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December 2006 pt.1

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Victoria - 1971 - Victoria ( usa psych)

Here’s the original cd from Seven Little Indians with the beautiful red velvet digipack and golden engraved artwork (limitied 500 copies with 4 extra songs and photo’s)

Maybe 5 or 6 known copies of this of this demo release (200 made) of a New Jersey band. A Fantastic concept psych beauty.

3 girls and 1 guy.

They tried to get attention from big labels but this never happened. They wanted him to sound like Blood Sweat and Tears. But this wasn’t Greg’s idea of music. The music has everything you need, like a wild version of early Moby Grape combined with New Dawn and C.A. Quintet, sometimes dreamy sometimes totally wild underground-psych, with female vocals and splattering leads, titanic guitars and distorted guitars. Sweet tunes turn into dark psychpower!!!!!

Personnel :

Produced, arr.Composed by GREG RUBAN

Greg Ruban, the composer and front-man of victoria recorded this album just before he had to go to Vietnam. When he returned from War, he took his unreleased album on a 3 month trip to Europe on a motorbike to promote it, but unfortunately that did not work out at all. The album was unreleased until only a few years ago.…


Mazzy Star - Live in Chicago - bootleg

01 - Flowers In December
02 - Ride It On
03 - Into Dust
04 - Give You My Lovin
05 - Fade into you
06 - Halah
07 - Ghost Highway
08 - Blue Flower

A very rare live bootleg of Mazzy Star.

Mazzy Star was a dream pop/alternative band formed in 1989 from a band called Opal, a collaboration of guitarist David Roback (of the eighties Paisley Underground group Rain Parade) and bassist Kendra Smith (of Dream Syndicate fame). They were later joined by Smith's friend Hope Sandoval as the vocalist. Kendra Smith soon left the band.
Mazzy Star is probably best known for the song "Fade Into You," which brought the band some success in the mid-1990s and was dream pop's biggest mainstream hit (it was later sampled by Richard X for his song "Into You" featuring Jarvis Cocker). Roback and Sandoval were the creative center of the band, with Sandoval writing most of the lyrics and Roback composing most of the music.
Listen to dreamful voice of Hope, and feel the spirit of mazzy star live.

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Earcandy - Sound Is Just The Way You Ear It

Bandname Earcandy
Country UK / Exeter Devon
Musicstyle Space Rock • Psychedelic
Dave & Mandy Thor
A 90's UK private pressing by an obscure musical ensemble this album blends all of the elements of psychedelic spacerock into a bottle of champagne for your head. Flip the cork, pour and watch the bubbles rise. Every psychedelic trick in the book is thrown into the production on this mind melter.. by Freakemporium site
A must have for every psych-head

Cyrus Faryar - 1971 - Cyrus

Personnel incl:
CYRUS FARYAR vcls, glass hrmnca, gtr A B
ALEX HASSILEV electronic score, backing vcl A
RALPH TOWNER gtr, mellophone A
(DAVID CROSBY backing vcl A)
(MAMA CASS ELLIOT backing vcl A)
(BOB GIBSON gtr, backing vcl A)

1(A) CYRUS (Elektra 74105) 1971
2(B) ISLANDS (Elektra ?) 1973

The former Modern Folk Quintet member and voice of Zodiac Cosmic Sounds recorded these solo albums in 1971 and 1973. Cyrus was recorded in Los Angeles with the help of the members of the jazz group Oregon, David Crosby, Cass Elliot and various sessionmen. It's mainly composed of introspective folk rock with some oriental influences and very religious lyrics (Softly Through The Darkness, New Beginnings, Kingdom). Springtime Bouquet is an electronic score composed by Alex Hassilev. Recorded in 1973, Islands is presumably in the same style.
Faryar can also be found on recordings by Fred Neil, Mama Cass and the Stone Poneys and he sung one track for the soundtrack of "Last Summer" produced by John Simon. He even produced some albums by the Firesign Theater. In the early seventies, Faryar moved to Hawaii where he produced some local groups like Country Comfort.
(Stephane Rebeschini)

Sebastian - Rays Of The Sun - 1969

ALBUM: 1 RAYS OF THE SUN (MCA 7001) 1970
45s: 1 Now That It's Over/Elaine (Apex 77106) 1970 54 2 Back In Love Again/Smile A Little (Apex 77109) 1970 81 3 Babe I Can Carry Your Tombstone/I Won't Do It Mama (Quality 1976) 1970 - 4 Jimmy, Janis And Alan/Wexford Boulevard Hangup (Yorkville 45032) 1971 - 5 Jubilation/Through With Your Love (MCA 2004) 1971 - 6 Too Young/Darlin' I Do (Mr. Maestro 801) 197? -
NB: (1) also issued on Decca (32655) 1969.
An obscure singer/songwriter from Ontario, or maybe a group leader, who signed a solo recording contract to release the above album. His songs in general are overproduced by Roy Dykhof, with orchestral (horn and string) arrangements by Roger Grevel. Although there are some good guitar leads here and there, the result is an unimpressive pop/rock sound, comparable to the British artist Barry Ryan. There are two longer tracks: Passages and Rays Of The Sun, produced by Sebastian himself, with real rock backing (gtr, bs, drms and piano) by his friends (or his real group?), that are outstanding! The first starts slow and melodic and then quickens in pace; the second is mid-tempo. The mood is psychedelic with piano breaks and excellent guitar leads. These two tracks really are worth a spin.

Ruth Copeland - Gimme Shelter

Ruth Copeland (feat. Parliament) - Gimme Shelter_The Invictus Sessions

Track Listings
01. Prologue: Child Of The North
02. Thanks For The Birthday Card
03. Your Love's Been So Good To Me
04. Music Box
05. Silent Boatman
06. To William In The Night
07. No Commitment
08. I Got A Thing For You Daddy
09. Gift Of Me
10. Medal
11. Crying Has Made Me Stronger
12. Hare Krishna
13. Suburban Family Lament
14. Play With Fire
15. Don't You Wish You Had (What You Had When You Had It)
16. Gimme Shelter

Two very rare funk-soul albums (on one disc) which George Clinton's Parliament were the backing band as Ruth Copeland was an integral part of the early 70's band. Copeland effortlessly blends soul, funk,blues, psychedelia and acoustic material onto these albums. The second album 'I Am What I Am' had an incredible version of the Stones classic 'Gimme Shelter'. Funk out! ~ Freak Emporium

Rare funky work by Ruth Copeland -- a Detroit-based female rock singer, but one who worked with George Clinton on a number of her tracks -- giving her albums a hard funky sound that's right up there with early work by Parliament or Funkadelic! The CD features both Ruth's albums for the Invictus label -- Self Portrait and I Am What I Am -- the former of which has great work by Clinton, who also wrote a number of the songs. Titles include "Your Love Been So Good To Me", which starts with a very fuzzy electric break, and "I Got a Thing For You Daddy", which has some great spacey guitars on the intro! Other cuts include "Child of the North", "The Medal", "Gimme Shelter", "Play With Fire", "Hare Krishna", "Suburban Family Lament", "No Commitment", "A Gift of Me", and "The Music Box".

Get it Here !

Afrika Korps - 1987 - God, It's Them Again EP

Afrika Korps - 1987 - God, It's Them Again EP

Solomon Gruberger: vocals, lead guitar, rhythm guitar / Jay Gruberger: bass, lead guitar (3,6) / Kenne Gizmo Highland: vocals, lead guitar (1,2,4,7) / Marthat Hull: vocals (1,2,7) / Kenny Kaiser: drums, percussion (1,7) / Kim Kane (Slickee Boys): rhythm guitar, vocals (1,7) / Tommy Carr: drums (2)
recorded on august 14, 1982 - producers: S.Gruberger, J.Gruberger, K.Kane

Track listing
1.I'm lost in the sea of your love (part 1)
2.Nothings gonna change my life
4.Reno Mania
5.Don't spoil the cake
6.Cute little she devil
7.I'm lost in the sea of your love (part 2)

The Afrika Korps was formed in 1976 by three pioneers of the American DIY garage-punk movement Solomon Gruberger (O.Rex), Kim Kane (Slickee Boys) and Kenne Highland (Gizmos). All three had already released their own indie records at this point, and with the addition of Ken Kaiser on drums and 16 year old Jay Gruberger on bass, the Afrika Korps was a casually constituted underground supergroup whose fifteen-person lineup included fanzine writers, and other assorted Washington DC-area garagepunks. Their first LP 'Music to Kill By' boasts 22 songs (including the Slickee Boys' "Jailbait Janet," covers of the Kinks and Yardbirds, and such culturally profound outpourings as "Iggy," "Death to Disko!" and "N.Y. Punk.").
Reuniting on a smaller scale five years later, the Korps roared back into action with a punchy second album. Solomon Gruberger (who does a pretty good Joey Ramone imitation on "Tonight") shares lead vocal duties on the half-dozen songs with ex-Slickee Boys singer Martha Hull and SB guitarist Kim Kane. These recordings released as an 12"EP by the French label New Rose, in 1987. The best review for this comes from Dimitri T.Shepilov, Editor in Chief of Pravda, in the 50s: "All this nervous and insane Boogie Woogie are the wild orgies of cavemen...devoid of all elements of beauty and melody...representing an uncontrolled release of base passions, a burst of the lowest feeling and sexual urges."

