single, "Natural High," had cracked the RB and pop Top Ten, becoming the group's defining song.
Vernon produced the first five Bloodstone albums, which garnered seven Top 20 RB singles, almost all of which made the pop Top 40. The group was a big concert draw, and its album sold well, if not spectacularly. Somehow, all of this was parlayed into a 1975 film deal. Train Ride to Hollywood is arguably the funniest picture of the whole '70s blaxploitation film boom, derived in equal parts from the Marx Brothers and such early spoofs as The Palm Beach Story and International House. Somehow, amidst the slapstick and the reefer jokes, Bloodstone wedges in a fairly complete history of black vocal harmony music from the Mills Brothers to the Coasters to their own bad selves. They do it even better on the soundtrack album. The group then faded from popular view, despite a brief stint at Motown, until the early '80s, when it hooked up with the Isley Brothers' T-Neck and scored a commercially and artistically successful album, We Go a Long Way Back, produced by the Brothers. The title track returned them to the RB Top Ten in 1982, but although several other T-Neck singles charted, the group's recording career essentially ended there. Nevertheless, this heartland group had made a significant mark and can lay fair claim to being one of the first to figure out its particular era's future.

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Meat Puppets - Up on the Sun (1985)

When I first heard this record upon its initial release I was horrified. The Meat Puppets' previous album had been one of the best things I'd heard during the 80s, but this platter abandoned II's cranium lifting blend of punk and country music for slicker pastures. The songs were studded with ultra-tight digressions straight out of the Al DiMeola tablature charts. Do I really need or want to know how fast the Meat Puppets could play scales?

14 years later, I think I might have been a bit hard on Up On the Sun. The fusion moves are still as tight and twitchy as a squirrel's rectum, and not much better smelling, but there's more to this record than flash. "Swimming Ground," "Two Rivers," and the title song abound with stoned, joyous imagery that offers an unforced, sunbaked spirituality. When Curt Kirkwood got past showing us how fast his fingers could move, his digits coaxed spacy, prismatic colorations and brittle vanilla funk riffs out of his guitar.~Ink Blot Magazine Review

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Sunnyboys - This Is Real (Singles/Live/Rare)

CD 1 Studio Side: Singles A&B, Rare and Unreleased

Love to Rule/Stop & Think /To the Bone /The Seeker/What You Need/Tomorrow Will Be Fine /Happy Man /Alone With You /Guts of Iron/Physical Jerk /My Only Friend /Tell Me What You Say/You Need A Friend/No Love Around/This Is Real /Pain/Show Me Some Discipline/Love in A Box/Comes As No Surprise /Bottom Of My Heart /You Need A Friend

CD 2: Live 1981 - 1982

Collectively recorded at the Governors Pleasure, The Rocks, Sydney, January 1981; Bombay Rock, Melbourne, February 1981; Myer Music Bowl, Melbourne, January 1982 and the Family Inn, Rydalmere, Sydney, February 1982.

Why Do I Cry/Guts Of Iron /Love to Rule /Strategy Idol /Tomorrow Will Be Fine /My Only Friend /Alone With You/What You Need /I'm Shakin'/Tunnel Of Love/I Don't Want You /Happy Man /I Can't Talk to You /The Seeker /I Want to Be Alone /Let You Go /Thrill /I'm No Satisfied /Trouble in My Brain /You Need A Friend /Happy Birthday

Sydney band The Sunnyboys remain one of the most highly regarded and best-loved bands of the Australian 'post-punk' era. Fronted by the enigmatic and youthful singer/songwriter cum guitarist Jeremy Oxley, the band breathed some freshness and vitality into the Sydney music scene in the early 80s. Essentially The Sunnyboys wore their influences on their sleeve; The Remains, The Flamin' Groovies, The Kinks and The Beatles with a dash of Detroit muscle thrown in for good measure. They produced melodic power pop classics.The Sunnyboys announced their break-up in June 1984.


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V.A. - At The Club (Monster,1995)


Side 1
1 The Mods - All The Day (Winterthur, Switzerland) *
2 The Petards - Baby, Run Run Run (Schrecksbach, Germany)
3 The Bootjacks - Red Big Car (Malmo, Sweden)
4 Les Sauterelles - Janet (Zurich, Switzerland)
5 The Marquees - Marquees Party (Badhoevedorp, Holland) *
6 The Dynamites - Don't Leave Me Behind (Basel, Switzerland)
7 The Mods - Nobody's Woman (Winterthur, Switzerland)
8 The Guards - Hullabaloo (Duisberg, Germany)

Side 2
1 Los Shakers - Gitana (Madrid, Spain) *
2 The Phafer - Dimmi La Verità (Venice, Italy)
3 The Nightbirds - Nightbirds (Switzerland)
4 The Zipps - Roll The Cotton Down (Dordrecht, Holland)
5 The Safaris - Crazy Crazy (Paderborn, Germany)
6 The Strings - Don't Go (Hamburg, Germany)
7 The Deans - Hurt By Love (Stockholm, Sweden)
8 The Fabulous Blue Jays - I'll Make You Cry Too (Brisbane, Australia)

* indicates that the track only appears on this compilation

V.A. - Hoosier Hotshots (Epilogue,1992)

"Indiana In The Garage Era"

Side 1
1 The XL's - Second Choice
2 The XL's - Mary Jane
3 The Cirkit - Yesterday We Laughed
4 Shooting Stars - I Love Her Anyway
5 The Ferris Wheel - Come Back Baby
6 Sir Winston & The Commons - One Last Chance
7 Teen Tones - Long Cold Winter
8 Blues Inc. - Tell Me Girl

Side 2
1 The Endd - Come On Into My World
2 The Tikis - Careful What You Say
3 Wild Things - I'm Not For You
4 The Cirkit - I Was Wrong
5 The Backdoor Men - Evil
6 The Dukes - Take Your Love
7 Idle Few - Farmer John
8 Mere Image - Get Stoned (Goin' Out Tonight)

Hawkwind - 1975 - Warrior on the Edge of Time

01 Assault & Battery (part1) (Brock)
02 The Golden Void (part2) (Brock) 10:20
03 The Wizard Blew His Horn (Moorcock/House/Powell/King) 2:00
04 Opa-Loka (Powell/King) 5:40
05 The Demented Man (Brock) 4:20
06 Magnu (Brock) 8:40
07 Standing at the Edge (Moorcock/House/Powell/King) 3:45
08 Spiral Galaxy 28948 (House) 3:55
09 Warriors (Moorcock/House/Powell/King) 2:05
10 Dying Seas (Turner) 3:05
11 Kings of Speed (Moorcock/Brock) 3:25
12 Motorhead (Kilmister) 3:02

Dave Brock - guitar, sybthesiser, bass guitar on track4, vocal on tracks 1, 2, 5, 6 & 11
Nik Turner - tenor & soprano sax, flute, vocal on tracks 7 & 10
Lemmy - bass guitar, vocal on track 12
Simon House - mellotron, moog, piano, synthesiser & violin
Simon King - drums & percussion
Alan Powell - drums & percussion
Michael Moorcock - vocal on tracks 3 & 9

Warrior on the Edge of Time From Wikipedia

Warrior on the Edge of Time
is Hawkwind's fifth studio album. It reached #13 on the UK album charts.

Having recruited a second drummer, Alan Powell, this album's line-up was short-lived, by the end of the year, bassist Lemmy had left and vocalist Robert Calvert had rejoined. Originally issued in a sleeve that unfolds into the shape of a shield, Warrior on the Edge of Time features some of Hawkwind's best-loved future showstoppers, like the swirling instrumental "Spiral Galaxy 28948," the frenetic "Assault and Battery," and the "Kings of Speed". Most of the album has a highly psychedelic flavour, consolidating the style of the previous album Hall of the Mountain Grill. Many of the lyrics are by Michael Moorcock and the album is loosely based on the concept of Moorcock's Eternal Champion.

