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December 2006 pt.3

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Bohemian Vendetta - Enough - 1966-1968

Bohemian Vendetta - Enough - 1966-1968
part I ~ part II

01 - Like Stoned
02 - Irresistible
03 - All Kinds Of Lows & All Kinds Of Highs
04 - I Don´t Go That Way
05 - How Does It Feel
06 - Enough
07 - Half The Time
08 - I Wanna Touch Your Heart
09 - Images
10 - Charity Killjoy
11 - House Of The Rising Sun
12 - Riddles & Fairytales
13 - (She always Gives Me) Pleasure
14 - All Kinds Of High
15 - Satisfaction
16 - Paradox City
17 - Love Can Make Your Mind Go Wild
18 - House Of The Rising Sun
19 - Images (Shadow In The Night)
20 - Deaf Dumb & Blind
21 - I Wanna Touch Your Heart
22 - Riddles & Fairytales (45 Version)

The CD version of the rarities LP with the original mainsteam album as bonus tracks. A wonderous collection of rarities outtakes and classics by this legendary US '60s psych band, who worked with Faine Jade. A 'Fuzz Acid and Flowers' garage psych gem...~from

R. Stevie Moore - Phonography (1976) @320

Review from the AMG:
One of the most unique albums of the 1970s, R. Stevie Moore's debut long-player is an uncategorizable mess that somehow keeps from falling apart completely, kind of like a one-man band version of the Beatles' White Album cross-pollinated with late-1960s Frank Zappa at his most antic. Yet just as the album seems hopelessly self-indulgent and bizarre, Moore suddenly veers into some of the sweetest and catchiest pop songs of the pre-punk '70s. That dichotomy is what makes Phonography special. Recorded in bits and pieces over the course of two years of living room sessions, with Moore playing and singing every part, barring the tambourine on the Soft Machine-like opening instrumental "Melbourne," the album shares much with such one-man band predecessors as McCartney, Todd Rundgren's Something/Anything?, and Roy Wood's Boulders. However, having been made on a cheap four-track with one microphone, a borrowed guitar, and no mixing deck, Phonography also has a funky lo-fi charm that anticipates post-grunge D.I.Y. savants like Guided By Voices and Pavement. The album is split down the middle between quirky but capable pop songs and strange interludes. Of the former, "Goodbye Piano," a falsetto music hall ditty that suggests a major Bonzo Dog Band fixation, is among Moore's most famous tracks, but it's the more serious tunes, like the beautiful Brian Wilson-inspired ballad "I've Begun to Fall in Love," the bouncily Beatlesque "I Want You In My Life" and the trippy "Showing Shadows," that are more indicative of the artist's estimable skills as a songsmith. The spoken word interludes are uniformly surreal, with the Harold Pinter-like talk show parody "The Lariat Wressed Posing Hour" a particular highlight, but the album is organized to such an off-the-wall blueprint that it's impossible to imagine it without even its most inexplicable elements. Originally released in 1976 in an edition of 100 copies, Phonography was reissued in 1978 and again in 1998 on a limited-edition CD featuring eight bonus tracks recorded during the same 1974-76 sessions.

R. Stevie Moore is, in my opinion, a genius musician of the highest order. He has recorded literally hundreds of one-man-band albums and composed some of the most impressive pop tunes you've never heard. This album is a good place to start, but he has many many more, equally wonderful if not actually better. I can't recommend this one highly enough!

Part 1 is here.
Part 2 is here.

You can also buy direct from the artist himself at

The Yankee Dollar - 1968 - s/t

The legendary 1968 US psych album . A fine example of the West Coast psychedelic flower power sound with male and female harmonies, beautiful fuzz guitars and very trippy keyboard work. Excellent originals(pay attention to the amazing "If In Swimming") are combined with covers of "Catch The Wind", "The Times They Are A-Changing" and "Let’s Get Together". A 'must-have' for West Coast fans !

Download Link:

Cactus - 1970 - Cactus

Cactus - 1970 - Cactus

01 - Parchman Farm
02 - My Lady From South Of Detroit
03 - Bro. Bill
04 - You Can't Judge A Book By The Cover
05 - Let Me Swin
06 - No Need To Worry
07 - Oleo
08 - Feel So Good

Cactus may have never amounted to anything more than a half-hearted, last-minute improvised supergroup, but that don't mean their eponymous 1970 debut didn't rock like a mofo. The already quasi-legendary Vanilla Fudge rhythm section of Bogert and Appice may have provided the backbone of the band's business cards, and soulful, ex-Amboy Duke Rusty Day brought the voice, but it was arguably former Detroit Wheels guitarist Jim McCarty who was the true star in the Cactus galaxy, spraying notes and shredding solos all over album highlights such as "You Can't Judge a Book By the Cover," "Let Me Swim," and, most notably, a manic, turbocharged version of "Parchman Farm." The fact that Cactus chose to tackle this classic blues song just a year after it'd been blasted into the fuzz-distortion stratosphere by Blue Cheer betrays — at best — a healthy competitive spirit within the early-'70s hard rock milieu, and at worst it suggests something of a mercenary nature to Cactus' motives, but that's an issue for the surviving bandmembers to duke it out over in the retirement home. And we digress — for the blistering closing duo of "Oleo" and "Feel So Good" (complete with bass and drum solo slots) easily certifies the Cactus LP as one of the best hard rock albums of the then brand-new decade, bar none. Too bad the illustrious members of Cactus would quickly lose interest in this band project and deliver increasingly mediocre efforts in the years that followed.
[info :]