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The Far Cry - 1969 - The Far Cry

The Far Cry - 1969 - The Far Cry

01. Shapes
02. Midnight Juice
03. Dream?
04. Hellhound
05. Earthlight
06. Sweet Little Angel
07. Listen to the Walls

Here's a hard to find psychedelic free-for-all...a favorite of mine although you need to be in a certain mood to fully appreciate it. Fans of Captain Beefheart would probably like this one!


Here's the review from lysergia:

Geez, ever heard the phrase something is "an acquired taste"? Well, it's certainly an applicable description for the Boston-based Far Cry. An early entry to the horn-rock sweepstakes, this seven piece outfit was signed by the short-lived New York-based Vanguard Apostolic Records, and the band's self-titled debut teamed them with producer Daniel Weiss. Imagine Blood, Sweat and Tears locked into a closet with Captain Beefheart and Quicksilver Messenger Service's John Cipollina... Largely original (the lone exception being a cover of Riley King's 'Sweet Little Angel'), the album featured a strange blend of jazz, fusion and psychedelic rock moves. While it may not have sounded particularly promising, the combination of styles was actually intriguing. Whiting's bizarre and wild voice (on tracks such as 'Shapes' and 'Hellhound' it sounded as if he were about to suffer a terminal stoke), Martin's free form sax (sometime it sounded as if he were reading the charts for a different song) and Lenart's fluid guitar (check out the introduction to 'Earthlight') made for an album we play on a regular basis.

The Oracle - 1989 - Nataraja Da Nada

Hi mushroom-eaters. This one is more rare than my mother's fotos with bikini.
So GET IT!!!!

ORACLE: Nataraja Da Nada
(Paradise Lost US 1989 )

The Oracle Speaks (24:18)
a. The invocation
b. The proclamation
c. Don't hold your breath

The awakening (24:00)

Please walk with me through the tangled web that surrounds this LP, as the rewards that await on the other side are generous. For instance, how many LPs do you own that are made by a 300 pound redneck biker that calls himself "Rameshwar"?

But let's begin at the beginning. Around 1990, a Texan record dealer and occasional impressario named Darryl Menkin distributed this LP among the psych-head underworld. Information on it was limited, but Menkin himself was listed as "executive producer" on the sleeve, and the recording was stated as having been made in West Virginia. It appeared to be a modern release of a contemporary psych group. Except that this band didn't look like the Blacklight Chameleons - they looked like they had wandered out of the time-space continuum at a Lynyrd Skynyrd concert in 1975 and hadn't found their way back to earth until 1989. And the record didn't really sound like a modern psych band either - to begin with, it was insane.

The potential cloud of confusion was made flesh when Darryl Menkin, and others with him, unexpectedly started referring to the LP as a "reissue" of an LP from "1976" - the original of which noone had ever seen. This information made its way into various record lists and eventually into Ron Moore's admirable "Underground Sounds" book, which is where I first spotted it.

Fast forward to Spring 2002. I've just received a tape of Oracle's "Nataraja da nada" and am listening to it in headphones. I hear it based on the assumption that it is a rare private press from 1976, because I don't yet know what is described above. The tape has the album sides reversed, beginning with "The awakening" which is side B. This turns out to be another fortunate mishap, as "The awakening" is the stronger trip of the two.

About 1 minute into the track I'm upright in my chair, having sunk into a couch potato pose after listening to half-ass psych all day. I mean, this sounds like the real thing; the basement fidelity, the acid guitar, the murky drumming. Then when the vocalist opens his mouth I'm practically on my feet. What the hell IS THIS? It sounds like the missing link between Sky Saxon & James Brown, with a thick redneck accent to boot. The lyrics are obscure, but what I pick up spells "L"-"S"-"D". About halfway through the track the trio takes off for the Andromeda Galaxy, a 10-minute space guitar jam with echoes of Manuel Gottsching and Terry Brooks, before Rameshwar the vocalist reappears to send a final transmission back to the Solar system. Whew! No coincidence they called their recording shack "The Sponge" - there must have been liquid acid running down the walls in there.

All must bow before the almighty Rameshwar.

Over on the reverse side is "The oracle speaks", another 24-minute trip which I'm pretty certain was recorded in a lysergic state - there's no other way to explain the strange wave-like in/out-of synch drumming. Beginning with ghostly whispers of Sanskrit the piercing Voice appears again to intone the LP title, before setting off on a bizarre imitation of rootsy garage rock interspersed with crude acid guitar leads. Less musically appealing than "The awakening", we are nevertheless treated to some great anti-social lyrics wherein Rameshwar explains, in the way a Hell's Angel might, that noone should even think about changing his way of living, not the Government or even Mr President - Don't hold your breath!

That's about it. A conceptual tribal basement acid space guitar trip that is as good as anything I've heard from a modern - as I believe them to be - psych band. It's not for everyone, but heads who enjoy Ya Ho Wha 13 LPs can find comfort in the fact that there were freaks as flipped out as Yod's guys 15 years later, right in the middle of the Reagan-Bush American heartland.

McFadden's Parachute - 2003 - Black Fuzz

01. Black Fuzz
02. Crashing Into Amethyst
03. Intoxicated Red Illusions
04. When A Flower Dies
05. The Last Woman On Earth
(lyrics by Del Rivers - music by Dagwood McFadden and Del Rivers)
06. Fall Of The Queen (Destiny's Children)
07. No Good Without You (Stevenson)
08. We're Nevermore (Coming Home) (cover song)
09. The Other Side (cover song)
10. Song Of A Baker (cover song)

Formed in 1988 by Dagwood McFadden. Members consist of one man - Dagwood. He writes all the material, plays all the instruments, records and mixes all of the songs. Recorded and released 23 full length albums (325 + songs) since 1990. After releasing self-produced albums for 9 years, formed a live version of the band in 1999 with Rick Cona of The Chesterfield Kings and Dave Anderson of The Projectiles and The Riviera Playboys. Toured the NE US summer of 1999 (Geno's in Portland ME, CBGB'S ijn NYC, The Midway in Boston, The Bug Jar in Rochester))- disbanded in September 1999. Dagwood returned to recording as the "one man" band and 7 more full length releases followed, and will never stop being made until he croaks...Also played drums on the new album by Sky Sunlight Saxon (of The Seeds) and his new project called Green Forrests. Recorded in Rochester at Saxon Studios with guests Dave Anderson of The Riviera Playboys and The Projectiles, Rick Cona of The Chesterfield Kings and Dave Anderson Jr. of The Lost Marbles.

Discography :


"Julie's Illusion" b/w "Empty Plaines" (Dagwood McFadden) - Unreleased Single
"Bishopsgate Turtledove" (Dagwood McFadden) - Unreleased Live Demo


Physical Culture Sanitariuum Self-released Cassette Album


Just A Minute, Man Self-released Cassette Album
The Smell Of Incense Self-released Cassette Album
Musical (?) Schizophrenia Self-released Cassette Album


Decent Of The Peacefrogs Self-released Cassette Album


McFadden's Parachute Unplugged Self-released Cassette Album
Dropping Out Self-released Cassette Album
Black And White Rainbows Self-released Cassette Album
The Anti-electric Sounds Of McFadden's Parachute Unreleased EP of acoustic versions of previously released songs


The Akle Jane Quatrains

Lost In Space Unreleased Double Album

Mid-60's Garage Punk Rock Spunk Records SP-008
Supernova Spunk Records SP-023


Another Chick Induced Dream Spunk Records SP-11:11.


Allison Crow Is Dying Garage-Pop Records GP - 09


McFadden's Parachute Garage Pop Records GP - 13


Paisley Orange Triangle Spunk Records SP - 311.


Black Fuzz Jargon Records JAR - CD0301
Far - Out - Fisa Jargon Records JAR - CD031001
Supernova Jargon Records JAR - CD0302

Sweep Out The Brainfog Jargon Records JAR - CD - 0404.


McFadden's Parachute Rochester, NY 3 Disc Anthology - No Label Not For Sale - For Promotional Purposes Only

HAMMERDOWN Promo Copy Only No Label Yet, Shopping For One ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Resources :

I would really appreciate it if anyone could share some more of McFadden's material .

