Saturday 27 June 2020

Jerry Meredith & Scott Dunbar - What's Life All About ? (Amazing 1968 US Private Folk LP)

Jerry Meredith is from Saginaw, Michigan, while Scott Dunbar is from Morrow, Georgia.
They released this incredibly great Private Folk LP with a lot of harmony vocals.

Listen to these songs on YouTube :

Also contains an amazing version of "Sounds of Silence".
Their album (except the 2 last tracks - recorded with a choir) is very consistent.

Record : EXC
Cover : EXC (see pictures)
Price : Recently SOLD - I'm sorry !
Payment : PAYPAL only
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Friday 26 June 2020

Erik Britton - The Troll (Amazing 1980 US Private Outsider Psych Folk LP)

Erik Britton's sound can only be described as "demented troubador," just his intense voice and a frantic 12-string guitar.

"If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away."
(... Henry David Thoreau)
I have always heard a different drummer. I have always travelled my own road. And now I find the drummer is myself. The music that I hear is at last my own. Can you hear it ?
(notes from the back cover)

Very great one-side long song (15'20") on the A side : "The Troll"

Listen to these two songs on YouTube :

Another little gem still to be discovered in my opinion !

Record : EXC+ (was still sealed, I opened it to check it)
Cover : EXC (still in shrink - see pictures)
Price : 200,00 Euros (+ expedition costs calculated by the Belgian Post office)
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Monday 15 June 2020

John & Christine - Who Liveth So Merry ? (Rare 1972 UK Folk on Westwood Recordings)

Very rare UK Folk LP issued on the Westwood label (WSR012) in 1972.
John Sawdon & Christine Dossor (both six string guitar and vocals) accompanied by Keith Shepherd (electric bass).

Tracklist :
A1 Who Liveth So Merry?   
A2 Pretty Nancy Of Yarmouth   
A3 Flower Of Northumberland   
A4 William Taylor   
A5 Home Boys Home   
A6 Waters Of Tyne   
B1 The Wymondham Fight   
B2 Oats And Beans/Turkey Rhubarb   
B3 Rout Of The Blues   
B4 The Gentleman Soldier   
B5 The Coachroad Ghost

Listen to this song I found on YouTube :

Another great addition for any UK Folk collection !

Record : VG+
Cover : EXC (autographed on rear - see pictures)
Price : 120,00 Euros (+ expedition costs calculated by the Belgian Post Office)
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Sunday 14 June 2020

Andy (Hearld) - For a Moment (Rare 197? US Private SSW Folk LP)

Privately pressed US Singer-songwriter LP (all songs written by Andy Hearld).

Listen to the sole song I found on YouTube :

Another big rarity I'm offering here ... don't miss it !

Record : VG+
Cover : VG+ (partially still in shrink - 2 inches tear on top seam at the opening - see pictures)
Price : 30,00 Euros (+ expedition costs calculated by the Belgian Post Office)
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Tuesday 9 June 2020

Martin McBain - Winter on the Harbour + 2 singles (Amazing 1983 Australian Psych Folk LP on Candle)

Original pressing on the small Tasmanian independent label, Candle Records, from 1983.
This is truly a little gem.
It shoots virtually to the top of the list of Australian 70's-ish acoustic acid folk LPs.

Listen to these tracks :

A stunning LP in my opinion !

 I'll add his two singles from 1983 and 1985 !

His 7" single from 1983.
The 'A' side is a song from his LP, "Winter...On The Harbour", but is a totally different recorded version.
Whereas the LP version is strictly acoustic, this version sees him with full band, still very folk-y and ethereal though.
The 'B' side was, at the time, a totally new song and is equally as good. Both sides are full of melody, with gorgeous melodious vocals, and superb lyrics - of the ilk of mid-'60's Dylan ... he was obviously a thinker.

Listen here :

His 7" single from 1986.
Another little gem ...

All 3 covers (LP + 2 singles) : Excellent +
All 3 records (LP + 2 singles) : Excellent +
Price for the LP + the 2 singles : 140,00 Euros (+ expedition costs calculated by the Belgian Post Office)
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Monday 8 June 2020

Groundswell - Imaginative Ideas in Positive Thought (1990 UK Private Folk Prog LP)

With the help of Garri Rayner, the new project of Tony Voller and Greg Heighington after 'The Ark of the Covenant'.

A stunning record !
And a limited edition of 500 ...

Listen to this track :


This LP could be considered as the 2nd Ark of the Covenant LP.

Cover : EXC+
Record : EXC+
Price : 40,00 Euros (+ expedition costs calculated by the Belgian Post Office)
Payment : PAYPAL only
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The Ark of the Covenant - ST (Amazing 1985 UK Private Folk Prog LP)

"The Ark of the Covenant" LP is an excellent Folk Prog LP made in London in 1985.
Privately released limited edition of 500 copies (this exemplary is not numbered).

The Ark of the Covenant :
Frederick Williams : Lyrics, Vocals & Backing Vocals (on Track A6)
Tony Voller : Music, Lead, Rythm & Backing vocals
Greg Heighington : Music & Lead (on Tracks A2, A6, B1 & B5)
Tom Hardy-Bick : DX7 & Strings (on A2)

Listen to this track :

You can read an excellent review and you can listen to some others of the best tracks here :

These pictures come from another copy I owned !

Really a stunning LP from the beginning to the end !
Don't miss this little gem !

Cover : EXC+
Record : EXC+
Price : 180,00 Euros ( + postage costs - by registered parcel - calculated by the Belgian Post)
Payment : PAYPAL only
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