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Churchill's - 1968 - Churchill's

Excellent psychedelic album from Israel, later they became Jericho (Jones)

The Band
Robb Huxley - Guitar, Vocals
Miki Gavrielov - Bass
Haim Romano - Guitar
Stan Solomon - Vocals
Ami Traibetch - Drums

The eponymous 1968 album by Israel's Churchills is one of the most sought-after records in the world. While some rare records go for hundreds of dollars, an original copy of The Churchills is likely to fetch thousands. Why? Because not only is it next to impossible to find, but The Churchills is one of those rarer-than-rare records that actually lives up to its reputation. From the opening bars of the first song on Side One, "Open Your Eyes" - an explosion of ecstatic screams and fuzz, "faces, lips and teeth and eyes; diamond rings and pretty things, and arms and legs and thighs" - you know this is going to be one amazing trip.

Track after track the album continues to astonish, delivering everything from electrifying psychedelic rock to evocative pop ballads with equal degrees of skill and originality. Soulfully delivered vocals, searing fuzz guitars, spacey sound effects, exotic Eastern flourishes - the Churchills use a dazzling palate of tones and colours, stretching the primitive Tel Aviv studio technology of the day to its limits to create one of the most brilliant psychedelic albums from anywhere in the world, let alone Israel. Although there's elements of the Yardbirds, Cream, Hendrix the Doors, and the Jefferson Airplane (especially the studio trickery of After Bathing At Baxter's), the sound of the Churchills is very much their own personal vision - a distinct blend of East and West that is unmistakably from their own corner of the world.

Although their album, non-LP singles and subsequent releases as Jericho Jones and Jericho have since been reissued, the story of the Churchills has never before been properly told, until now

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The Bonniwell Music Machine - 1967 - The Bonniwell Music Machine

The Bonniwell Music Machine - 1967 - The Bonniwell Music Machine

01. Bottom of the Soul
02. Absolutely Positively
03. Soul Love
04. Somethin Hurtin On Me
05. Affirmative No'
06. The Trap
07. The Eagle Never Hunts the Fly
08. No Girl Gonna Cry
09. Me. Myself. and I
10. To the Light Listen
11. Tin Can Beach Listen
12. Time Out (For a Daydream)
13. Astrologically Incompatible
14. Discrepancy
15. Talk Me Down
16. I've Loved You Listen
17. You'll Love Me Again
18. In My Neighborhood
19. Double Yellow Line
20. The Day Today

The Music Machine were renamed the Bonniwell Music Machine when they went to Warner Bros., as the original lineup disbanded at some point, leaving only chief singer and songwriter Sean Bonniwell. Much of the material on Warner, however, was recorded by the original group, and this album was pasted together from some singles (some of which had appeared on Original Sound in 1967) and other tracks, both by the original incarnation and a second outfit that was pretty much a Sean Bonniwell solo vehicle. Accordingly, the tone of the album is pretty uneven, but much of the material is excellent. In fact, some of the songs rate among their best; a few are also found on the Rhino anthology, but other first-rate tunes ("Bottom of the Soul," "Talk Me Down," "The Trap") are not. Some of the cuts (presumably those recorded after the first lineup broke up) find Bonniwell branching out from psych-punk into a poppier and more eclectic direction, sometimes with very good results, sometimes not. Long out of print and difficult to find, the entire album is included on the Sundazed CD reissue Beyond the Garage, meaning that it's no longer necessary to search for an original copy. ~ Richie Unterberger, All Music Guide

Even better than the first album, with my number one fav Music Machine song, "Bottom of the Soul". A slightly different sound than the first album, different musicians and all that, but still Sean Bonniwell at his peak of genius. A generous handful of all-time rock masterpieces on this album and the weaker tracks are still pretty darn good. An extremely essential album alongside the first one. As many truly great songs as just about any other rock album. ~Michael Anton Parker

Buffy Sainte-Marie - 1969 - Illuminations

01.GOD IS ALIVE, MAGIC IS AFOOT (Leonard Cohen and Buffy Sainte-Marie)
02.MARY (Buffy Sainte-Marie)
04.THE VAMPIRE (Buffy Sainte-Marie)
05.ADAM (Richie Havens)
06.THE DREAM TREE (Buffy Sainte-Marie)
08.THE ANGEL (Ed Freeman)
09.WITH YOU, HONEY (Buffy Sainte-Marie)
10.GUESS WHO I SAW IN PARIS (Buffy Sainte-Marie)
11.HE'S A KEEPER OF THE FIRE (Buffy Sainte-Marie)
12.POPPIES (Buffy Sainte-Marie)


The Female American Indian folk singer (native Canadian ) recorded this album in 1969 and with the help of various tape editing effects and primitive synthesizers mixed her trembling voice with psych, string arrangments, folk/rock and electronic music. The result is a weird off the wall album that is all at once spacey, trippy and hauntingly addictive .