Thanks in advance


Gary Higgins - Red Hash - 1973

Gary Higgins

gtr, vcls
organ, piano
flute, mandolin, vcls
cello, vcls
(Nufusmoon WMI 3673)
1973 R1
NB: (1) reissued on CD.

Connecticut electric folk/rock of a very high standard - it even approaches Mu territory at times on tracks like Thicker Than A Smokey, Telegraph Towers and I Can't Sleep At Night. Produced by Higgins and Chico Carillo, the LP came with a lyric sheet.
(Clark Faville/Stephane Rebeschini)
or GRAB! (mirror)

Franco Battiato

Franco Battiato (born March 23, 1945) is an Italian singer-songwriter, composer,
filmmaker and (as Süphan Barzani) painter.
...Clic 1974
Aside from backing vocals and a string quartet, everything else is Battiato's doing, with evident krautrock elements - stronger than those of his previous works. Meditative and dreamy, Battiato's soundscapes are created by controversial collages of images and sensations, experimental and intricate, with a quasi-dadaist disrespect for what is passed as 'trendy' by the intelligentsia.
Battiato isn't far from his usual use of irony thus the statement title: "propriedad prohibida" (prohibited property) which was his bitterly wry take on more-leftist-than-thou Italian bands of the time (the song itself is a sedative tanderine-dreamesque-instrumental). Such fun spirits turn up on the album on "rien ne va plus, andante" where the string quartet, the piano and the people gently go berserk.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

"Ho dormito per non morire
buttando i miei miti di carta
su cieli di schizofrenia"


βλαχάκι (το)

postαρίστικε απο (το) βλαχάκι
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Joy of Cooking- Same

JOy of cooking
Initial release : 1971
Capitol 661
The debut Joy Of Cooking album.
Hush (Traditional arr. Garthwaite and Brown)
Too Late, But Not Forgotten (Brown)
Down My Dream (Brown)
If Some God (Sometimes You Gotta Go Home) (Brown)
Did You Go Downtown? (Garthwaite)
Dancing Couple (Brown)
Brownsville / Mockingbird (medley) (Lewis / Brown / Garthwaite)
Red Wine At Noon (Brown)
Only Time Will Tell Me (Brown)
Children's House (Brown)
Terry Garthwaite - guitar, clarinet, lead vocals
Toni Brown - keyboards, steel guitar, kalimba, lead vocals
David Garthwaite - bass, giuitar
Fritz Kasten - drums, alto saxophone
Ron Wilson - congas, harp, cowbell, tambourine
Great soul funk, West coast psyche...recommended
This late, lamented, early-'70s band from Berkeley exemplifies what sociologists call emergent properties: They combine rock, folk, jazz, Latin, blues and country elements into a whole that exceeds the sum of its parts. In going beyond their musical antecedents in this manner, they would appear to have something in common with a certain upstate New York resident of our acquaintance :-). They enjoy historical as well as musical significance, moreover--their gender-integrated, female-fronted organizational structure is generally considered to have been innovative for its time.
Info here

Wanda Jackson - Queen of Rockabilly -The Very Best of The R'n'R Years

Wanda Lavonne Jackson was born in 1937 in Maud, Oklahoma, a small town about fifty miles southeast of Oklahoma City. Her father played piano in bar bands and worked whatever odd jobs he could find, which weren't many in the Dust Bowl during the Depression. So in 1941 he loaded up the family and headed for California and a better way of life. The family settled in Bakersfield.

Wanda first learned to sing in a church gospel choir. She learned to play the guitar after her father bought her one in 1943. Wanda practiced incessantly. As her mother later said, "Wanda wasn't like other children after the guitar came into her life."

The Jackson family moved back to Oklahoma City in 1949 when Wanda was 12-years-old. While attending high school, Wanda won a talent show at a local radio station. Her prize was a daily fifteen-minute radio program.

From 1956 to 1961, Wanda Jackson produced some awesome rock & roll. However, in the early 1960s events conspired to end her career in rock, and she turned to country music. But her rock & roll records remain as evidence that for a few years a young Oklahoma girl rocked as hard as anyone. She achieved a wildness and energy that was every bit as intense as her male counterparts, and today she ranks as one of the best rockabilly singers ever, male or female.

Rock It

Leviathan (UK) - 1969 - Forgotten Jewels

Leviathan (UK) - 1969 - Forgotten Jewels

01 - Time
02 - Children Of Tomorrow
03 - My White Bicycle
04 - Times To Remember
05 - Second Production
06 - The World In My Heart
07 - Flames
08 - Shades Of Autumn
09 - Blue Day
10 - Time (Alternate Version)
11 - The War Machine
12 - Evil Woman

Some time ago, this album appeared in the UK via many best-known pstch / prog / beat music outlets. The label hails from Bremen, Germany, and it it was immediately obvious that FJ didn't know much about the band they had 'scooped' for this release. Apart from track listings that made up this album, all that we are told by FJ is that 'tracks 1 - 3 performed by The Shivering Span' (sic), 'tracks 4 - 12 performed by Leviathan' (the compilers of this platter must have seen the 'Psychedelic Dungeon' boxed 7" set which features two songs by the Mike Stuart Span : the booklet which accompanies the package reproduces an old music paper article on the band's appearance in the film "Better A Widow". It describes the how the four musicians were performing a number in Hyde Park for the benefit of the cameras - in mid-December, wearing nothing warmer than their paisley shirts! The heading for it was simply 'Shivering Span' which gives you some idea how much research was done for this LP!). What the LP doesn't tell you is that these tracks were culled from the band's singles, a Radio One session and also some unreleased acetates. This album is a pretty shoddy affair and with a little bit of care and effort they could have turned into a very nice release, but whoever did the cover (and pointless insert) should stick to painting by numbers.

All that aside, the music is excellent; the Span / Leviathan wrote and performed some of the most distinctive progressive / psych sounds of the era and anyone who has a copy will no doubt play it again and again. So, what better way of talking us through the contents of the album can there be other than hearing it from someone who was there at the time?

Gary 'Roscoe' Murphy, the drummer with Mike Stuart Span / Leviathan, will now give us a guided tour :

Time (John Peel session version) : Not as strong as the single version, technically not so well engineered. Note : complete with Simon & Garfunkel ending! Simple, pleasant and melodic

Children of Tomorrow (John Peel version) : Far superior to the ultra-rare 45 version on the Jewel label, however, perhaps lacks the raw excitment of the original

My White Bicycle (again from the Peel session) : Pleasant, strong melody and a possible commercial re-release. Stands up wellby modern standards, and one of my favourites from the LP

Remember The Times : Our first single as Leviathan, comercial, driving music, well engineered with good vocals. This is one that I enjoyed playing live immensely

Second Production : One of the strongest songs - very '60's lyrics and strange percussive rhythm. Almost ethereal quality solo - far too short! The unreleased Decca version is far superior - the solo is out of this world, and could be earmarked for private release

World In My Head : Fairly simple melody and lyrics which builds up to a good solo. This was good to play live, but doesn't transfer to vinyl 100% succesfully

Flames : My own personal favourite of all time (from our own material that is) - well engineered and played : one of the most 'theatrical' numbers. Brian is at his best and shows excellent guitar skills. The faded ending, however is not for effect and, sadly, shortened purely to fit on the album. There are several other versions of this and they're all good

Shades of Autumn (Peel version) : The correct title of this should be "Through The Looking Glass". More instrumental than vocal; some excellent guitar passages by Brian, with many rhythm and mood changes. Very enjoyable to play and listen to

Blue Day : As the title suggests, very blues-orientated. Whilst it features Roger on a brilliant bass solo, this is not overall the best version around. Musically somewhat mediocre - the alternate version has more drive and harder wah-wah guitar throughout which strengthens the whole performance, and, while the bass solo is omitted, it reaches a much more professional climax

Time (Alternate version) : Much nicer; better recorded and an altogether fuller sound. Still lacks, in my opinion, either brass or string accompaniment. Moving, sincere lyrics. Somewhat disappointing ending though

The War Machine : Now we're really talking; a very strong number. Very pleasing effect, drums superbly recorded (and played I might add), star vocal appearance by yours truly! A very satisfying production; unusually contrasting guitar solo which works admirably well. Probably the best-recorded and most original song on the whole album

Evil Woman : This was an attempt on at putting down a 'live' track, which doesn't fully come off; what might work in a club or a concert venue loses something during the recording - probably atmosphere and a lack of an audience. Musically quite rewarding but just lacks that magic spark.

So there you have Gary's feelings on each of the tracks on this bootleg, but what does Gary think of it as a whole?

