Tuesday 9 June 2020

Martin McBain - Winter on the Harbour + 2 singles (Amazing 1983 Australian Psych Folk LP on Candle)

Original pressing on the small Tasmanian independent label, Candle Records, from 1983.
This is truly a little gem.
It shoots virtually to the top of the list of Australian 70's-ish acoustic acid folk LPs.

Listen to these tracks :

A stunning LP in my opinion !

 I'll add his two singles from 1983 and 1985 !

His 7" single from 1983.
The 'A' side is a song from his LP, "Winter...On The Harbour", but is a totally different recorded version.
Whereas the LP version is strictly acoustic, this version sees him with full band, still very folk-y and ethereal though.
The 'B' side was, at the time, a totally new song and is equally as good. Both sides are full of melody, with gorgeous melodious vocals, and superb lyrics - of the ilk of mid-'60's Dylan ... he was obviously a thinker.

Listen here :

His 7" single from 1986.
Another little gem ...

All 3 covers (LP + 2 singles) : Excellent +
All 3 records (LP + 2 singles) : Excellent +
Price for the LP + the 2 singles : 140,00 Euros (+ expedition costs calculated by the Belgian Post Office)
Payment : PAYPAL only
Contact : etienne.reyser@gmail.com

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