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The Untold Fables - 1985 - Every Mother's Nightmare (garage punk)

My name is Paul Carey. Back in the '80s (May 1984 to February 1988 specifically) I was the lead singer for The Untold Fables. The other Untold Fables were Jon Niederbrach on guitar, Robert Butler (later of The Miracle Workers) on bass, and Paul Sakry on drums. Although we were mainly associated with the mid-'80s LA Psychedelic/Garage revival scene that grew out of a club called The Rave Up, and later moved to Greg Shaw's Cavern Club, our music also included strong influences from '70s Punk and '50s Rhthym & Blues.

Our first release, a remake of "I Try" by The Young Tyrants, was for VOXX Records' Battle Of The Garages Volume 3 (which is now available on the Battle Of The Garages Part Two CD). In Spring of '85 we recorded our first LP, Every Mother's Nightmare, for Lee Joseph's Dionysus Records at West Beach Studios in LA. Lee Joseph produced it with a lot of input from Robert, and sound engineering by Brett Gurewitz (Bad Religion). The album was finally released about a year later.

n Summer of 1986 and Spring of 1987 we had two more recording sessions, this time at South Coast Studios in Santa Ana (where both No Doubt and the Offspring recorded demos before anyone knew who they were) with my brother, David Carey, producing. Eleven songs from these session were later compiled for our second LP, Aesop's Apocalypse, that was released in early 1989 about a year after we split up. The two LPs may still be available from Dionysus's Mail Order department. Over the course of our four years together we had the pleasure of playing with great bands of the time like Redd Kross, The Dead Milkmen, Thee Fourgiven, The Unclaimed, The Telltale Hearts, The Morlocks, The Pandoras, The Beguiled, Yard Trauma, Lazy Cowgirls, The Red Devils, John Doe, and many others. Currently the four of us are working with Lee to compile a CD collection of Untold Fables tracks from our various vinyl releases as well as a few unreleased live and demo tracks.

Source :

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The New Yardbirds - London Blues

The New Yardbirds (Led Zeppelin) - London Blues (1968)

The earliest known recordings of the group that should become Led Zeppelin (Plant/Page/Bonham/Jones)
Remastered by Pink Robert
"I had this on a cassette for a very long time and I had no idea that this was some kind of rarity until recently, so I let it to the Zeppelin circles."
~Pink Robert

01. I Can't Quit You
02. I Gotta Move
03. Communication Breakdown
04. I Can't Quit You
05. Killing Floor
06. Fought My Way Out Of The Darkness - Hush Little Baby
07. She Wants You - London Blues
08. Dazed And Confused
09. White Summer - Black Mountain Side

Tracks 1-2: Tivoli Gardens, Stockholm, September 20, 1968 - Radio broadcast
Tracks 3-9: The Marquee, London, October 16, 1968

Part I ~ Part II

V.A. - Battle of the Garages

Battle of the Garages vol 1

01 The United States Of Existence - Return To The Psychedelic (Baltimore, MD, U.S.A.)
02 The Vertebrats - Left In The Dark (Champaign, IL, U.S.A.)
03 The Stepmothers - Let Her Dance
04 Pete Holly & The Looks - Look Out Below
05 Eddy Best - Things I Should've Said
06 Brad Long - Tell Me (Logansport, IN, U.S.A.)
07 Deniz Tek - RPM (Australia)
08 The Dark Side - In The Dark (U.K.)
09 The Embarrassment - Pushin' Too Hard
10 The Wombats - The Reason Why (Cleveland, OH, U.S.A.)
11 The Crawdaddys - You're Gonna Need My Love Someday (San Diego, CA, U.S.A.)
12 The Unclaimed - Run From Home (Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A.)
13 The Chesterfield Kings - Are You Gonna Be There (At The Love-In) (Rochester, NY, U.S.A.)
14 The Slickee Boys - Glendora/Going All The Way (Washington, DC, U.S.A.)
15 Billy Synth & The Turn-Ups - I Dig Your Mind (PA, U.S.A.)
16 Plasticland - Office Skills (Milwaukee, WI, U.S.A.)

Battle of the Garages vol 2_America's Psychedelic Underground

01 The Vipers - Nothing's From Today (New York, NY, U.S.A.)
02 The Miracle Workers - Flashing Red Light (Portland, OR, U.S.A.)
03 The Fuzztones - Green Slime (New York, NY, U.S.A.)
04 The Prime Movers - (Come To) Where It's At (Brookline, MA, U.S.A.)
05 Mystic Eyes - Enough Of What I Need (Buffalo, NY, U.S.A.)
06 The Odds - I'll Make You Sorry (Boston, MA, U.S.A.)
07 The Trip - Stick Like Glue (San Francisco, CA, U.S.A.)
08 The Outnumbered - Boy On A Roof (U.S.A.)
09 Plasticland - Sipping The Bitterness (Milwaukee, WI, U.S.A.)
10 The Mad Violets - Psylocybe (New York, NY, U.S.A.)
11 The Impossible Years - Attraction Gear (Philadelphia, PA, U.S.A.)
12 True West - And Then The Rain (Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A.)
13 Yard Trauma - Some People (Tucson, AZ, U.S.A.)
14 The Seen - Jealous Girl (Boalsburg, PA, U.S.A.)
15 The Fezmen - So Easy Baby (U.S.A.)
16 The Sharp Turn - Everybody Knows But Me (U.S.A.)