Credits :
Recorded Rockfield Studios, Mar-1975. Produced by Hawkwind, engineerd by Dave Charles. Mixed at Olympic Studios, engineered by Phil Chapman and Steve Owen.Kings Of Speed and Motorhead recorded at Olympic Studios, Jan-1975.Sleeve designed by Comte Pierre D'Auvergne. The original album sleeve unfolds into a large shield-shape, revealing that the silhouetted Warrior is standing at the edge of an apparently bottomless chasm. The landscape on the other side of the chasm is a mirror image, with another setting sun. Taken as a whole the image gives the impression of a face, with the suns as eyes, the clouds in the chasm forming a vague nose and mouth, and the cliffs on either side forming a helmet covering the cheekbones. The reverse of the cover depicts a bronze shield bearing the 8-rayed emblem of Chaos, as described in Moorcock's books. There is an optical illusion in this design, akin to the two views of the Rubin vase that provides an alternative, bawdy, picture: the upward curve of the overhang to the chasm making the bridge of the "nose" a phallic tip; the twin suns and clouds become ovaries sweeping into the trees as Fallopian tubes; the alternative image is blatantly that of intromission. In confirmation: the "shield-shape" structure has an alternative interpretation: as a pair of underpants.

Notes :
On some versions of the vinyl pressing, the fifth track is listed on the sleeve as "The Demented Man", but on the record label itself it is listed as "The Demented King".
"Assault & Battery" lyrics quote from Henry Longfellow's Psalm Of Life poem.
"Opa-Loka" is a homage to Neu!
"Opa-Loka" the bass guitar parts it's played by Dave Brock....Lemmy was sleeping(?)!!!
"Magnu" lyrics are based upon Percy Shelley's Song To Apollo poem.

Band quotes :
"Warrior On The Edge Of Time was a concept of mine. What Dave tends to do is he says 'Do us a concept' or 'I've got this rough concept, can you work it out?' I do it, then Dave has a different idea and the whole thing shifts away, so that's the way it works. It's a perfectly good way of working - it tends to give Dave a bit of a start or whatever. I was doing a lot of my 'Eternal Champion' stuff on stage, so it seemed automatic to do that because there were so many numbers I could fit into that. I was only in the studio about an hour to do the stuff I did, and it was one of those weird things I didn't get the session fee either." - Michael Moorcock, Orbit 6

"The album was a fuck-up from start to finish. That "Opa-Loka" was a lot of fucking rubbish. I wasn't even on that. That was the drummer's thing, that track... We were kind of complacent anyway. If you have a hit album, you're complacent, and if you have two you really are in trouble. With them, they had four, 'cos they had In Search of Space before me... There's great stuff on all them albums. "The Golden Void" was a beautiful track, but by then I was well out of favour." - Lemmy (The Saga of Hawkwind)

"There was some good stuff on that album. I think we peaked then, in 1974/75." - Dave Brock (The Saga of Hawkwind)

“I suppose I’m two-thirds happy with this one. For me that’s not bad as I was only half happy with the last one! Warriors is a different musical thing because it’s Simon House’s first real contribution: on Mountain Grill he was too new to be able to have that much influence, and now, of course we’ve got Allen as a second drummer, which has meant a lot of changes.” - Simon King, Beat Instrumental, July 1975

"The best Hawkwind album ever...Recommended !!!" - Opa-Loka

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Brew - 1969 - A Very Strange Brew

MARK drms A
JOHN MEKENIAN organ, piano A
RONNY REYES ld gtr, vcls A ART SANCHEZ bs, vcls A


This was the work of an obscure California quintet who may have spent time in Texas too. It's rumoured that a few of them were at some point members of Impala Syndrome. The album, which contains some interesting guitar work, is a marginal case for inclusion here and it's yet to become a real collectable. Members later formed Yaqui, who released one album Yaqui (Playboy Records ) 1973, which was dedicated to Don Juan and Carlos Castaneda. Musically, it sounded similar to Santana. Compilation appearances include: What Do You See In My Mind? on Songs Of Faith And Inspiration (CDR & CD).
(Vernon Joynson/Stephane Rebeschini)


The Delmonas - 1985 - Dangerous Charms

1 Peter Gunn Locomotion
2 You Did Him Wrong
3 Hello, I Love You
4 Comin' Home Baby
5 Lies
6 C.C. Rider
7 He Tells Me He Loves Me
8 Hidden Charms
9 Twist and Shout
10 I'm the One for You
11 Fever
12 Chains
13 Please Don't Tell My Baby
14 I Want You
15 Take Me Home Tonight
16 Woa' Now
17 Kiss Me, Honey, Honey, Kiss Me
18 The World Keeps Going Round
19 I'll Use Evil
20 You Can't Sit Down
21 Farmer John
22 Uncle Willy

Taking their name from the word for a decorative handbag favored by women in the Klaipeda region of Lithuania, British garage pop girl group, the Delmonas began life as the Milkboilers. If that moniker sounds suspiciously similar to that of the Billy Childish-led Milkshakes, it's no coincidence: The trio got its start by singing backup on the lads' recordings (and dating the boys in the band). Sarah (who went with Mickey Hampshire), Hilary (with Russ Wilkins), and Louise (with Bruce Brand) took the lead on a rendition of the Beatles' "Boys" before striking out on their own with a couple of four-song EPs in 1984: Comin' Home Baby (popularized by Mel Torme) and Hello, We Love You (actually the Doors' "Hello, I Love You.") In both cases, the Milkshakes served as their backing band and Childish and Hampshire wrote most of the originals. The following year, the Delmonas released their first full-length recording, Dangerous Charms, which rounded up the EP tracks, three outtakes, and five numbers from a radio broadcast (it was later released as Delmonas Plus Delmonas with additional material from another BBC session). Interpersonal tensions resulted in a recording gap of several years and a revamped lineup for 1988's follow-up, Delmonas 5!. Louise had since left the group and Hilary and Sarah had renamed themselves Miss Ida Red and Ludella Black (the latter possibly in tribute to British chanteuse Cilla Black). They were backed by the first lineup of Thee Mighty Caesars (Childish, Wilkins, and John Agnew). The new combo cranked out a louder, harder-hitting sound. The Delmonas hit the streets in 1989 and continued in the same brassy vein. It featured Dangerous Charms' lost title-track and a couple of earlier numbers redone in French (Delmonas 5! and The Delmonas were later combined onto one CD). Do the Uncle Willy, released later the same year, was the band's final musical document. It compiled material from previous releases, a couple of alternate takes, and a new version of the Milkshakes' "Lie Detector." On all of their recordings, the Delmonas mixed cover versions from the '50s and '60s with original compositions that sounded as if they came from that era — upbeat ravers in the spirit of the Shangri-Las, Lesley Gore, Nancy Sinatra, and other tough-but-tender girl acts. If they didn't quite have the vocal range of those artists, they made up for it in attitude and enthusiasm. This spirit was carried over into the Headcoatees, which included Black and Holly Golightly (now Brand's main squeeze), and would fulfill the same function: as backup to Thee Headcoats and as a band backed by them. In 2000, after both groups had called it quits, Black released her first solo album She's Out There (backed, not too surprisingly, by Hampshire and Brand, with whom she had begun her musical career).