Gary : Overall, the album is a good representation of Leviathan's collective talents at songwriting and musical ability : where it fails is in presentation and poor quality recordings. By bootleg standards however, the cover is not too bad, but the insert is less pleasing and does nothing to enhance the finished product. I'd liked to have seen some more information and photos of the band included....the track listing hasn't been well thought out either, and could have been divided almost equally into the singles and non-singles on sides A and B. Rather than repeat "Time" a more obvious choice would have been "Concerto of Thoughts" (B-side of the Jewel 45) or perhaps "Just Forget Tomorrow", B-side of the last Leviathan single on Elektra, which is one of the best suited to Stuart's vocals. Summing up, the LP is not all bad, but could've been greatly improved using better quality recordings and other versions of the same tracks which were positively superior. However, if nothing else, it has made people aware of the band and that if enough interest is shown there are still some gems to be found locked in the 'jewel' casket....!

This article originally appeared in 117 magazine issue two.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Hidden Peace - 1986 - We All Have...

Hidden Peace - 1986 - We All Have...

First and last release of this acid-punk outfit from North Hollywood. It was released by the greek label Hitch-Hyke Records in LP (LIFT-003). Who knows the story behind this release... Hidden Peace had previously appeared in the Battle of the Garages vol.III compilation of Bomb/Voxx records.

Paul S.Halbe - gtr, vcls
John Gleeson -drms
Ricky Hart - rhythm gtr
Dez Hernan -bs
Deanne - tambourine

Don't know anything else about them, didn't find any trace of Paul Halbe who apparently was the leader and wrote all the songs. As the for the music, if you listen to it between tracks from 60s garage/psyche groups, you would't tell the difference. Fuzzed guitars, Seeds, Standels, Fuzztones influences, and good songwriting and playing make this record worth a listen!

Summer Of Love
Stop It
I Still Send Her Flowers
Acid Rain
In The Beginning

You Better Run You Better Hide
When The Day Is Coming
Tomorrow's Gone Away
Hioy Hi Hioy Ho
I Don't Know Anymore
The Final Detail

Derroll Adams - Live 1975

LP B 1975 Sounds Superb 4M048-23599
S1 T1 Muleskinner Blues MISSING
S1 T2 Darlin´Cora
S1 T3 Freight Train Blues
S1 T4 Dixie Darlin´
S1 T5 Trouble Mind
S2 T1 Rich And Ramblin´Boy
S2 T2 Portland Town
S2 T3 Grand Coulee Dam
S2 T4 The Rock
S2 T5 The Valley
There are no word to disribe this man...
Reminds me of Bob Dylan and Markos Vamvakaris at the same time

GET IT.... It's Xmas time

Pesky Gee - 1969 - Exclamation Mark

Pesky Gee - 1969 - Exclamation Mark

01 Another Country (7.37)
02 Pigs Foots (4.39)
03 Season Of The Witch (8.22)
04 A Place Of Heartbreak (3.00)
05 Where Is My Mind (3.00)
06 Piece Of My Heart (2.50)
07 Dharma For One (4.02)
08 Peace Of Mind (2.19)
09 Born To Be Wild (4.20)

-Jim Gannon - Guitar
-Jess "Zoot" Taylor - Organ
-Kip Trevor - Vocalist
-Clive Jones - Saxophone
-Bob Bond - Bass guitar
-Clive Box - Drums & percussion
-Kay Garret - Vocalist

Starting out as a typical U.K. club soul band, and then turning toward psychedelia and prog rock in the latter half of the '60s, it wasn't until Pesky Gee! changed their name in 1970 to Black Widow, transformed, and released the satanic Sacrifice that they reached the public eye. If not singular in any particular way, the prog-edged Pesky Gee! album, released on Pye in 1969, has enough cool Hammond organ flourishes and late psych-intoned vocals (male and female) to cause interest. Much is aimless, relies too much on the blues-rock boom, or is downright bad ("Born to Be Wild"), but when they got the mix right they were superb, as on their original psych/soul/prog numbers: on "A Place of Heartbreak" there is a superb male/female vocal, a soulful beat, and some haunting changes; while "Where Is My Mind" (both songs were released as a 45) has a driving rhythm, a unique use of horns, and sees the beginning of the band's fascination with sinister subject matter and horror vocalization. The covers get a bit much, although the Julie Driscoll-intoned reading of Donovan's "Season of the Witch" has some fine moments. Not a solid affair but representative of the change in the British music scene of the late '60s. ~ Jon 'Mojo' Mills, All Music Guide

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The Sound - From The Lion's Mouth

Tracks :
01 Winning

02 Sense Of Purpose
03 Contact The Fact
04 Skeletons
05 Judgement
06 Fatal Flaw
07 Possession
08 The Fire
09 Silent Air
10 New Dark Age

There is a kind of double irony to the lyrics of the opening track of The Sound's second album. Listening to the excellent new wave classic 'Winning' the lyrics convey becoming triumphant in the face of adversity: "I was going to drown then I started swimming. I was going down then I started winning". Yet these optimistic words are set to a doomy rhythm section that suggests anything but. All of this naturally leads to thinking of frontman Adrian Borland's recent suicide. Rather reflect on that though, it is best to concentrate on an excellent album from the early 80's which ranks alongside The Comsat Angels' early work for being an overlooked classic. 'From The Lion's Mouth' possesses that same air of controlled miserablism and that tangible sense of loneliness that sounds just as poignant now as it did 22 years ago. Unfortunately the group lost their way on subsequent albums in an effort to cross over to a more lucrative market. Remember them instead for exemplars of edgy rock such as the rattling intensity of 'The Fire' and 'Skeletons' or the awesome 'Fatal Flaw' and 'New Dark Age' with its threatening military drum introduction.

resources :

EXCELLENT album guys ! 9/10

Download Link :

The Brood

Portland, ME, garage rock revivalists the Brood consists of members Chris Horne (guitar and vocals), Crystal Light (drums), Betsy Mitchell (bass), and Asch Gregory (organ). Formed in the early '90s, the quartet issued their debut, Vendetta, in 1992, following it up with 1995's Hitsville, and 2000's Beyond the Valley of the Brood, the latter of which was a fictitious soundtrack to a film starring an all-girl band called the Swizzle Chicks.

''The Brood is an all-woman group, but this fact alone does not make them remarkable or notable. The fiery, inspirational 60's punk garage music they create is what sets them apart. Unlike other girl groups which sought to cash in on the novelty of their gender,the Brood is a world-class garage group first, and talanted female musicians second. Each discs contain a consistent rough edge, with guts and fuzz galore - and all of their output is highly recommended.
They are the definition of pure teen garage-mania.''

Timothy Gassen (The Knights of Fuzz writer)

I Need You There 7" (Get Hip, 1988, GH-107)

Let's Talk About Boys
7" (Primitive Records, 1988, PR-003)

Since He's Been Gone 7" (Stanton Park Records, 1990, STP 014)

But You're Gone
7" (Get Hip, 1990, GH-131)

Knock On My Door
7" (Estrus, 1992, ES 735) first pressing: white vinyl second pressing: black vinyl


In Spite Of It All LP/CD (Skyclad Records, 1988, NAKED-21)
Download Link:

LP/CD (Estrus, 1992, ES 007)
Download Link:

LP/CD (Dionysus Records, 1995, ID 123330)
Download Link:

Beyond The Valley Of The Brood
LP/CD (Dionysus Records, 2000, ID 123366)
Download Link:


The Estrus Lunch Bucket 3x7"-box (Estrus, 1990, ESBX1/ES706)
Turban Renewal: A Tribute To Sam The Sham & The Pharaohs 2xLP/CD (Norton Records, 1994, ED-234)

The Cat Empire - Two Shoes

The Cat Empire is a six-piece band, based in Melbourne, Australia. Their sound is often described as a fusion of jazz, ska, funk and rock with heavy Latin influences. As of 2006, they have released four albums and are signed on the Virgin Records label.

Currently, the Cat Empire comprises Ollie McGill (keyboard and backing vocals), Ryan Monro (bass and backing vocals), Felix Riebl (percussion and vocals), Harry James Angus (trumpet and vocals), Will Hull-Brown (drums) and Jamshid "Jumps" Khadiwhala (decks, percussion). They also have guest musicians, who make guest appearances with the band on a recurring basis. A strong, recurrent theme of their music is the rejection of materialism, war and intolerance and an enthusiastic embrace of cultural diversity and the simple, carefree life. They are also known for their unusually kind treatment of their fans, doing things like sending out personally messaged and autographed postcards to members of their volunteer promotional teams across Australia.