Battle of the Garages vol 3_The Paisley Underground

01 Zebra Stripes - Intro '66 (Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A.)
02 Thee Fourgiven - Yeah! (Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A.)
03 The Gravedigger V - Spooky (San Diego, CA, U.S.A.)
04 The Mutts - Anxious Color (U.S.A.)
05 The Untold Fables - I Try (Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A.)
06 The Mystery Machine - She's Not Mine (San Diego, CA, U.S.A.)
07 The Tell-Tale Hearts - My World Is Upside Down (San Diego, CA, U.S.A.)
08 The Pandoras - Melvin (Hollywood, CA, U.S.A.)
09 The Tories - Shout (U.S.A.)
10 Hidden Peace - Summer Of Love (Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A.)
11 The Eyes Of Mind - Drama, Drama (Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A.)
12 The Things - Trip To My House (Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A.)
13 The Young Lords - Tearing Up My Heart (U.S.A.)
14 SS-20 - No Matter What (Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A.)
15 Lee Joseph - Going Out Of My Mind (Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A.)
16 Electric Peace - I Think I'll Die (U.S.A.)

Battle of the Garages vol 4_Tomorrow The World

01 The Cannibals - Good Times (London, U.K.)
02 The Otherside - Haunted House (Utrecht, Holland)
03 Les Thugs - Femme Fatale (Angers, France)
04 The Surfadelics - Bad Little Girl (London, U.K.)
05 The Klepstones - She'll Always Be Mine (Orleans, France)
06 Sex Museum - Drugged Personality (Madrid, Spain)
07 The Legendary Golden Vampires - Strychnine (Berlin, Germany)
08 Bad Karma Beckons - Listen (London, U.K.)
09 The Last Drive - Everynight (Athens, Greece)
10 The Sick Rose - I Want Love (Turin, Italy)
11 Los Negativos - Viaje Al Norte (Barcelona, Spain)
12 The Green Telescope - Thinkin' About Today (Edinburgh, U.K.)
13 The Birdmen Of Alkatraz - April Dancer (Pisa, Italy)
14 Les Coronados - Free Again (Paris, France)
15 Les Flamingos - Let It Shine (Nantes, France)

Part I ~ Part II ~ Part III

Enjoy !!!

Marsupilami - 1970 - Marsupilami

Track listing
01. Dorian Deep (7:40)
02. Born To Be Free (5:45)
03. And The Eagle Chased The Dove To Its Ruin (6:38)
04. Ab Initio Ad Finem (The Opera) (10:54)
05. Facilis Descencus Averni (9:37)


- Mike Fouracre / percussion
- Fred Hasson / vocals, harmonica, bongos
- Leary Hasson / organ
- Richard Hicks / bass
- Dave Laverock / acoustic and bowed guitars, vocals
- Jessica Stanley-Clarke / flute, vocals

MARSUPILAMI were an English proto-prog outfit who relocated to the Netherlands. The complexity of their music is quite unusual for the times – we’re talking 1970 here, when the big guns such as YES, GENESIS and CRIMSON were barely coming out of the woodwork. A mixture of blues, experimental jazz and hints of folk, their music is often dark and foreboding, favouring perilously complex structures. Try to imagine a mixture of KING CRIMSON, JETHRO TULL, the STRAWBS and EAST OF EDEN.

Their two albums feature weird/oblique melodies and harmonies, lots of heavy keyboards, electric guitar and flute (at times purposely off key), with the drummer pounding on his skins as if his life depended on it. This is very early prog and you particularly feel this in the organ work, which has a typical early 70’s psych feel. Their second album, which features an additional member on flute and sax as well as the appearance of the Mellotron, is an ambitious concept album about the brutal culture of ancien Rome – quite a sordid affair, really, but well done. It has a slightly better sound than the first album although most progsters generally favour the first.
Fans of EAST OF EDEN or those interested in vintage prog will certainly want to check them out.
Download Link :

Fraction - 1971 - Moon Blood

Fraction - 1971 - Moon Blood

01. Sanc-Divided
02. Come Out of Her
03. Eye of the Hurricane
04. Sons Come to Birth
05. This Bird/Sky High
06. Prisms07. Dawning Light
08. Intercessor's Blues

A rare and heavy psychedelic gem that is all too often overlooked. Despite having some christian undertones, this album is just about as raw and unbridled as it of my favorites!
(As an aside, I'd like to thank everyone who has been posting comments's good to know that there are still people out there who appreciate good music!)