V.A. - New England Teen Scene Vols 1-3 (Moulty1983-1984-1991)


Side 1
1 The What Fours - Basement Walls
2 The Shadows Four - Heart Of Wood
3 The Rouges - Next Guy
4 Head & The Hares - I Won't Come Back
5 The Devil's Own - I Just Wanna Make Love
6 The Effects - Don't You Ever Make Me Blue
7 The What Fours - Eight Shades Of Brown
8 The Malibu's - Leave Me Alone
9 The Psychopaths - 'Til The Stroke Of Dawn

Side 2
1 The Shadows Four - Follow Me
2 The New Breed - Wasting My Time
3 The Mystic Five - It Doesn't Matter
4 The Mauve - You've Got Me Cryin'
5 Cobras - Instant Heartache
6 The Tallysmen - Little By Little
7 The Mojos - Love Does It's Harm
8 The Psychopaths - See The Girl
9 The Shags - Don't Press Your Luck


Side 1
1 Cobras - I Wanna Be Your Love
2 The Plymouth Rockers - Don't Say Why
3 The North Atlantic Invasion Force - Blue And Green Gown
4 The Barbarians - Hey Little Bird
5 Monday's Mondos - I'm Cryin'
6 Love Inc. - She Don't Care About Me
7 The Remains - Talking About You
8 The Shyres - Where Is Love
9 The Insane - Someone Like You

Side 2
1 The Landlords - I'll Return
2 White Fluff - Vegetable Binge
3 The Blue Beats - Extra Girl
4 The Tallysmen - You Don't Care
5 The Shadows Four - I'm Beggin' You
6 The Renegades - Waiting For You
7 The Plagues - To Wander
8 The Fifth Generation - If I See Her
9 Back Street Boys - Back St. Blues
10 The Others - My Friend The Wizard


Side 1

1 Euphoria's Id - Deception's Ice
2 The Insane - I Can't Prove It
3 The Shadows Of Time - Search Your Soul
4 The Lost Legend - Love Flight
5 The Morning After - Things You Do
6 The Shilos - Cause I Love You
7 The Idols - True Love Gone Astray

Side 2
1 The Stonemen - No More
2 The Levis - That's Not The Way
3 The Zipcodes - Baby Made A Fool Out Of You
4 The Ramrods - Merry Go Round
5 The Instincts - Don't Look Back
6 The Rising Storm - To R.S. - Who Won't Know
7 The Summer Sounds - First Date
8 The Rouges - Faces On The Wall

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Guru Guru - 1973 - Don't Call Us (We Call You)

Guru Guru - 1973 - Don't Call Us (We Call You)

1. Africa Steals The Show 12:22
2. Round Dance 8:35
3. 200 Clichés 5:08
4. Das Zwickmaschinchen 4:43
5. Guru Guru Ltd. 11:39

Over four phenomenal extended tracks this 1973 major label debut for the German Krautrock group is an essential ride through space rock territory for fans of early Kraftwerk, Can, and Faust. "Africa Steals the Show," "Round Dance," "200 Clinches," and "Das Zwickmashinchen" are mind-boggling forays into avant-rock territory -- recorded by the stripped-back Guru Guru incarnation. At this point in 1973, Guru Guru was a trio of Ax Genrich on guitar, Hans Hartmann replacing Uli Trepte on bass, and leader Mani Neumeier on drums and keyboards. Essential primitive guitar overload meets avant-rock experimentation results in a powerful album, to say the least.
~ Skip Jansen, All Music Guide

V.A. - Relative Distance (Stanton Park, 1993)

"A Compilation of New England Garage Bands"

Side 1
1 The What - Escape
2 Bobby & The Farraris - In The Morning
3 Buck Rogers Movement - Baby Come On
4 The Mar-Vels - Some One Else
5 The Satan's Breed - Laugh Myself To The Grave
6 Mickey & The Motions - I Do
7 Georgie Porgie - No More School
8 The Ascots - Where I'm Goin'

Side 2
1 Groundspeed - In A Dream
2 The Royal Aircoach - Wondering Why
3 The 5: P.M. - How Many Days
4 The Eastern Alliance - Love Fades Away
5 The Instincts - No, No, No
6 Dry Well - Gypsy 7
7 The Fumin' Humins - Relative Distance

V.A. - Pennsylvania Unknowns (Time Tunnel, 1982)


Side 1
1 The Flowerz - I Need Love Now
2 The Scholars - I Need Your Lovin'
3 The Hides - Don't Be Difficult
4 Pat Farrell & The Believers - Bad Woman
5 The Bends - If It's All The Same To You
6 Joe Frank & The Knights - Can't Find A Way
7 The Combenashuns - What'cha Gonna Do
8 The Loose Enz - A World Outside
9 The Starlites - I Can't See You

Side 2
1 The Shandells - Chimes
2 The Centurys - Endless Search
3 The Kings Ransom - Shadows Of Dawn
4 The Bentleys - Now It's Gone
5 The Colors Of Night - C-O-L-O-R-S
6 The Loose Enz - The Black Door
7 The Loose Enz - Easy Rider
8 Fred - A Love Song

The Ebonys - 1973 (224@ plus bonus tracks)

A Golden Philly Classic!

Their only album for Philadelphia International in it's best period.
A Soul Diamond.
Rotary Connection funs will love this one

The Ebonys didn’t have nearly as many chart successes as its peers, leading it to release only two albums before disbanding in 1976. The better of these was the group’s self-titled debut, the only collection it recorded for Gamble and Huff’s Philadelphia International. Released in 1973, the album was largely a hit-and-miss affair, though its highs rivaled those of the premier Philly Soul outfits. It’s Forever easily could have become mired in its overwrought orchestrations and saccharine lyrics, but instead the ensemble lifted the song out of the muck with an impassioned vocal performance that was pure magic. Likewise, Life in the Country explored some intriguing grooves courtesy of backing band MFSB — the same group behind The O’Jays’ Ship Ahoy and Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes’ Wake Up Everybody. Elsewhere, I’m So Glad I’m Me was a masterful piece of Motown-influenced pop, while both Hook Up and Get Down and Sexy Ways carried a grittier feel than most.

1. Hook Up And Get Down
2. It's Forever
3. Life In The Country
4. Sexy Ways
5. I'm So Glad I'm Me
6. I'll Try
7. Nation Time
8. I Believe
9. You're The Reason Why

The Reviews
Even though their vocal ability was as good as many, if not supreme, this Camden, NJ-based vocal quartet did not threaten the chart action of any of their competitors. This album is, however, home to the Ebonys' most popular single, "It's Forever." With its serene intro, the foursome harmonize their way to the verse where the lead vocals, both baritone and falsetto, bring enhancing deliveries to an already outstanding track. The single peaked at number 14 on the R&B charts after 13 weeks. The second single was "I Believe." Originally a pop hit for Frankie Laine in 1953, the Ebonys' version retains some of that pop texture. However, the group's vocal explosiveness leaves a lasting R&B impression. After 13 weeks, the song reached number 34 on the charts. "Life in the Country" was the third single -- a moderately paced ballad reminiscent of early Stylistics, who were emerging around the same time this album was released. While this album is balanced with moderate grooves, the aforementioned ballads, and the unreleased "I'll Try," stand out. The production work of Kenneth Gamble, Leon Huff and their colleagues is outstanding. ~ Craig Lytle, All Music Guide
Another '70s soul group whose commercial track record doesn't do its music justice, the Ebonys made gripping, dramatic ballads that no soul fan undervalues. On the Philadelphia International label during an era when they routinely cranked out transcendent, genre-smashing hits, this New Jersey vocal group started in 1968. Jenny Holmes, David Beasley, James Tuten, and Clarence Vaughan formed the lineup, and Leon Huff discovered them. They scored their first hit with "You're the Reason Why," a number ten R&B single in 1971. Their greatest song, "It's Forever," appeared in 1973; it only reached number 14. That was their last hit; their other Philadelphia International singles were often nicely done, but commercial flops. ~ Ron Wynn, All Music Guide

Download Link:

Hawkwind - 1971 - Kinetic Playground

Hawkwind - Kinetic Playground
Birmingham. 6 December 1971

(Bootleg (shn))

01 Technicians Of Spaceship Earth
02 You Shouldn't Do That
03 The Awakening
04 You Know You're Only Dreaming
05 Spirit Of The Age
06 Master Of The Universe
07 Paranoia
08 Earth Calling
09 Silver Machine
10 Welcome
11 Born To Go
12 Jam

Dave Brock: guitar, vocals
Nik Turner: flute, vocals
Twink: drums
Lemmy: bass, vocals
DikMik: audio generator
Del Dettmar: synthesiser
Bob Calvert: voice

An early audience recording of Hawkwind in full flight.
It's a surprisingly good one as well and very much nature of the band at that time.
The regular drummer at the time, Terry Ollis got mislaid for this show
and so Twink from the Pink Faries is on drums throughout.
Some may be surprised to see Spirit Of The Age in the set
so early on as it's usually associated with later Hawks.