The Cat Empire began as a trio with Oliver McGill on keyboards, Felix Riebl on percussion and vocals and Ryan Monro on double bass in late 1999 and started playing a wide variety of gigs in Melbourne. The band soon expanded in 2001 adding Harry James Angus on trumpet, Will Hull-Brown on drums and Jamshid "Jumps" Khadiwala as a DJ.

By late 2001, the band was appearing in the Speigeltent at the Melbourne Festival. The band prepared an independent single "Feline" (plus EP "Live at Adelphia") at the end of that year. In early 2002, the band played a series of gigs at the Adelaide Festival of Arts. Later that year, they were the headline act at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and St Kilda Film Festival in March.

The band commenced its first overseas tour on the west coast of the United States playing to sellout crowds in the Matrix in San Francisco and playing at the Napa Valley Wine Auction in June 2002. The band received a Music for the Future to fund the recording of The Sun album at the Adelphia studio in Melbourne before flying out to the Edinburgh Festival where they played sixteen successive shows at the Late'n'Live show between 3am and 5am. The band returned to Melbourne for the 2002 Melbourne Festival and played a series of sell-out performances in Melbourne, with Kate Ceberano appearing as a guest vocalist at their final show of the year.

The Cat Empire released their second album, Two Shoes on 19 April 2005. The album, recorded in Havana, Cuba, contains many old favourites for those who followed the Cat Empire from the beginning, as well as some new tunes (the first single, "Sly", being released on 28 March 2005).

The Cat Empire consists of:

Core members

Felix Riebl (lead vocals, percussion, chariotti)
Harry James Angus (trumpet and lead vocals; recorder and resonator)
Ollie McGill (piano, keyboard, recorder, tubular bells, backing vocals, Melodica)
Ryan Monro (double bass, bass guitar, backing vocals) Will Hull Brown (drums)
Jamshid "Jumps" Khadiwhala (turntables, tambourine, clave, also dances)

The Empire Horns

A small group of musicians who play with the band and are basically full time members.

Kieran Conrau - Trombone/Trumpet/Tuba/Backing vocals
Ross Irwin - Trumpet/Backing vocals
Carlo Barbaro - Saxophone/Flute/Clarinet

Guest musicians

Other musicians featured on various tracks:

Jesus "Aguaje" Ramos (trombone)
Yauren Muniz (trumpet)
Javier R Zalba Suarez (baritone saxophone)
Idania Valdes (backing vocals)
Maritza Montero (backing vocals)
Virgillio Valdes (backing vocals)
Alyssa Conrau (violin)
Georgina Cameron (violin)
Kristy Conrau (cello)
Max Riebl (trumpet, soprano voice)
Jorge Yoandi Moline (congas)
Arnado Valdes Perez (timbales)
Greg Sheehan (percussion)
Richard Dinesco (guitar)

The Empire Dancers

Fay Khadiwhala



Live @ Adelphia (2001)
The Sun (2002) The Cat Empire (2003) - #15 Australia
Tapes, Breaks and Out-Takes (2003)
On the Attack (2004)
Two Shoes (2005) - #1 Australia
Cities: The Cat Empire Project (2006) - #11 Australia


From The Cat Empire
"Hello" (2003) - #12 New Zealand (no commercial Australian release)
"Days Like These" (2004) - #37 Australia
"The Chariot" (2004) - #34 Australia
"One Four Five" (2004)

From Two Shoes
"Sly" (2005) - #23 Australia
"The Car Song" (2005) - #46 Australia
"Two Shoes" (2005) - #49 Australia

Band's Page & Band's Market

posted by mafalda

Leopards - 1987 - Magic Still Exists

Leopards - 1987 - Magic Still Exists

This is the second and last LP from the Leopards. It came out on Voxx records in 1987. That's where "Psychedelic Boy" (also released as a 7" and included in the "Be A Caveman" compilation) comes from.

Track list
Block Party
Back On The Track
Empty People
Last Night
Harlean's House
Psychedelic Boy
Chief Red Scar's Herbal Cure Show
It Can Happen To You
I'm Drowning
Dusty Treasures
Maggie Lane

Dennis Pash -gtr, pno, hmca, pcsn, vcls
Ross Inden -bs, pcsn, vcls
James Bordy - gtr, vcls
Dennis Bouch - drms, pcsn

Surprisingly enough the record was engineered by Brett Gurewitz of Bad Religion and Epitaph Recs who also lend them instruments and amps!

By the time the Leopards got around to releasing another album, more than a decade later than 'Kansas City Slickers', the Kinks had a lower profile than ever, which makes Magic Still Exists a most welcome arrival. On its opening track, the hyper "Block Party," the band threatens to stake out a style of its own; after that, Pash and friends get back to business, sounding as wonderfully Kinky as ever. Here's hoping they do it again in 1999.[Ira Robbins / Scott Schinder]

Today Dennis Pash is living in a college town just west of Kansas City, Kansas, playing traditional string music on a Riverboat with another member of the original Kansas City lineup of the Leopards.
There is also a demo tape from the same period of the Voxx album.

Magic Still Exists is the best Kinks album of the '80s.

The Savage Resurrection - 1968 - The Savage Resurrection

Initial release : 1968
Mercury 61156

The only Savage Resurrection LP.

Track Listing :
Thing in "E" (Palmer)
Every Little Song (Hammon)
Talking to You (Harper/Palmer)
Tahitian Melody (Palmer)
Jammin' (Hammon/Palmer)
Fox Is Sick (Palmer)
Someones's Changing (Hammon/Palmer)
Remlap's Cave, Pt. 2 (Palmer)
Appeal To The Happy (Harper/Palmer)
Expectations (Palmer)

Bill Harper - percussion, lead vocals
Randy Hammon - lead guitar, vocals
John Palmer - lead guitar, vocals
Steve Lage - bass, vocals
Jeff Myer - drums

Other credits
Producer - Abe Kesh
Recorded at Amigo Studios, North Hollywood

Related releases
One single was released in conjunction with this LP;
Thing In "E" / Fox Is Sick, The Savage Resurrection, 1968, Mercury 72778
Thing In "E" and Fox Is Sick were included on the compilation;
Electric Food, Various Artists, 1968
The original LP plus bonus tracks was released on CD as;
The Savage Resurrection, The Savage Resurrection, 1998

The Savage Resurrection, a West Coast Psychedelic band in the late 1960s, left this album only, full of Jimi Hendrix obsession. The members were from two West Coast local groups, Button Willow and Whatever's Right.

And this must be one of the greatest (typical) heavy Psyche (and Garage) sounds ever recorded in the 1960s. Based on the R&B manner, brilliant twin guitar sounds spark, while experimental echoes and sound effects runs to and fro. I really love this kinda sound, amazing acid-rock.


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Many Bright Things - 2005 - Many Bright Friends

01 Many Bright Friends
02 East West
03. the silver witch
04 Minor Parade For 18 Strings
05 I Am Not A Collector Potato
06 There Will Be A Slight Delay

"The idea of the 'Supersession' album dates back to 1968 with Al Kooper's LP with Michael Bloomfield and Steve Stills. Fast forward thirty-seven years to the new album by Many Bright Things. It opens with the twenty-second title track, followed by the twenty-minute centerpiece: The Paul Butterfield Band's John Coltrane/Ravi Shankar-inspired masterpiece, 'East West.' Across its twenty minutes and forty-four seconds no fewer that FIVE guitarists step into the center ring with solos that begin with Larry Demyer (Windopane) and include back-to-back fiery electric sermons by Nick Saloman (Bevis Frond) and Al Simones. 'The Silver Witch' is written and performed by Alisha Sufit (Magic Carpet) accompanied by Frank DeFina on a beautiful Stephen Gilchrist F-5 mandolin. We think this song opens the second side of the vinyl as nicely as 'Within You Without You' opened side two of Sgt. Pepper. Alisha's voice reminds us of our dreams of angels. A tamboura drone and tabla accompaniment (by Paul Tescher) are the foundation for 'Minor Parade for 18 Strings' and a duet between Stan Denski's acoustic 12-string Guild guitar and Paul Major's lead electric. Stan Denski & Larry Demyer play guitars, David 'Tufty' Clough (Zero Boys) adds bass and Lon Paul (Marmoset) adds percussion, all of which form the ground upon which Jello Biafra (The Dead Kennedys) improvises observations on 'rare psychedelic music' on 'I Am Not a Collector Potato!' We guarantee you've never heard anything quite like this. The CD adds the ambient bonus track 'There Will Be a Slight Delay.'"