Here's a review from
I would be very hard pressed to name a better private psychedelic LP than "Moonblood". Like the CA Quintet album this is that very rare thing, a concept album that works. Where the CA Quintet floods our minds with images of the various hells we create on earth, Fraction seize on the heaven we fail to create. I always feel my spine tingle when listening to this album, it never fails to astonish me. The vocalist Jim Beach sounds like he is undergoing agonized conflicts of faith, a righteous man, growling, snarling and finally screaming at a world where seekers after truth are downtrodden. The guitars are so overloaded with effects that they sound like a storm raging on the surface of another world. The drums have fantastic range, at times very delicate, at other times, pounding with raw energy. Every band member gives it all they have and all the songs were recorded as ‘one takes’. This really works as they sound very fresh and alive, like the band is playing right next to you. There is nothing righteous or preachy on the LP. You can feel the inner turmoil boiling over. The themes are broadly Christian, but with a very strong pagan element incorporated. The Son will come to birth and free Mother Earth. I find the lyrics deeply moving, spiritually uplifting and filled with apocalyptic vision: “Come out of her/ Come out of her/Embrace the Sons quiet warmth ever upward”. On the final track ‘This Bird (Sky High)’ Jim Beach is screaming the lyrics: “No clown on the ground/Tries to put me down/Since I found the Lord” Without the lyric sheet you could only guess at what he is saying, which only added to the mystery. ‘Eye of the Hurricane’ is amazing. Mind-bending lyrics spat and shouted over a haze of fuzz and wah-wah, it builds and builds to an impossible intensity, you wonder where else the vocal chords can go, the fingers of the guitar players must have been wrecked. The hazy image of the band on the front of the 1986 Austrian boot (which was the first reissue) showed a band that looked beyond cool, crazy shaggy burns, shades and leathers. They stare down at you like some crazed pack of angry bikers about to ink over your tattooes. “Extend your thumbs and burn the darkness out of her” -- indeed, Brother, indeed.

Front Page Review - Mystic Soldiers

01 Prophecies/Morning Blue

02 Prism Fawn
03 One Eyed Minor
04 Feels Like Love
05 Silver Children
06 Valley of Eyes
07 Without You
08 What Were You Looking For ?
09 I'm Satisfied
10 For the Best Offer

One of the unkown lights of the late-'60s Bosstown Sound, Front Page Review recorded one unissued album in 1968 that was planned for release on MGM, but wouldn't surface until 30 years later. Guitarist and singer Steve Cataldo wrote all of the material for the group, which played psychedelia. . After Front Page Review broke up, Cataldo did a solo album for ABC, and then hitched onto the new wave by forming the Nervous Eaters, who made a couple of LPs. Front Page Review's album was finally unearthed for CD release in 1997.

Download Link :

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Camel - 1969 - Under Age

01. Pinball Wizard
02. Where Is My Mind
03. Tin Soldier
04. Forget It I Got It
05. Mystery Tour
06. Can't Be So Bad
07. Society's Child
08. Sitting On The Top Of The World
09. Evil Woman


Alex Jackson
Dave Summer
Martin Fischer
Pete Huish

CD version of very rare UK prog/psych/rock album recorded by this English band in Rome (!) in 1969. Typical late '60's rock with heavy guitar, vocal harmonies and powerful instrumentation. The band are accomplished and the recordings are well produced with superb guitar work and novel interpretations of the various cover versions including "Pinball Wizard" "Tin Soldier" "Society's Child" "Where Is My Mind?" and others.

Original release 1969

Toad - 1973 - Tomorrow Blue

01. Thoughts
02. Tomorrow Blue
03. Blind Chapman's Tales
04. Vampires
05. No Need
06. Change in Time
07. Three O'Clock in the Morning
08. Fly
09. I Saw Her Standing There
10. Green Ham

Couldn't find too much info on this album specifically...however this album is full of blistering, acid-drenched riffing. All fans of heavy psych need to listen to this one!

"Tomorrow Blue" CD reissue of the 2nd album from 1972 by this Swiss heavy rock group, originally issued by the Hallelujah label (this is the 2nd CD reissue of this album, but the first one to be complete, with 7 tracks). The rhythm section of Werni Froehllich (bass) and Cosimo Lampis (drums) had appeared on Brainticket's legendary debut, Cottonwoodhill, earlier that year, but Tomorrow Blue was decidedly more hard rock in style with guitarist madman Vic Vergat unleashing his violence. As with Brainticket, this one is commonly referenced in Krautrock territory, irregardless of form or aesthetics.

La Biennale Takes A Trip

You asked for this, so here it is.