(Shn plug-in for winamp included to the rar folders)
this is not mp3 files but shn !!!

Mahavishnu Orchestra - 1973 - Birds of Fire

Mahavishnu Orchestra With John McLaughlin
Birds of Fire - 1973 @320

1 Birds of Fire
2 Miles Beyond
3 Celestial Terrestrial Commuters
4 Sapphire Bullets of Pure Love
5 Thousand Island Park
6 Hope
7 One Word
8 Sanctuary
9 Open Country Joy
10 Resolution

Here's some of the most intense jazz-rock ever created...just to switch it up a little. By the way, I would really appreciate it if you all could notify me if the mp3's I upload have any pops or clicks as I am trying to make sure all my songs are as pristine as possible.
Emboldened by the popularity of Inner Mounting Flame among rock audiences, the first Mahavishnu Orchestra set out to further define and refine its blistering jazz-rock direction in its second — and, no thanks to internal feuding, last — studio album. Although it has much of the screaming rock energy and sometimes exaggerated competitive frenzy of its predecessor, Birds of Fire is audibly more varied in texture, even more tightly organized, and thankfully more musical in content. A remarkable example of precisely choreographed, high-speed solo trading — with John McLaughlin, Jerry Goodman, and Jan Hammer all of one mind, supported by Billy Cobham's machine-gun drumming and Rick Laird's dancing bass — can be heard on the aptly named "One Word," and the title track is a defining moment of the group's nearly atonal fury. The band also takes time out for a brief bit of spaced-out electronic burbling and static called "Sapphire Bullets of Pure Love." Yet the most enticing pieces of music on the record are the gorgeous, almost pastoral opening and closing sections to "Open Country Joy," a relaxed, jocular bit of communal jamming that they ought to have pursued further. This album actually became a major crossover hit, rising to number 15 on the pop album charts, and it remains the key item in the first Mahavishnu Orchestra's slim discography.

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V.A. - Shutdown '66 (Ernie Douglas,1991)

"The World's Only 60's Punk Record"

Side 1
1 The Crucibles - You Know I Do
2 The Barons - Tomorrow Never Ends
3 The Uncivilized - Back Again
4 Royale Coachmen - Killer Of Men
5 The Boards - Please Tell Me Why
6 The Half Beats - Should I
7 The Possums - King In His World
8 The Avantes - Baby Go
9 The Bryds - Why Did You Break My Heart
Side 2
1 The Hearts Of Stone - Too Hard To Please You
2 Les Rockers - There's A Pain
3 Jerry Waugh & The Skeptics - For My Own
4 The Playgue - Baby No More
5 Bo & The Weevils - My Time
6 The Conquests - Is It Right?
7 We The People - Girl Of My Dreams
8 The Shan Dels - Please Stay
9 Pete Morticelli - Lost

Mad Violets - 1986 - World Of LSD

Wendy Wild: Lead vocals, casio, chimes
Keith Streng: drums, bongos, tamborine, clavas, vocals
Chaz Leiland: bass, backing vocals
Danny Harvey: lead guitar, rithem guitar, grand piano

Garage / Psych

Download Link :

Pineapples from the Dawn of Time - 1986 - Saha/Too Much Acid? 7'' (Vinyl)

Pineapples from the Dawn of Time
Saha/Too Much Acid? 7'' (Vinyl)

The Pineapples From The Dawn Of Time formed in 1985, out of the ashes of Brisbane's punk scene from the early part of the decade. A band was formed out of members from outre outfits such as Kicks, Riptides, The Ken Palmer Connection, Tex Deadly & The Dum Dums and The Kingswood Trio.

Often adorned in ridiculous costumes, the band played around Brisbane between 1985 and 1987 while gaining a cult following due to their onstage antics and songs about mass murderers, science fiction shows and drugs. In that time, the Pineapples released the double A side single 'Saha/Too Much Acid?' and an LP, 'Shocker' - both of which sold out shortly after their respective launches.

More @ Band's myspace

Thanks AG for this one !!!

V.A. - I Can Hear Raindrops (Worst,1998)

"18 desperate garage-punkers gems"

Side 1
1 Keystones Inc. - The Rain Makes Music
2 Advantes - Done It Again
3 Baroques - Bad Girl
4 Cyclones - Time For Me To Leave
5 Jacks Wild - What Do You Expect
6 No Left Turn - Looking So Pretty
7 Emperors - Blue Day
8 Johnny & The Nite Ryders - She's Gone
9 Fortels - She

Side 2
1 The Aquinos - Jaguar
2 No Left Turn - In The City
3 Shambles - I Just Think Of You
4 One Of Hours - Trifolia
5 The Beech Resorts - Springtime
6 James & The James Gang - Act Right
7 Fortels - Merry Go Round
8 Michael John & The Pendulums - You're Wrong Girl
9 Noblemen 4 - I Can Hear Raindrops

Orpheus 4 albums !!!

1(A) ORPHEUS (MGM (S)E-4524) 1968

2(A) ASCENDING (MGM SE-4569) 1968

3(A) JOYFUL (MGM SE-4599) 1969

4(B) ORPHEUS (Bell 6061) 1971

NB: There is also a double CD set The Best Of Orpheus (Big Beat CDWIK 2 143) 1996, which contains 34 tracks from all four albums and a pre-Orpheus cut by The Villagers circa 1966. All four albums have also been reissued as a double CD set (Akarma AK 155/2) 2001.

1 Can't Find The Time/Lesley's World (MGM K 13882) 1968
2 I've Never Seen Love Like This/Congress Alley (MGM K 13947) 1968
3 Brown Arms In Houston/I Can Make The Sun Rise (MGM K 14022) 1969
4 By The Size Of My Shoes/Joyful (MGM K 14139) 1970
5 Big Green Pearl/Sweet Life (Bell 45 128) 1971

NB: There have also been some reissue 45s: Can't Find The Time / Brown Arms In Houston (MGM Golden Circle MVG 529) and (Polydor Band Of Gold MVG 529); and Can't Find The Time (Rock 'n Mania RMGD-2424A).

BRUCE ARNOLD vcls, gtr A B
JACK McKENES vcls, gtr A
HARRY SANDLER vcls, drms A
K.P. BURKE hrmnca B
ELLIOT SHERMAN piano, clavinet B

From Worcester, Massachusetts, Orpheus were formed by ex-Villagers, Arnold and McKenes, Gulliksen from The Blue Echoes and Harry Sandler from The Mods. McKenes and Gulliksen had earlier worked together in a few folk groups, including The College Boys, who had one 45 The Man (Swan S-4166) 1963. Gulliksen: "This was a Kennedy tribute record; the group name was selected by Swan to remove commerciality from the record!". Under the guidance of Alan Lorber, who produced all their albums, Orpheus became part of the "Boss-town Sound" movement but cultivated an almost singer-songwriter styled soft rock sound with folkie elements, at variance with the overtly psychedelic sounds and image of most of their stablemates. Possibly a marginal case for inclusion here therefore and not recommended to either garage or psych fans, although some of their material could be classified as 'hippie-rock' at a stretch. Check out their contributions to the double CD set The Best Of Bosstown Sound: Can't Find The Time To Tell You (1967), Walk Away Renee (1968), Brown Arms In Houston (1969), Tomorrow Man (1971) - and decide for yourself. They should be given credit for having a wider appeal and more output than most of their regional stablemates which saw them survive most of the hype and subsequent critical backlash. One of their songs, Can't Find The Time, was also covered by sixties instrumental band Groovin' Strings on their 1969 album Groovin' Strings And Things, and Rose Colored Glass, who had a Top 40 hit with the song. Other covers have included Brown Arms In Houston by the Plastic Cow on an album called The Plastic Cow Goes Moog (!?!?) and a very interesting cover of Congress Alley by a New York jazz funk group called "Congress Alley" on their album Congress Alley. Eric G: "A few years after the group split up, Harry Sandler went to California where he did various things like being wardrobe manager for Sha Na Na, cue card boy on "Wheel of Fortune", etc. Later he got into personal management (no, he's not the Harry Sandler who manages John Mellencamp) and handled several fairly successful TV personalities. Harry hadn't heard of the Rose Colored Glass or of their version of Can't Find The Time. At a party, he struck up a conversation with a fellow there ... turned out that he was also an ex-drummer, hailing from Texas, that had also gone ex-pat to California. Harry asked if they had had any records, and the guy said yeah, his group was the Rose Colored Glass, and they had had a hit with Can't Find The Time. That blew Harry away - "hey! I was in Orpheus and that was OUR major hit!" The Texan, on the other hand, had never heard of Orpheus - he said that their singer had brought in the song and suggested that they do it, and they went ahead without ever having heard the original. Small world, eh?"