Psych fan Stan Denski, in cooperation with Michael Piper, both long time collectorstended to make from Many Bright Things a kind of Supergroup. In reality it is a assemblage of recordings Stan Denski collected over a period of three years with some of his favourite musicians. Never the less he succeeded ino making collector’s items from the two earlier limited edition releases by the collective project, involving all those for who all participated.
The longest track is “East West”, based upon John Coltrane’s idea of fusion, bringing the Indian raga into a western bluesrock context. (This I guess refered to the The Paul Butterfield Blues Band and their album "East West" where possibly one of the first times some electric raga guitar idea appeared into a rock band). This is in fact a bluesrock jam, with various solo’s, starting with Larry Demver (Windopane) who’s solo sounds like a cross between Santana and early Hendrix, followed by a very different personality guitar style, by Nick Saloman (Bevis Front). The next and shorter track, “The Silver Witch” is sung by Alisha Sufit (from former sitar psychfolkrock group Magic Carpet, which had a collector’s item made in 1974). This is especially nice thanks to the mandolin performance of Frank DeFina, making Alisha sound solo at her best (-and much better compared to her latest album effort in a songfolk style-). Also “Minor Parade For 18 Strings” has again an Indian association, provided by the effect of the electric tambura and tabla combined with quick pickings on 12-string by Stan Denski, combined with the lead guitar by Paul Major. “I am not a collector potato” is a somewhat disturbing-the psychhead-let-go an effect, which was almost created there on the album anyway. Jello Biafra narrates his thoughts with some frustration, with a droning voice -unlike his effective earlier voice, full of fire, in the time from his intellectual punk band Dead Kennedy’s-. Even when the track remains in a bluesy psychedelic sphere, it is disturbing hearing him confront blind lovers of psychedelia and money-urging collectors, especially when his thought isn’t really hitting the true essences of things, it surely is less to the point within the context of this musical concept. It then sounds like it's coming from someone who is almost expected to have some comments at hand, and who also acts according to these expectations, even when he isn’t hitting the real essence with his urge. Last moody track is a kind of additional audio bonus gift by Stan Denski, which is a guitarspin in CGCGCF, associating guitarists like Richard Bishop, with some additional e-bow guitar and some delay as experimental effect.



Reboelje - Skepper Fan De Skepper

Here my first tribute to the blog,
I start with a local band called Reboelje, with I am a great fan of
They started in 1987 and stopped in 2004, their music style is a kind of Folk-Rock and their lyrics are almost poetic, but I don’t think you’ll understand a bit of it course all their lyrics are in the Frisian language…
Let me introduce you their first album from 1989; Skepper fan de Skepper [free translated it means; Creator of the Creator]
Best track of the album is in my opinion track 9, specially because I sing loudly along with it the lines; moarn wur ik wekker as in winner [tomorrow I awake like a winner]
Reboelje has their own label called Marista

01 – Ingelân [Angelland]
02 – Frjemdeling [Stranger]
03 - Eilân yn de see {Island in the sea]
04 – Marista
05 – Lemming
06 - Ferflein fers [Blown away/lost/gone song]
07 - Skepper fan de skepper [Creator of the creator]
08 - Dokter fan Bartlehiem [Doctor of Bartlehiem (Bartlehiem = village)]
09 - Ik haw wûn [I have won]

Line-up; Durk Hogendorp – acoustic guitar, vocals
Rommert Reitsma – drums
Marius de Boer – lead vocals, keyboard, guitar
Tjerk Bootsma – bass, harmonica, vocals
Tiede Lanting – electric guitar

More information can be found in the tag-files [like the lyrics]

Let me know what you think about this album, greetings; Frisian

The Real Yeti Band - Yeti

The Real Yeti Band - Yeti

01 Poem For The Whistling Cowboy 07:17
02 In The Garden Of Unborn Sensations Part 65 08:33
03 Changes 07:26
04 Red-Haired Butterfly 09:18
05 Broken Dreams 10:14

(with a little help from some percussion animals)

SWARA SAMRAT vocals, guitar, moog, organ, sax
CAPTAIN ILOR leadguitars, vocals, synthie
HERMAN THE GERMAN bass, piano, background vocals

This limited vinyl-only edition on audiophile 180-gram virgin vinyl comes in a handlettered and autographed laminated cover plus a fantastic insert that explains
how you can get a real yeti picture - namely by buying this record!
An acidrock masterpiece in the Düül vein including 5 tracks of which each is generating atmospheres that remind of names like Peter Hammill, The Doors,
Neil Young or Jimi Hendrix.

Belgian fanzine “CROHINGA WELL”
in issue # 14

A label like Coloured Rain is a good indicator for measuring the rise of a new krautrock scene in Germany: This exclusive vinyl label is the musical dada of 2 record collectors and fans of 70s krautrock and psychedelic music as a whole. They recorded a nice batch of outstanding psychedelic LPs so far, under their pseudonyms Captain Ilor and Swara Samrat: “The Truth About Suzanne”, “Blue Sunshine”, “Mindfuck”, “The Lottery Of Memories” and “Megatrip”.
Their newest studio concoction is called Yeti, a trio formed by Swara Samrat (vocals, moog, guitar, organ, sax), Captain Ilor (lead guitar, vocals, synths) and Herman the German (bass, piano, vocals). They recorded 5 pieces of really zonked krautrock, comparable to the best moments of Amon Düül II, Gila and Eiliff combines into an ever-varying mass of howling Hendrix guitars and roaring keyboards with Swara Samrat even singing in a Peter Hammill stylee on “Red Haired Butterfly”.
We are used to the very high quality standards of Coloured Rain music but this time they really surpassed themselves and made their best one yet: a super-stoned krautrock album, one of the best of 1997.

Very recommended LP...

Kath (USA) - 1975 - Kath

01 Love Me Down
02 I Want To Love You
03 Lonely Again
04 Goodbye Sunshine
05 Tell Laura I Love Her
06 As I Looked
07 It Doesn't Mean
08 Candleman
09 Norwegian Wood
10 Mother Dear
12 Just Like You
13 Say What You Feel
14 She's The Girl I Love

Val Rogolino
Cheese Sollers
Bruce Lapier
Brent Buckley
and Bob.

From Freakemporium :
Originally released in a limited edition of 60 hand made copies, this LP has gone virtually unknown for 30 years and has only been whispered about by the heaviest of collectors. The band evolved from the local Maryland 60s band "Badge" and is heavily influenced by The Beatles. This is a real DIY effort recorded in the home of the bands leader and dedicated to his pet monkey!!!! No, we're not making it up. . . This release has most of the original LP cuts and a couple of unreleased songs for good measure.
Metallic silver and blue paste over cover is a duplication of the original artwork and the inserts contain band photos and story. One of the few folks who have heard this LP, the Psychedelic High Lama, had this to say about Kath..... "Obscure and impressive melodic basement garage/psych excursion with a lo-fi atmosphere that would have most purveyors flip out" "Not unlike the best tracks on Rockadrome" " At times the vibe is almost like Mystery Meat or Index, and that's not something you run across every day." "Good fuzz throughout, charming amateur vocals".
Only a few hundred made and on ROCKADELIC!

"Kath" 1975 (no label) [60p; gatefold]
"Kath" 2005 (Rockadelic 51) [+bonus tracks; no gatefold; 500p]

From Acid Archives :
Obscure and quite impressive melodic basement garage/psych excursion with a lo-fi atmosphere that would have most purveyors flip out, hits the Ampex two-track echo & tinny drum sound dead on. The sound is a bit "Canadian" to me, with a few French language snips and a typical Maple Leaf sound with lots of keyboard and reverbed vocals, not unlike the best tracks on Rockadrome. As it turns out the band was actually from Maryland, though leader Val Rogolino was part-French. In any event, it's mostly originals with a few covers including a fuzzed-out cough syrup take on "Norwegian Wood" that could be the best version ever. The selfpenned material is good, with a 60s teenbeat sensibility rather than heavy/hard rock. At times the vibe is almost like Mystery Meat or Index, and that's not something you run across every day. At the same time there are obvious hints that this dates from a later era, and it was in fact recorded over a period of several months in 1974. Good fuzz throughout, charming amateur vocals, and a late-night rehearsal space ambience. "It doesn't mean" is a highpoint for me. There are also brief snips of aural experiments for the right $15 avantgarde touch. "Kath" appears to be a reference to the main guy's girlfriend. The band also had a non-LP EP from 1978 under the name Badge, with a more polished version of "It doesn't mean", and a 45 around the same time. The Rockadelic removes one track from the original, and adds a couple new ones. [PL]

A totally outside garage/psych/private LP that feels as personally projected as alla those Michael Yonkers sides and that was recorded in Maryland in 1974. Nuts lo-fi recording quality and impossible-to-figure production values gives this a nicely zonked almost real-people vibe and I've seen listings that compare the lost, garage feel of this record to revered sides like Mystery Meat and Index. At points the sound is so dosed in lo-fi F/X that it sounds like the tapes are somehow inside out. Buncha originals, some French language, keyboards, fuzz, heap of amateur avant spirit and a cover of "Norwegian Wood" that ranks up there alongside Bill Comeau's "Eleanor Rigby" as one of the few listenable Beatles covers ever cut by teens with brains. Beautiful silver/blue paste-on sleeves and insert with the full saga and pics.