Tracklisting :pt.1
01. Country Joe And The Fish - Grace
(1967, USA, from 'Electric Music For The Mind and Body' / Vanguard) 0:00
02. Mad River - Eastern Light
(1968, USA, from 'Mad River' / Capitol) 1:46
03. Iron Butterfly - In The Time Of Our Lives
(1969, USA, from 'Ball' / ATCO) 3:45
04. Vanilla Fudge - The Season Of The Witch
(1968, USA, from 'Renaissance' / Atlantic) 6:05
05. Led Zeppelin - No Quarter
(1973, USA, from 'Houses of the Holy' / Atlantic) 7:14
06. Pink Floyd - Fearless
(1971, UK, from 'Meddle' / Harvest) 9:06
07. Funkadelic - Mommy, What's A Funkadelic?
(1969, USA, from 'Funkadelic' / Westbound) 10:08
08. Jean-Claude Vannier - Le Roi Des Mouches Et La Confiture De Rose
(1972, France, from 'L'enfant Assassin Des Mouches' / Jour Et Nuit) 13:01
09. Amon Tobin Vs Velvet Underground - Venus In Furs
(Bresil/USA, 2005 / Bootleg) 14:38
(original version from 'The Velvet Underground & Nico', 1967 / MGM)
10. Salaryman - Hummous
(1996, USA, from 'Salaryman' / City Slang) 22:18 16:34
11. Dub Syndicate - Ravi Shankar
(1988, UK, from ' Tunes From the Missing Channel' / On-U Sound) 18:31
12. Moondog - Nero's Expedition
(1969, USA, from 'Moondog 2' / Columbia) 20:24
13. White Noise - Love Without Sound
(1968, USA, from 'An Electric Storm' / Island) 21:29
14. Big Brother And The Holding Company Feat. Janis Joplin - All Is Loneliness
(1967, USA, from 'Big Brother And The Holding Company' / Columbia) 23:23
15. Holger Czukay - Fragrance
(1981, Germany, from 'On The Way To The Peak Of Normal' / Spoon) 25:28
16. Add N To X - The Black Regent
(1998, UK, from 'On the Wires of Our Nerves' / Sattelite) 27:22
17. Matching Mole - Gloria Gloom
(1972, UK, from 'Little Red Record' / Sony) 28:56
18. Gong - The Isle Of Everywhere
(1974, UK, from 'You (Radio Gnome Invisible, Pt. 3)' / Virgin) 30:10
19. Dashiell Hedayat - Cielo Drive / 17
(1971, France, from 'Obsolete' / Mantra) - 31:30
20. Manfred Mann, Volume One - Devil Woman
(1969, UK, from 'Chapter Three' / Petbrook) 33:47
21. Herbie Hancock - Hornets
(1973, USA, from 'Sextant' / Columbia) 35:57
22. Jimi Tenor - Sirens Of Salo
(2004, Finland, from 'Beyond The Stars' / Kitty Yo) 37:04

Tracklisting pt.2 :
23. Jean-Jacques Perrey - E.V.A
(1970, France, from 'Moog Indigo' / Vanguard) 38:24
24. Dick Hyman - Kolumbo
(1969, USA, from 'The Age Of Electronicus' / Varese) 40:10
25. Terry Riley - A Rainbow In Curved Air
(1971, USA, from 'A Rainbow In Curved Air' / Columbia) 42:07
26. Apparat Organ Quartet - The Anguish Of Space Time
(2003, Iceland, from 'Apparat Organ Quartet' / TMT) 43:24
27. Broadcast - Pendulum
(2003, UK, from 'Pendulum' / Warp) 45:48
28. Jefferson Airplane - House At Pooneil Corners
(1968, USA, from 'Crown Of Creation' / RCA) 47:46
29. Sukia - The Dream Machine
(1996, USA, from 'Contacto Espacial Con El Tercer Sexo' / Mo Wax) 50:41
30. Hawkwind - The Psychedelic Warlords
(1974, UK, from 'The Psychedelic Warlords' 7" / EMI) 52:06
31. Kraftwerk - Ruckzuck
(1971, Germany, from 'Kraftwerk' / Philips) 53:33
32. Stereolab/Nurse With Wound - Trippin' With The Birds
(1997, UK, from 'Simple Headphone Mind' / Duophonic) 55:03
33. Can - Spoon
(1972, Germany, from 'Ege Bamyasi' / Spoon) 57:57
34. Paul Weller - Kosmos (Lynch Mob Bonus Beats)
(1994, UK, from 'Hung Up' 12",CDS / Go!Disc) 60:36
35. King Biscuit Time - I Walk The Earth
(2000, UK, from 'King Biscuit Time …sings Nelly Foggits blues in "Me and the pharaohs"' / Regal) 63:21
36. Joe Meek & The Blue Men - Orbit Around The Moon
(1958, UK, from 'I Hear A New World' EP / Triumph) 64:31
37. King Crimson - Sailor's Tale
(1971, UK, from 'Island' / Virgin) 66:19
38. Deep Purple - Exposition
(1968, UK, from 'The Book Of Taliesyn' / Harvest) 69:08
39. Aphrodite's Child - The Lamb
(1971, Greece, from '666' / Vertigo) 70:15
40. Funki Porcini - Surge
(1998, Italy, from 'Let's See What Carmen Can Do' / Ninja Tune) 71:54
41. Fourtet - Spirit Fingers
(2003, UK, from 'Rounds' / Domino) 73:31
42. David Bowie - Memory Of A Free Festival
(1970, UK, from 'Space Oddity' / Ryko) 76:11
43. Porcupine Tree - Voyage 34
(1995, UK, from 'Voyage 34' / Delirium) 76:24


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Haymarket Square - 1968 - Magic Lantern

Track Listing:
Side One: Elevator (7:06) / The Train-Kept-A-Rollin' (7:20) / Ahimsa (8:14)
Side Two: Amapola (10:43) / Phantasmagoria (4:08) / Funeral (9:23)

Gloria Lambert - vocals
Marc Swenson - guitar, vocal
Robert Homa - bass, vocal
John Kowalski - percussion

An Official CD reissue of this brilliant US '60s acid psych album. Trippy wah-wah fuzz guitar, Airplane like male / female vocals and superb, stoned, long jammin' tracks make this one of the best rare US psych albums. The music was recorded as a soundtrack to the Baron and Bailey Light Circus at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago....and it shows!