Fans of the band might be interested to know that legendary studio drummer Bernard "Pretty" Purdie was used on some material on the early LPs but as was the industry standard at the time, he did not receive credit for the work. Orpheus also performed the theme song for the MGM movie "Marlowe", starring James Garner, called Little Sister. Jack McKenes and Bruce Arnold can also be heard on a 45 by The Alan Lorber Orchestra, Massachusetts / Congress Alley (MGM K-13926SS). Can't Find The Time was covered more recently by Hootie and The Blowfish and this version was included on the soundtrack for the 2000 Jim Carrey movie "Me, Myself and Irene". Eric's verdict - "It's not bad at all, certainly better than the one by The Rose Colored Glass back in the seventies".
(Max Waller/Grayson Delworth with thanks to Eric Gulliksen and Bruce Arnold)

Saturday, February 03, 2007


Laghonia - 1971 - Glue

Tracks :

01. Neighbor
02. The Sand Man
03. Billy Morsa
04. Trouble Child
05. My Love
06. And I Saw Her Walking
07. Glue
08. Bahia
09. Baby, Baby (bonus)
10. I Must Go (bonus)
11. Las Mil Millas Del Amor (bonus)
12. Sonrisa De Cristal (bonus)


Line-up/Musicians :
- Saul Cornejo / guitar, vocals
- Manuel Cornejo / drums
- Eddy Zaraus / bass
- David Levane / guitar, vocals
- Carlos Salom / keyboards
- Alex Abad / percussion

Laghonia - 1971 - Εtcetera

Tracks :
01. Someday
02. Mary Ann
03. I'm a Nigger
04. Everybody on Monday
05. Lonely People
06. Speed Fever
07. Oh! Tell Me Julie
08. It's Marvelous Cornejo
09. World Full of Nuts (Bonus)
10. We All (Bonus)
11. No Solution (Bonus)
12. Bengal Tiger (Bonus)


- Saúl Cornejo / guitar, piano, vocals, guitar (12 string acoustic)
- Davey Levene / guitar, vocals
- Ernesto Samamé / bass (electric)
- Carlos Salom/ organ (Hammond B2)
- Manuel Cornejo / drums
- Alex Abad / percussion
- Carlos Guerrero / vocals (background)

LAGHONIA biography (from Progarchives)

Album 1.- Glue (1971) All material recorded since 1971
Album 2.- Etcetera (1971)
Album 3.- Unglue (2004)

V.A. - Only For Real Losers! (More,1999)

Side 1
1 Los Yorks - Have Mercy (Peru)
2 The Brains - Graduale (Italy) *
3 The Needles - Where Can She Be (Finland)
4 Five Travellers - Midsummer Night (Czechoslovakia) *
5 Os Baobas - Bye Bye My Darling (Brazil)
6 The Streams - Share My Loneliness (Holland) *
7 The Avalons - That's All I Know (Sweden) *
8 Los Hitters - Delincuente (Mexico)
9 Guy Darrell - Evil Woman (U.K.)

Side 2
1 Motivation - Boy Meets Girl (Australia)
2 The Wizards - I Need Your Love (Norway) *
3 The Brazilian Bitles - Tema Baseado Na Coisa (Brazil) *
4 The Wild Ones - Aozora No Arukagiri (Japan)
5 Liverpool Five - Gotta Get A Move On (U.K.)
6 Tony Ronald & His Kroners - It Has Been Too Long (Holland) *
7 The Gentlemen - It Feels So Good (Switzerland)
8 Los Mustang - No Vendras (Spain) *
9 Shades Of Blue Inc. - I'm Gonna Lose You (Australia) *

* indicates that the track only appears on this compilation

*Special thanx to my friend Aris

V.A. - Shakin' In Athens (Sound Stories,1997 CD)

"60's greek moody-garage bands"

1 The Knacks - Devil Doll
2 Zoo - Go
3 The Idols - Wanted By The Law
4 The Crowns - You're My Only Love
5 The Idols - He's The One
6 New Hopes - I Found A Love
7 The Bluebirds - Just Remember
8 The Vikings - I'm Trying
9 The Olympians - Hopeless Endless Way
10 Zoo - Six Miles From The Cage
11 The Juniors - Miss Blue Jeans
12 Phoenix - Senza amore
13 Uptight - I Love You
14 Nelli Manou - Crazy Girl
15 The Bluebirds - Sweet Polly
16 The Charms - It's My Life

Giant Sand - Valley Of Rain (1985)

Giant Sand
, originally The Giant Sandworms, is an American rock band, based in Tuckson,Arizona(although Los Angeles, California was its home for many years). Overseen by singer-songwriter-guitarist-pianist Howe Gelb sideman). Guest artists -- though it is hard to tell at times where the band leaves off and the guests begin -- have included , its membership has shifted over the years -- at times with each album -- though for a long while the drum and bass duties were handled by John Convertino and Joey Burns, who went on to form Calexico. Other members have included keyboardist Chris Cacavas (of Green on Red), bassist Paula Jean Brown (a late-period Go-Go, and married to Gelb at the time) and drummer Tom Larkins (afterward a Jonathan RichmanVictoria Williams, Neko Case, Juliana Hatfield, PJ Harvey, Vic Chesnutt, Steve Wynn, Vicki Peterson, Rainer Ptacek, nearly all of Poi Dog Pondering and regular cameos from Gelb and Brown's daughter, Indiosa Patsy Jean.

Thee Headcoatees - 1991 - Girlsville

1. Wild Man
2. When The Night Comes
3. Stolen Love
4. Round Every Corner
5. Run For Your Life
6. Give It To Me
7. Dirty Ole Man
8. Melvin
9. The First Plane Home
10. Meet Jacqueline
11. Boysville
12. Money

Thee Headcoatees was an all-female vocal group (originally called the Delmonas) which was associated with Billy Childish and the all-male group Thee Headcoats.
The line-up was Holly Golightly, Kyra LaRubia and Ludella Black. Bongo Debbie often performed songs with the band when they played live (she left in 1999).

Vinyl albums
Girlsville (1991)
Have Love Will Travel (1992)
Ballad Of An Insolent Pup (1994)
Bozstik Haze (1997)
Punk Girls (1997)
Taylor Meets Thee Headcoatees (1998)
Here Comes Cessation (1999)
The Sisters Of Suave (1999)

The distaff garage band Thee Headcoatees was one of the innumerable projects spawned by the one-man cottage industry Billy Childish as a vehicle for his inexhaustible catalog of songs. Originally dubbed the Delmonas, the girl group was created as a sister band for Childish's band the Milkshakes, serving similar duty as a counterpoint to his subsequent project Thee Headcoats. 1991's Girlsville was the first Thee Headcoatees LP, followed a year later by Have Love Will Travel. In 1994, they issued the first of two joint concert releases with Thee Headcoats, Wild Billy Childish and His Famous Headcoats Live! At the Wild Western Room London, Featuring Thee Headcoatees!; the second set, The Sound of the Baskervilles, appeared in 1995. In 1997, Thee Headcoatees issued the LPs Punk Girls and Bozstik Haze.

Rotary Connection - 1971 - Hey Love

Some of the trippiest soul music ever recorded -- an amazing collection of work by the legendary Rotary Connection -- early home to vocalist Minnie Riperton and arranger Charles Stepney!