Masters Of Deceit - Hensley's Electric Jazz Band And Synthetic Symphonette - 1969

Masters of Deceit

STEVE BLUM gtr, bs A
GARY CAMPBELL bs, tenor sax, vcls A
TOM HENSLEY keyb'ds, vcls A


NB: (1) reissued on vinyl (Vanguard/Comet ).

The album may interest fans of acid psychedelia with a strong jazzy haze. The group originated from Indianapolis and was fronted by Tom Hensley, an excellent keyboard player who would become a sought-after studio musician during the seventies, working with Leonard Cohen, Hall & Oates and David Blue to name but a few.

Their sole record features some fine guitar work, particularly on Boxes and Long Hard Journey but suffers somewhat from rather weak vocals. Hensley was aware of this problem, as he mentioned in the long, rather intellectual and often funny liner notes that "I was never able to work out the trick of singing as if I were black. So I compromised. I try to sound like a Jewish singer. I haven't done too well on that one either. So we like to think of ourselves as primarily a playing group."

An acetate recorded at Ultra Sound Studios in NY with some non LP tracks has recently resurfaced.
(Vernon Joynson/Stephane Rebeschini)


October Country - 1968

October Country
BOB WIAN keyb'ds A
1 OCTOBER COUNTRY (Epic BN 26381) 1968
NB: (1) reissued by Quadrant.
45s: 1 October Country/Baby What I Mean (Epic 10252) 1968 2 Just Don't Know/My Girlfriend Is A Witch (Epic 10320) 1968 3 Cowboys and Indians/I Wish I Was A Fire (Epic 10373) 1968
A Los Angeles-based six piece harmony pop group. October Country is a quite delightful piece of orchestrated harmony pop and showcased Michael Lloyd's talents as a producer and composer. Check it out on Nuggets, Vol. 3 (LP).
He also worked with the West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band, Smoke, and as an arranger or producer (or both, often with Kim Fowley) with Fire Escape, St. John Green, American Revolution, A.B. Skhy and Grains Of Sand. He was also a member of Laughing Wind, a band who recorded for Tower and masterminded an album called Cream Songbook (GTR 10000) 1969, which was credited to The Rubber Band, as well as Cotton, Lloyd and Christian, before becoming an even more successful producer and songwriter.

Mary Anne Paterson - 1970 - Me

Mary Anne Paterson - 1970 - Me
(Rare UK Folk -her only album)

Scottish folksinger Mary-Anne Paterson made a nice if modest acoustic traditional-oriented album in 1970, Me. It matched her high, clear vocals, acoustic guitars, and flute with sparse echoed production and very occasional touches of acid folk and pop, though overall the LP had a haunting medieval tone. Most of the songs on the record were traditional folk tunes, though she did write a couple of them herself. Paterson fell into a recording career somewhat by accident in the late '60s, when she was a drama teacher who wrote songs for educational television on the side. A friend convinced her to go to London to make a demo in late 1969, though she did so primarily in hopes of raising money for a children's art center she hoped to set up. Me was done in one session around the beginning of 1970, Paterson backed by some buskers from a London tube station with whom she barely rehearsed, and never saw again. In fact, not many people ever saw the album itself; as she was interested in starting her arts center rather than establishing a professional career, she didn't promote it with any concerts, and no publicity was done on the LP's behalf. In subsequent decades, Paterson worked as a teacher and wrote songs for TV and radio, with Me getting reissued on CD in 2006.By Richie Unterberger

Highly Recommended

Get it!

The Last Drive

The Last Drive were a Greek garage revival rock group which formed in 1983 and broke up in 1995. They are regarded by many as the most important Greek rock group of the 80's and one of the most important and influential groups of Greek rock history.

1983-1986: The beginnings

They started playing under the name "Last Drive" in late 1983 and their first performance was at the "Rodeo club" on December 27,1983. They adopted the name "Last Drive" after noticing a cocktail by that name at a bar menu. During 1984, Yiorgos Karanikolas was added on lead guitar. The group was basically playing garage rock mixed with rockabilly and surf rock . They started playing in underground joints of that time, while some band members played with Blue light ( group) at their first live performance at Pegasus club. In 1985 they released their first record, the 7" single Midnite Hop, which now is the most sought-after record by collectors in Greece. They also participated with a song in a compilation tape by Dikaioma Diavasis records, Live at the Kyttaro club.

Their first very rare 7 inch single including 3 explosive tracks!

1986-1990: Success in Europe

In 1986 they released their full-length LP album, called Underworld Shakedown, which caused a sensation both for its content and the quality of production (by the Drive themselves) which was unusually high for the standards of the independent scene of that time. The LP contained covers of garage standards like Misirlou and Night of The Phantom, as well as their own material.

Underworld Shakedown ( 1986 )

Me 'n my wings

Valley Of Death
This Fire Inside
Blue Moon
Sidewalk Stroll
The Shade of Fever
Every Night
The Night of the Phantom

They continued to appear live in Athens and many other cities in Greece, and in the Spring of 1987 they toured abroad for the first time, in Germany, Italy, France and the Netherlands. They performed alongside the Fuzztones, the Creeps, the Stomachmouths,the Dizzy Satellites and others. In 1988, having replaced Nick "Pop Mind" with Panos Kasiaris on rhythm guitar, they released Heatwave, which was produced by Peter Zaremba of the Fleshtones. That was the album that established their name in Europe, where it was re-released (with a new cover) by Music Maniac Records, a German label specializing in garage-rock releases.

Heatwave ( 1988 )

I Love Cindy

Heatwave '88
Joe Esposito's Gun
Devil Make Care
Gone Gone Gone
It's All Over Now Baby Blue
Blue City Shores
Whisper Her Name
Baby It's Real

Their success brought them to Germany, where they participated in the Berlin Independence Days festival and also recorded the Time EP.
By this time the sound of the group had started to somewhat change, becoming harder and speedier and moving towards neo-psychedelia, without however burning the bridges with its garage past. The band also caught the eye of Paul Cutler, of Dream Syndicate fame, who would produce their next two records.


Their LP Blood Nirvana, which was released in 1990, marked the change in their sound, a fact that let down some of their hardcore garage fans and ended their cooperation with Music Maniac. At this time they were considered a part of the "explosion" of the hard rock/indie Greek scene that took part during the early 90's. Thus, they started becoming widely popular among rock fans in Greece, and on the same year they were voted "band of the year" by the readers of the leading music magazine, Pop & Rock. They played as a support act for the Wipers,Jesus & Mary Chain,The Gun Club and toured Germany with Dead Moon. In 1992 they released the F*head Entropy album, which is their most mature work. Following a tour in Spain, the Last Drive celebrated their 10th anniversary with a live performance (pie fight included) at the "West Club" on December 23, 1993. In 1994, their contract with their long-time company, Hitch Hyke Records, ended. They signed for the multinational BMG Hellas and released Subliminal, an album in which songs followed a somewhat slower tempo than before, and also was to be their last release. In 1995, Karanikolas left the band and moved to the States. Some months later the Last Drive disbanded, after twelve years on the road, having created a dedicated following in Greece and abroad, an explosive live act, and a legend that most bands in Greece still envy.

After the Last Drive:

Yiorgos Karanikolas created Blackmail, who generally picked up from where the Drive had stopped, but with a greater emphasis on neo-psychedelia, and became quite popular at the time.
Alex Kalofolias and Thanos Amorginos created the Earthbound in 1998, a group with a completely different orientation around ethnic/Latin/desert rock. There have been rare instances in which the Earthbound were joined on stage by former Drive members. Kalofolias and Karanikolas also co-wrote the music for the Stratos Tzortzis film Sose Me (Save me). Amorginos also writes music for theatrical plays, while Kalofolias's main profession is now literature translation.
Chris Michalatos played for a while with The Speedballs, a rockabilly act.