Originally released on the small Chaparral Records label in 1968, the "Magic Lantern" album by the Haymarket Square has been a sought after collectors item for any fan of 60's psychedelic music for many years. The music on this album was initially used as accompaniment for the Baron and Bailey Light Circus at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago but due to the intensity and psychedelic nature of the songs, it soon became legendary and its initial purpose has become obscured by time. The Haymarket Square was formed in the late sixties in Chicago by drummer John Kowalski and bassist Bob Homa formerly of The Real Things, a Chicago high school garage band. Together with guitarist Marc Swenson and vocalist Gloria Lambert, The Haymarket Square was born and quickly became popular on the Chicago music scene. The band's popularity lead them to be used as back up musicians on a live work of art exhibit at the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art. The music featured some powerful psychedelic, blues based songs, with heavy percussion, searing lead fuzz guitars and the dynamic vocal work of Lambert. The songs were recorded and appear on this album.
The songs of The Magic Lantern, are all originals except for a superb extended cover of the blues standard , The Train-Kept-A-Rolling, shortly after the release of this album the original Haymarket Square line-up broke up. This appears to be the only recording that the band has left and they did not release any singles. Although this album has been bootlegged on the European market a number of times, this digitally mastered version on Gear Fab Records is the only authorized version.

The LP is housed in a gatefold sleeve, which is complete with psychedelic swirls behind the liner notes, making it all very sixties, as it should be. In mint condition commands a price of $2000 in the collectors market.

In the intervening decades since its release, Magic Lantern was extensively bootlegged, especially in America and Europe. Finally, at the end of 2001, Gear Fab officially released the first authorized CD reissue of the album in all its original glory, exposing one of the most significant remaining archival finds from the '60s acid counterculture.

Nostradamus - 1972 - Nostradamus

[One of the most significant rock bands of the 70s]

- Stelios Fotiadis [bass, vocals]
- Despina Glezou [vocals, guitar]
- Ippocrates Exarhopoulos “Charlie” [guitar, vocals]
- Chris King [vocals]

The band was formed in the early 70s by Stelios Fotiadis, Ippocrates Exarhopoulos and Chris King. In August 1972, Despina Glezou agreed to join them for two months only, in order for the band to take part in Thessaloniki Song Festival. Despina Glezou herself, since 1967, had already accomplished a quite notable career in rock music. Her former collaborations, among others, include working with Giorgos Romanos, Dionysis Savvopoulos and “Bourboulia” , appearing with Socrates and Exadaktylos on the stage of the historical rock club Kyttaro and a former membership in the rock band “Poll”.
Eventually, later the same year [1972], after taking part in Thessaloniki Song Festival with their song “Dos’ mou to heri sou”, they managed to win the first prize, for the best composer’s & the best performer’s debut.
Thereby, their first single becomes a great success in the music market, selling 9,000 copies within a month. After this accomplishment, D.Glezou remains in the band till 1975, however, in 1974, Ippocrates Exarhopoulos and Chris King depart from the band and get replaced by Rena Pagrati and Mihalis Labropoulos.
The band keeps performing in several clubs, like “Elatirio” , with Socrates and Anakara.
A few months later, the band disperses…


Albums: Nostradamus [1972]

Singles: - Dos’ Mou to Heri Sou/ Ta Paramythia Tis Giagias [1973]
- Magiki Politia/ Ti Symveni [1973]
- Itan 12 Pedia/ Mi Milas Gi’ Aftous [1973]
- File Mou/ To Pedi [1973]
- Oneero/ 10 Meres Prin Pethano [1974]
- Ela Konta Mou/ Hlomo Feggari [1974]
- Kai Prepei/ O Kosmos Vouvos [1974]

[The text was modified in english from its original form in]

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Can You Pass the OOF Acid Test?

A lysergic space rock odyssey with psychedelic pop and crazy jams. A freaky journey via Greece, Brasil, France, Germany, UK & USA. For a better comprehension of oneself, a strong harmony with nature, a higher clearness, a sharpening of the senses This mix was made to keep the curiosity going about the music of one of the most creative period of music history (1966-1974). The selection has been focused on acid-rock, when impressively talented musicians blended improvisation, pop, rock, poetry, jazz or traditional medieval music with sincerity and love. The character and feelings of these tracks are striking, as is the use of uncommon instruments: harpsichord, hawaian guitar, electronic sounds and noises, mellotrons and sitar of course... It's about not forgetting these great bands, which on certain tracks -"must-haves"?- proved me, they could be timeless, positive or dark but enjoyable even after countless listenings.

Disc 1~Tracklisting :
01. Joe Meek & The Blue Men - I Hear A New World (1958)
02. The Rolling Stones - In Another Land (1967)
03. Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit (1967)
04. The Byrds - Eight Miles High (1966)
05. The Beatles - Tomorrow Never Knows (1966)
06. Eric Burdon & The Animals - Monterey (1968)
07. Captain Beefheart - Electricity (1967)
08. Pink Floyd - Astronomy Domine (1967)
09. Cream - Tales Of Brave Ulysses (1967)
10. Jimi Hendrix Experience - If 6 Was 9 (1967)
11. Quicksilver Messenger Service - Calvary (1968)
12. Serge Gainsbourg - Cargo Culte (1971)
13. Pink Floyd - Atom Heart Mother (1970)
14. Moondog - I Love You (1971)