Some of the most godlike soul music to be recorded on this planet, and one of the best-ever album by this amazing Chicago collective that included the late Minnie Riperton, and who were arranged and produced by the great Charles Stepney! album feature swirling complex arrangements, filled with strange time changes, chord passages, and nice jazzy bits. Inside it all, the group's cool male/female vocal sound rings out -- with Minnie singing on some cuts along, and in duet on others. Includes the band's classic "I Am The Blackgold Of The Sun"

The Band
Minnie Riperton
, soprano (voice)
Kitty Haywood, soprano & alto (voice)
Shirley Wahls, contralto (voice)
Dave Scott, tenor (voice)
Charles Stepney, piano, harpsichord, organ, electric piano
Sydney Simms, bass
Donny Simmons, drums
Phil Upchurch, Pat Ferreri, guitar
Master Henry Gibson, congas
Produced by Charles Stepney

A1 If I Sing My Song (2:53)
A2 The Sea & She (3:30)
A3 I Am The Blackgold Of The Sun (5:20)
A4 Hanging 'Round The Bee Tree (3:32)
A5 Hey, Love (4:00)

B1 Love Has Fallen On Me (4:10)
B2 Song For Everyman (5:32)
B3 Love Is (4:42)
B4 Vine Of Happiness (4:36)

The Reviews
A massively beautiful piece of work by "the new Rotary Connection" -- a version of this groundbreaking Chicago soul ensemble which featured Phil Upchurch, Henry Gibson, and Charles Stepney -- the cream of the Chicago production scene! Minnie Riperton's still in the band on vocals, and her work on the LP is similar to that on the legendary Come To My Garden LP. The album features the incredible track "I Am the Blackgold of the Sun" -- a haunting soul anthem that has been a favorite of groovers for years, and which was later made into a house track by NuYorican Soul. A great album all the way through, and filled with loads of excellent cuts! Other tracks include "If I Sing My Song", "Hey, Love", "Love Has Fallen On Me", and a cover of Terry Callier's "Song For Everyman

The Rotary Connection's final album, "Hey, Love" is, in my opinion, their very best. The light Brazilian "If I Sing My Song" will put a smile on the face of the most critical listener. Our heart strings are gently pulled by "The Sea & She" and we remember sweetly. The jazzy-funky "I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun" takes us back to a time of self realization and acknowledgment of human spirit. We are then intellectually reminded of the paradox and complexity of "Hangin Round The Bee Tree". The title track, "Hey, Love" is a bountiful and jazzy tune that is enjoyed just as much in 1999 as in 1971. "Love Has Fallen On Me" (covered by Chaka Khan in 1978) is an upbeat blues/gospel tune. And if all of this brilliance wasn't enough, Rotary Connection sweetly and lovingly covers the Dell's classic "Love Is". "Vine of Happiness" is the perfect final track as is "Hey Love" the perfect final group effort.

The Charles Stepney headed psychedelic soul band that introduced the world to the voice of Minnie Riperton.The Rotary Connection were Chess/Cadet records answer to the late sixties and early seventies flower power movement.Now this could well have been a total disaster as the label went looking to cash in on the hippy market.Well with Stepney at the helm writing,producing and arranging as well as playing keys we get a soul gem on an orchestral scale that has four singers,some incredible Stepney production and one of the greatest songs ever written namely I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun. Just wonderful music that lifts the spirit.

Download Link:

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Brainbombs - 1996 - Obey

Kill Them All
Die You Fuck
Anal Desire
Lipstick On My Dick
Drive Around
To Hurt

Don't let the jaunty little Lawrence Welk ditty that opens Obey lull you into any sort of peaceful state, you'd best be prepared for the hateful murderous mayhem that Obey has in store for you. Then again, that's probably precisely what the Brainbombs had in mind. A gentle voice luring you into a dark alley, a shiny trinket distracting you while the burlap sack goes over your head and you're dragged kicking and screaming into the woods, a sweet piece of candy draws you just close enough so you can be knocked unconscious, tied up, and stuffed in the trunk. Those of you familiar with the brutal musical world of Brainbombs will know exactly what we're going on about. The rest of you, be very very careful. They traffic in a sludgey, jazzy garage rock scuzz stomp, repeated riffs, simple pounding drums, a lurching leering fuzzed out psychedelic dirge underpinning tales of murder and mayhem, murder and rape, death and dismemberment. This is probably their most overtly harsh record. Mostly because unlike the rest of their releases you can actually hear what these Swedes are singing about. All delivered in a sort of fey, heavily accented English. As if the song titles weren't enough,"Kill Them All", "Die You Fuck", "Anal Desire", "Lipstick On My Dick", "Fuckmeat", the lyrics are misogynistic, misanthropic and just plain messed up. The sound is like Melvins meets Whitehouse filtered through the fuzzy garage stomp of the Stooges but with a maniacally repetitive looped quality, that cranks up the tension, while the vocalist slowly unravels and gets meaner and meaner, more and more insane. And let's not forget the occasional warbly warped trumpet (!). What can we say? We love Brainbombs.

Thank Rob Vomit for this...

V.A. - Class Of '66 ! (Wanted,1995)

Side 1

1 The Tyrannies - She's A Queen
2 The Saints - Girl Forgive Me
3 Psychedelic Sound - Sorry Baby - Goodbye
4 Yesterday's Obsession - Complicated Mind
5 The Kids - Lovin' Everyday
6 The Young Tyrants - She Don't Got The Right
7 The Barons - I'll Never Be Happy
8 Tomorrow's Headlines - Walking In The Rain
9 The Berries - What In The World

Side 2

1 George Washington & The Cherry Stompers - The Back Shelf Of Your Mind
2 Facts Of Life - All In Good Time
3 Tony Sales & The Tigers - When The Party's Over
4 The Lost Chords - I Want To Be Her Man
5 The Impacts - Don't You Dare
6 The Wizards - I'm Blind
7 The Chancellors - Don't Tell Me
8 The Pastels - Where Is The Answer
9 The Ethics - Can't You See



*Special thanx to my friend Aris

V.A. - Killer Cuts (Guerssen,1998)

"14 mid 60's garage-folk punkers"

Side 1

1 The Finestuff - Big Brother
2 Denis & The Times - Just If She's There
3 The Bells Of Rhymny - She'll Be Back
4 The Wild Things - I'll Taste Your Lips
5 Hoi Polloi - Better Things
6 The Chancellors - 5 Minus 3
7 Jimmy C. & The Chelsea Five - Play With Fire

Side 2

1 Barry Ebling & The Invaders - Sunny Day Rain
2 The Escapades - I Try So Hard
3 The Missing Lynx - Hang Around
4 The Weads - Today
5 The Uncalled For - Get Out Of The Way
6 The Regents - Words
7 The Affection Collection - Time Rests Heavy On My Hands

V.A. - The Return Of The Young Pennsylvanians (Bona Fide,1983)

Side 1
1 The Shaynes - You Tell Me Girl
2 The Loose Enz - Mister You're A Better Man Than I
3 The Down Children - I Can Tell
4 The Centurys - Hard Times
5 The Centurys - And I Cried
6 The Dogs - Don't Try To Help Me
7 The Flowerz - Flyte

Side 2

1 The Flowerz - Talkin' About Love
2 The Shaynes - From My Window
3 The Bounty Hunters - The Sun Went Away
4 The Bounty Hunters - Somewhere
5 The Bucaneers - I'm A Fool
6 Bright Image - People In The Town
7 Kindred Spirit - Blue Avenue

Simply beautifull sound! enjoy:)

V.A. - When The Time Run Out (Reverendo Moon,1995)

Side 1
1 The Mystifying Monarchs - I'm In Misery (Fargo, ND, U.S.A.)
2 The Mystifying Monarchs - Soldier Of Fortune (Fargo, ND, U.S.A.)
3 The Shags - Louie Louie (New Ulm, MN, U.S.A.)
4 Defiants - Maggie's Farm (MN, U.S.A.) *
5 Psychotics - (I'm) Determined (Charlotte, NC, U.S.A.)
6 The Ferraris - I'm Not Talkin' (Winona, MN, U.S.A.)
7 Kinetics - I'm Blue (Houghton, MI, U.S.A.)
8 Kinetics - Feeling From My Heart (Houghton, MI, U.S.A.)
9 Bad Omens - Chimes Of Freedom (MN, U.S.A.) *

Side 2
1 The Poor Boys Pride - I'm Here (Muskegon, MI, U.S.A.) *
2 Toronados - She's Gone (MI, U.S.A.) *
3 Minutemen - Another Day With Me (Grand Rapids, MI, U.S.A.)
4 The Pastels - 'Cause I Love You (MI, U.S.A.)
5 The Penetrators - What Went Wrong (MI, U.S.A.)
6 Headlyters - Girl Down The Street (MI, U.S.A.)
7 The Chancellors - Dear John (Lansing, MI, U.S.A.)
8 The Satisfactions - Only Once (MI, U.S.A.) *
9 The Satisfactions - Never Be Happy (MI, U.S.A.)