Alexis Kalofolias (Alex K.) - ripper bass, vocals
Yiorgos Karanikolas (B.George Bop) - lead guitar, vocals
Christos Michalatos (Chris B.I.) - drums
Thanos Amorginos (T.H. Lime) - guitar
Panos Kasiaris (P.PEP) - guitar
Nick "Pop Mind" - guitar


In Greece


Midnite Hop (Art Nouveau 7", 1985)
I Was A Teenage Zombie (with the Flashtones as "The Pleasure Hustlers") (Time Bomb: The Flashtones present the Big Bang Theory, Hitch Hyke 1989)
Time (Hitch Hyke EP 1989)
Overloaded (Hitch Hyke single sided promo 1991)


Underworld Shakedown (Hitch Hyke 1986)
Heatwave (Hitch Hyke 1988)
Blood Nirvana (Hitch Hyke 1990)
F*Head Entropy (Hitch Hyke 1992)
Subliminal (BMG 1994)


Live sto Kyttaro (Dikaioma Diavasis 1985)
May This Bullet (The Thing Magazine Compilation CD Volume 1)
Rock Fm - Rodon Live (Music Box 1991)
Jailbird/Outlaw (Local Heroes '95 Comp., Pop & Rock mag.)



Blue Moon / Every Night / Sidewalk Stroll (Voxx 7, 1987)


Their Story So Far (Double CD, Music Maniac 1989)
Blood Nirvana (Romilar D 1991)
Blood Nirvana (Music Maniac 1991)
Blood Nirvana (Restless CD 1992, bonus "Time Has Come Today" alternative mix)


Every Night (Battle of the Garages Vol. 4, Voxx 1986)
Valley of Death (The sounds of now, Dionysus 1986)
I love Cindy (The secret team, Voxx 1988)
Hell to pay (Music Maniac Gimmick Comp., 1989)
Black Limo (The monster dance hall favorites vol. 3, Munster 1990)
Overloaded (It's a Restless World, Restless 1991)
The End Inc. (Larsen/Zine Comp. 1993)
Outlaw (Enclosed Please Find... Your Invitation To Suicide: A Tribute to the Songs of Martin Rev & Alan Vega Double LP, Munster 1994)

Resourses: wikipedia

Highly Recommended For All Garage Maniacs Out There !

Download Links:

Underworld Shakedown & Heatwave posted by innocent76

Midnite Hop posted by 16Forever

Various Artists - 1990 - Viva Los Angeles II (2LPs)

2LPs with a 20 pages large (almost LP size) booklet (VIVA 12, 1990 - English edition), which covers the best part of the L.A. scene. Also released as CD in a LP sleeve and booklet.

Drowning Pool - The Italian Pop Song
Afterimage - Out of Breath
Gothic Hut - Rio
Marnie - Songs Hurt Me
Red Temple Spirits - Rollercoaster
17 Pygmies - Under the Freeway
Kommunity FK - Is It Your Face
Partly Cloudy - Jihad
Trotsky Icepick - This Car Is Not Blue
Shiva Burlesque - Arabesque
Scott Fraser - The Cool Shades
Radwaste - War of the Roses
The Rub - A Thousand Days
Soul Brothers - Du Bist Käse
Savage Republic - Valetta
Mark Nine - Sun and Shadows
Fourwaycross - Let It Come Down
In the Distance - Migration 

This out-of-print compilation, along with volume I (1986), catches the Californian -mainly L.A.- underground scene of the time (1986-1989). Here you'll find 18 tracks by 18 bands, recorded mainly 1988-89, varying from alternative to New Wave/Goth, and from synth-pop (only one track!) to experimental.
You will find the distant thunder of Drowning Pool, Savage Republic in their "calm" phase (Ceremonial), Marnie again, the Eastern electronics of Partly Cloudy, the bright melancholy of 17 Pygmies, sound collages with found radio sounds from Soul Brothers, the always ashtonishing Fourwaycross and a lot more to keep your mind and ears busy.
Excluding Savage Republic, 17 Pygmies and Shiva Burlesque, all the rest remained in the shade and vanished (well, some of the artists are active until today, but...)
Well, you may like many of the 18 tracks here, and you may not. But this is a strong compilation, succesfully capturing the underground music of the era. The chosen tracks represent well each band and I believe its worth a listen (and mayby more!).

disk 1
disk 2

P.S. As I don't get any comments to my posts (except Paniolo), I don't know if there's anybody interested. Maybe these bands are out of place for this blog? I want to post more of this scene but does anybody want more of them? I would like to know.

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The Pretty Things - BBC Sessions 1964-1975

The Pretty Things - BBC Sessions 1964-1975

This collection of work from the B.B.C. Sessions gives you an overall view of the 'Pretties' career from 1964 to 1976. All the early singles are here. (The Pretty Things had a surge of popularity stateside when David Bowie covered their first two singles 'Rosalyn' and 'Don't Bring Me Down' on his album Pin Ups. To many Americans this was the first time they ever heard of the 'Pretty Things'.)

It all goes a bit pear shaped in their psychedelic era, but then it did for a lot of people (remember the Stones? Or Their Satanic Majesties Request?), but on their return to hard edged rock 'n' roll, like on the Radio One 'In Concert' show to promote 'Freeway Madness', the band is so hot, it is incendiary. Nobody can throw caution to the wind with such abandon and still nail a song down like the 'Pretties' like 'Onion Soup' and especially 'Route 66'. The live sessions for the following two albums are a little more controlled, but equally as exciting.

This album is not only a good overview of the Pretty Things' career, but also a good overview of British rock in this era. If you are not familiar with the Pretty Things, this album would be an excellent way to find out. ~Mott the Dog

Album Tracks

01. Big Boss Man
02. Don't Bring Me Down
03. Mama Keep Your Big Mouth Shut
04. Roadrunner
05. Big City
06. Midnight to Six Man
07. Sitting All Alone
08. Midnight to Six Man
09. Buzz the Jerk
10. L.S.D.
11. Defecting Grey
12. Turn My Head
13. Walking Through My Dreams
14. Balloon Burning
15. S.F. Sorrow Is Born
16. She Says Good Morning
17. Send You With Loving
18. Spring
19. Sickle Clowns
20. She's a Lover
21. Cries from the Midnight Circus
22. Stone-Hearted Mama
23. Cold Stone
24. Summer Time
25. Rosalyn
26. Allnight Sailor
27. Religion's Dead
28. Havana Bound
29. Love Is Good
30. Route 66
31. Onion Soup/Another Bowl
32. Route 66
33. Peter/Rip Off Train
34. Atlanta
35. Bridge of God
36. Singapore Silk Torpedo
37. Come Home Momma
38. Dream/Joey
39. Not Only But Also
40. Big City
41. Belfast Cowboys/Bruise in the Sky

Part I
Part II
Part III

Glass Harp - 1970 - Glass Harp

Sometimes to give details and information about a group is necessary. But sometimes i think is not so important. It doesn't matter who they are or where are they coming from.

Most important for all of us is the MUSIC.
That is what unites us.
The magic of the MUSIC.
You can call it rock or folk or prog or psych. it doesn't make any difference.
Tonight i feel it is one of these magic moments.
Downloand this blessed album and let your spirit and soul free........

Can you see me brother,
Walking down the lonely road?
Can you see me sister,
Help me find where I must go.
Look for the signs in the stars,
To help us find what must be ours.
For those behind the lonely bars,
We'll help to see.
Can you see me brother,
Here I stand I'm all alone,
Can you see me sister,
I hear the cries among my own.
There are too many people
Saying what it's all about.
Should be praying to find
Themselves and not an out.

For information junkies :

Marnie - 1990 - Songs Hurt Me

Marnie - 1990 - Songs Hurt Me

Marnie Webber is an LA performer, collage artist, musician, active from the 80s 'till today. She was the bass player of the great Party Boys, and after their demise continued as solo artist. Amazingly enough her first two LPs came out from the Greek label Penguin, in 1990 and 1994, and they're long out of print. You can find more at her site.

1990 Songs Hurt Me, Penguin Ltd. Athens, Greece
1994 Woman with Bass, Penguin Ltd. Athens, Greece
1996 Cry for Happy, Ecstatic Peace! / The End is Here
2005 Songs Forgotten, The Best of Marnie , The End is Here

Be careful; I am my song

Songs Hurt Me, Marnie's first solo LP recorded in 1988, produced by Philip Drucker (aka Jackson Del Rey) of the Savage Republic & 17 Pygmies fame and came out in 1990. It was a Marnie-Drucker duo, as all songs except one were written by both them, and they played all the instruments (Marnie wrote all lyrics and had the musical and visual direction).
This record is the naked emotion of Marnie captured to vinyl by the extraordinary Jackson Del Rey. There is the West Coast and there is Far East here. In fact I believe this is Marnie's vision of China. Nothing in this record is useless, nothing is fake or pretendius, nothing is too much or too little: the voices, the guitars, the keybords, the minimal orchestration, everything drives you in the heart of mystical world of Marnie. That means that you'll hear the confessions, faint memories, dreams and fears of Marnie augmented with the recording and artistic experience of Philip Drucker. These are handcrafted songs by two unique artists of LA.

P.S. If someone has the second Greek LP of Marnie (Woman with Bass), please post it. Thanks.

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