* indicates that the track only appears on this compilation

Minnesota vs. Michigan obscure garage bands, very teens and raw cuts from 1965-67 .

Enjoy Cavemans!

Nirvana (UK)

Nirvana (UK) - 1969 - Dedicated To Markos III
(a.k.a. Black Flower)

01 The World Is Cold Without You
02 Excerpt from "The Blind & The Beautiful"
03 I Talk to My Room
04 Christopher Lucifer
05 Aline Cherie
06 Tres, Tres Bien
07 It Happened Two Sundays Ago
08 Black Flower
09 Love Suite
10 Illinois

Review :
Nirvana's third and final album for Island (sometimes titled Dedicated to Markos III in discographies) was extremely rare in its first 1969 LP issue, the U.K. release limited to a few hundred promo copies. The group's cutesiness was toned down considerably for this LP, though they were still offering the kind of light orchestrated pop-rock that they had on their previous Island records, with some jazz and classical influences. It's a more mature product than their first two albums, but a little tired-sounding, and lacking in the more psychedelic ambition that produced some of their best songs, like "Rainbow Chaser" and "I Believe in Magic." In fact they sometimes sound rather like film composers or pop-jazz-vocals singer/songwriters caught in a different era, what with the rather grandiose (and certainly grandiosely arranged) Euro-romantic sweep of most of their songs. Although the orchestration, often combining strings with harpsichord, is often sumptuous (if just short of cloying) and the melodies pleasant, not much of this sticks to the bones. The somewhat more soulful, straightforward rock of "Christopher Lucifer" and "It Happened Two Sundays Ago" provides some nice relief, if only because it's different from the wistful fantasy aura that predominated in Nirvana's world. This rarity gained easy availability with its 2003 CD release on Universal/Island, which despite remastering still has some noises that sound suspiciously like tiny vinyl bumps at the beginning of "Black Flower," one of the more dramatic and better numbers. Also in the package are extensive liner notes, though these (like those on all the 2003 Universal/Island reissues of Nirvana's first three LPs) contain annoying undue repetition of the text that appears on the liners to the other Universal/Island Nirvana re-releases.
~Richie Unterberger, All Music Guide

Get It Here :

Nirvana (UK) - 1971 - Local Anaesthetic

Tracklist :
01. Modus Operandi (16:15)
02. Home (19:12)

Get It Here :
RapidShare or SendSpace

Nirvana appeared in 1967, starting as a six-piece led by Patrick Campbell-Lyons from Ireland, and Alex Spyropoulos from Greece. They were quickly signed to the fledgling Island label, which had formed out of Chris Blackwell's street-level R&B and rocksteady label operations, when Blackwell recognized a need to hook into the exploding psychedelic genre of the time. The first LP to emerge was the science-fiction concept album, The Story of Simon Simopath, which yielded their second single, "Pentecost Hotel" (their first and third singles appeared on the follow-up, All of Us.)

The band's early performances yielded something of an audience, but this did not translate into explosive sales in England or America, though the band achieved some success in Europe. Winnowing down to the core duo of Campbell-Lyons and Spyropoulos, Nirvana continued to release singles from All of Us, with the title track going on to be selected as the theme song for The Touchables, while "Rainbow Chaser," an almost-hit, came to be considered a classic psychedelic outing.

Life at Island Records did not go so well, unfortunately, with Chris Blackwell refusing to release their third album, Black Flower, so the duo picked up and moved on to Pye Records, home of the Kinks. Black Flower was bought back from Island and worked over, finally being released as Dedicated to Markos III. The result was disastrous. The constantly beleaguered Pye (which would eventually founder) managed to shift only a few hundred units, while the U.S. label to which the album was licensed promptly went under with no more than a few promotional copies having been sent out. Dedicated to Markos III eventually received another release in 1987, restored to the original title of Black Flower, with the 1993 Edsel CD release including a re-recorded version of "Pentecost Hotel" and a newly recorded track titled "Shine."

With the release of Dedicated to Markos III, Spyropoulos quit to pursue other musical work. Nirvana had become very much Campbell-Lyons' venue by this point, and Spyropoulos had had enough of feeling constrained. Campbell-Lyons then signed to Philips' new progressive label, Vertigo, recording and releasing Local Anaesthetic, a heavily jazz-influenced album featuring only two cuts: "Modus Operandi," and the somewhat less epic "Home." The album was quick to disappear from view, as was Songs of Love and Praise, which featured several re-recorded cuts, including both "Rainbow Chaser" and "Pentecost Hotel."

Campbell-Lyons came out from behind the Nirvana name for an attempt at a solo album, Me & My Friend, which came and went swiftly in 1973. In 1980, he reunited with Spyropoulos to write a musical, Blood, which has yet to surface. The duo have sporadically performed and recorded as Nirvana, which led to Bam Caruso's 1987 reissue of Black Flower, as well as renewed interest in the group. Most of the original albums have been reissued by either Edsel or Repertoire (Songs of Love and Praise is the sole exception), a collection of demos and outtakes, entitled Secret Theatre, has been released, and a new album, Orange and Blue, featuring material previously unrecorded by the band, was issued in 1996.
~ Steven McDonald, All Music Guide

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Listening - 1968

ERNIE KAMANIS drms, vcls A
MICHAEL TSCHUDIN organ, keyb'ds, vcls A

1(A) LISTENING (Vanguard 6504) 1968
NB: (1) reissued on CD and LP (Akarma AK 050).

1 I Can Teach You/Cuando (Vanguard 35077) 1968
2 Life Stories/Hello You (Vanguard 35094) 1968
NB: (2) both sides non-LP.

From Boston and rated highly by some, this album includes some fine guitar and organ work on cuts like Baby: Where Are You?. Still an undiscovered gem this is worth searching out. Most of the vocals were performed by drummer Ernie Kamanis, and Peter Malick who was 16 at the time the album was recorded. Walter Powers had previously been in the famed punk band The Lost. A reworked version of the album's opener, Michael Tschudin's You're Not There, appears on the highly-touted album ...Setting Forth... Improvising Against The Future by Odyssey. Michael Tschudin later played with Cynara and produced the Fort Mudge Memorial Dump album. He became a session man and producer during the seventies, notably working with Tim Curry. Peter Malick played with the James Montgomery Band and is is still active, fronting his own Peter Malick Band playing blues / R&B influenced music in/around Boston. Walter Powers teamed up with his old Lost companion Willie "Loco" Alexander in the final incarnation of The Velvet Underground. The uplifting baroque-pop of Hello You can be found on Bring Flowers To U.S. (LP), whilst one track from the album, Stoned Is has also resurfaced on Marijuana Unknowns (LP & CD). (Vernon Joynson/Max Waller/Stephane Rebeschini w/thanks to Peter Malick)


The Action - 1967 - Rolled Gold

1. Come Around
2. Something To Say
3. Love Is All
4. Icarus
5. Strange Roads
6. Things You Cannot See
7. Brain
8. Look At The View
9. Climbing Up The Wall
10. Really Doesn't Matter
11. I'm A Stranger
12. Little Boy
13. Follow Me
14. In My Dream
15. Bonus Track 1

The term "lost classic" is applied liberally and often erroneously to unreleased recordings that resurface years later in a maelstrom of hype. However, for the forgotten mod rock also-rans the Action, the term is not only justified, it is painfully bittersweet. On par with such classics of the era as The Who Sell Out or Ogden's Nut Gone Flake but more focused than either, the Action's Rolled Gold goes beyond "lost classic" — it is the influential masterpiece no one was ever allowed to hear. Despite being signed to Beatles producer George Martin's AIR label and benefiting from a strong club following, the Action never scored a chart hit. By the time they recorded these demo tracks in 1967, the band had grown weary of the musically limited mod scene, which was on its last legs. Guitarist Pete Watson had been replaced by Martin Stone, and the band had developed a more mature sound, one only hinted at on such previous cuts as "Twenty-Fourth Hour." Prefiguring the coming psychedelic movement, the songs were epic, heartfelt, melodic socks to the gut that hinged on vocalist Reggie King's sanguine blue-eyed soul voice and Alan King's slabs of guitar harmony — think The Who's Tommy meets The Byrds' Fifth Dimension. Unbelievably, EMI — AIR's distributor — was not interested, and the tracks were shelved. Subsequently, Reggie left the band to work on a solo album, and the rest of the group struggled on, eventually morphing into the short-lived hippie band Mighty Baby. Rather than bemoan what could have been though, you are left with what is. Playing like the brilliant missing link between mod and psychedelic rock, Rolled Gold is experimental without being silly or twee and emotionally mature without being pompous and boring. It is the type of album that reveals its brilliance within seconds of hearing the first track and builds momentum from there. Tracks such as "Something to Say" and especially "Brain" with Reggie pleading for immortality over a hugely anthemic chord progression are as good, if not better, than anything that charted during the late '60s and sound less dated than many of the Action's contemporaries' efforts. It's as if Paul Weller time-traveled back to 1967 and wrote the best songs of his career. Every track is a fully realized melodic and lyrical statement. While there is a roughness to the demo-quality recording, it only magnifies the raw emotions the Action were able to translate into timeless music — music that deserved much better than it got.

Mourning Reign - s/t

YouGet Out Of My Life Woman
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Our Fate
Light Switch
Run Run Run
Tales Of Brave Ullysses
Signed D.C.
Cut Back
Light Switch (stereo version)

This San Jose band from the mid-1960s has had a cult following for quite some time based on a tiny handful of local sides that passed from one collector to another, enhancing their rep by word of mouth. This ten-song issue on Sundazed's vinyl only subsidiary label captures them raw 'n' nasty, blasting through some studio covers of Who, Cream and Yardbirds tunes and a brace of their own stuff. Lead singer Beau Maggi was one of the best garage-band Jagger soundalikes, and the band had that nether ground between British fuzztone band and coming psychedelia down pretty darn well; it's all here to enjoy.

Bunalim (1970-1972) @320

First-ever CD reissue of some of the most amazing Turkish music ever recorded: wild, raw and with fuzz guitar all over. Bunalim (which means "depression" or "frustration" in Turkish), founded in 1969, was one of the most well-known underground groups on the Turkish music scene of the early '70s. Although their discography is limited to only a few singles, Bunalim is regarded as a seminal band in Turkish music history, who paved the way for its members to find fame later on in their careers (playing with Erkin Koray, Mogollar, Ter, Edip Akbayram). Bunalim released 6 singles which are incredibly rare, and never completed a whole album. They were produced and managed by legendary Turkish rock musician and instigator of the Anatolian rock movement Cem Karaca, one of the most important rock singers in Turkey during the 1970s. This release is a blend of their work from 1970-1972, and features everything from American-influenced garage to early punk experiments to fuzzed-out psychedelic heavy Eastern drone, including a cover of Iron Butterfly's "Get Out Of My Life, Woman" ("Yeter Artik Kadin") sung in Turkish. They say about the band: "God, they were crazy! Running all nude down the Istiklal Street, psychedelic light shows, crazy paintings all over the stage wall and screaming of LSD! LSD! in their live shows." As good as the best recordings from Erkin Koray, Bunalim are, even for most Turkish collectors, a well-kept secret. The LP version reissued by Shadoks sold out within a blink of the eye.

The Chambers Brothers - 1967 - The Time Has Come

An amazing blend of soul, Psychedelia and rock, this is an album with great power

"Time has come today" is an all time classic anthem.

Tracks :
1 All Strung Out over You (2:30)
2 People Get Ready (3:52)
3 I Can't Stand It (2:42)
4 Romeo and Juliet (4:32)
5 In the Midnight Hour (5:32)
6 So Tired (4:05)
7 Uptown (2:56)
8 Please Don't Leave Me (3:00)
9 What the World Needs Now Is Love (3:20)
10 Time Has Come Today (11:06)

The Chambers Brothers: Lester Chambers, Willie Chambers, Joe Chambers, George Chambers, Brian Keeney. Producer: David Rubinson. Recorded between 1966 and 1967. A black four-piece vocal group with a white drummer in the '60s may not have been unique, but it was still something of a revolutionary act, and this, coupled with their smash hit "Time Has Come Today," ensures the Chambers Brothers their place in rock history. The group started out as the house band at the hip Electric Circus club in New York's East Village. Besides their hit, THE TIME HAS COME revolves around the band's gospel roots, which are effectively used to sweeten and develop a variety of R&B and pop material such as Bacharach and David's "What the World Needs Now Is Love," and the gently swinging "Romeo and Juliet." Their version of Curtis Mayfield's "People Get Ready" is perhaps the most obviously gospel-based cut here, and with hindsight it's apparent that, rather being a new direction, the band's trippy excursion was something of a detour. But the cowbell and guitar intro to "Time" still thrills today check out the sly "Little Drummer Boy" quote on the extended guitar solo, too. And in the light of later developments such as Parliament/Funkadelic, the rest of the track sounds like a prophecy.

This, the Chambers Brothers' coming-of-age record, was a well-timed and even better executed exercise in modern record-making. The brothers had recorded several excellent gospel-folk sides on a few labels (including CBS) in the mid-'60s. They were darlings of the folk set, and even sang backup on a few unreleased Bob Dylan sessions in 1965. By 1967, they were at loose ends. Having demoed a slightly demented song called "Time Has Come Today" that year, the group entered the studio with producer David Rubinson, who was fresh from some critical acclaim after recording Moby Grape. The resulting album and subsequent title-track hit were huge successes, especially on FM radio. The rest of the album shows the brothers not just embracing the psychedelic trends, but also redefining their RB leanings. Fabulous. - Matthew Greenwald, All Music Guide

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Brainbombs - 2000 - Singles Compilation [Sweden]

01 - Jack the Ripper Lover
02 - No End
03 - Anne Frank
04 - No Guilt
05 - No Place
06 - No Guilt
07 - Wishing a Slow Death
08 - Stacy
09 - It's a Burning Hell
10 - Second Coming
11 - Psychout Crash Kid
12 - I Detta Satans Rum

The Brainbombs are Swedish, but anyone expecting cute, natty garage rockers like the Hives or psychedelic vikings like the Soundtrack of Our Lives should immediately recalibrate their heads. Imagine early Throbbing Gristle's sociopathic obsessions with rape and murder (minus the performance-art pretensions) mixed with the willful amateurism of Half Japanese, and that's still only the half of it. The creepy thing about the Brainbombs is that unlike, say, G.G. Allin, who was clearly simply unhinged, this lot explores its seedy obsessions with a detached, almost offhand quality that makes the snuff-film fantasies of songs like "No End" that much ickier. Musically, these 12 songs are an intriguing blend of proto-punk stomp and arty explorations (think of pre-Pere Ubu art-punk weirdos like the Electric Eels), but the lyrics will be a dealbreaker for many.

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