Disc 2~Tracklisting :
01. Brian Eno - Driving Me Backwards (1972)
02. Cosmik Jokers - Im Reich Der Magier (1974)
03. King Crimson - 21st Century Schizoid Man (1969)
04. Vanilla Fudge - Some velvet morning (1969)
05. Gentle Giant - Allucard (1969)
06. Soft Machine - Moon In June (1970)
07. Os Mutantes - Avé, Lucifer (1969)
08. Cressida - Asylum (1971)
09. Aphrodite's Child - The System / Altamont (1971)
10. Can - Mushroom (1971) 11. Gong - Oily Way (1974)
12. Dick Hyman - Give It Up Or Turn It To Loose (1969)
INA (french radio archives) - On Marche Sur La Lune (1969)
13. William Burroughs, Timothy Leary & Brion Gysin - wisdom words Outro (1978)
The Litter - Apologies To 2069 (1968)

Gwendal - 1974 - Irish Jig

Track Listings
01. Irish Jig
02. An Dro-Nevez
03. Sopo Song
04. Flop-Eared-Mule
05. Planxty-Birke
06. Bourree Auvergnate
07. Deu Tu Ganeme
08. Me Meus Bet Plijadur
09. Jackson Morning
10. Patrick's Day
11. Pretty-Brown-Maid
12. Texas-Quistep
13. Bourree Saintongeoise
14. Irish-Song

The band forms in 1972 by initiative of Youenn him Berre and Jean-Marie Renard. The first album was not made hope, and left on sale in 1974 with the name of “Irish Jig”. From the first moment it is possible to be appreciated that this group counts on a great multiplicity of influences, from the Irish folk music to the rock happening through the jazz and classic music.

The success was full as far as specialized means critic and sale, which takes to the group to later publish its second LP only a year with the title of “Joe cant's reel”. In this one work the first appearance of the electrical violin of Robert Gall takes place, and tells Him on the illustrations of Claire Bretécher.

At the end of this Gwendal year it incorporates the battery to his compositions, with the Arnaud musician Rogers. The third LP, “Rainy day”, counted on illustrations of Bilal. The fourth work, “4”, leave on sale in 1979 and are the one that closest is to the progressive rock and the jazz.

At the beginning of the 80 years Gwendal it publishes his first disc in direct, engraving in a concert given in Madrid - as it denotes the good welcome that has the Gallic formation in Spain. The evolution of the group is tremendous, and in this period there are some changes. Jean-Marie Renard leaves of side the musical section and it becomes manager of the group, being replaced by François Ovide. In addition, Paul Fort enters the stand for casks to become position of the sintetizadores, whereas Pascal Sarton takes the reins from the low one. Also the battery is replaced, by David Rusaouen.

After all these changes the sixth disc of Gewndal, “Locomo” (1983), has somewhat different airs. “Danse the Musique” follows with that dynamics, and still more after the change of Robert him Gall, that please leaves violón in the low one. In 1989 they publish “Glen River”, who offers very setenteras influences and that the prize of the Academy obtains Charles Cros.

The next disc would take six years in arriving, and “Bread Is Diskan” (1995) gives to a radical turn with the inclusion of instruments and African and Indian rates. From Gwendal it enters a period of rest here in which their members will give rein to more personal projects and will work separately. Nevertheless, the group, by its welcome in Spanish territory, continues maintaining certain activity. Therefore, in 2003 there is a return to the activity with the inclusion of Ludovic Mesnil and Dan Ar Braz that is materialized in 2005 with the LP “War Raog”.

Gaa - 1975 - Alraunes Alptraum

Gaa - 1975 - Alraunes Alptraum

1 Autobahn (6:28)
2 Heilende Sonne (3:55)
3 Morgendammerung (9:52)
4 Tabbert (4:41)
5 Du (5:32)
6 Inspektion (3:55)
7 Warum (6:03)

Gaa Main Performer
Stefan Dorr Drums
Werner Frey Guitar, Vocals
Gunter Lackes Organ, Piano

The first three tracks from 1975 are from an aborted second album, and the last four were recorded about a decade later with some of Gaa's members and others. The first three are classic Gaa, similar to the Uranus material, though with better fidelity, less rough around the edges. The track "Morgendammerung," an instrumental, even stretches further out from Gaa's rock trappings. It starts with a ticking noise and slowly building keyboard tones, moves to a jazzier middle section, and then getts even more funky with a rolling bass riff and odd percussion noises. The newer tracks, recorded one per year between 1984 and 1987, are far more conventional rock & roll; "Tabbert" is excruciatingly mainstream, whereas "Du" and "Warum" are a little better, as the group attempts to capture the magic of earlier Gaa, and "Inspektion" even flirts with synth pop. Needless to say, these tracks pail compared to the 1975 stuff. ~ Rolf Semprebon, All Music Guide

Auf Der Bahn Zum Uranus 1974
Alraunes Alptraum 1999 (recorded 1975)


V/A - War Of The Surf Guitars

A blistering, 32 track compilation of some of the best surf/instrumental bands in the world, compiled by Double Crown and Golly Gee Records. Sixteen tracks from each label, including many rare, unreleased and/or previously vinyl-only cuts. Includes two unreleased Krontjong Devils cuts, two previously vinyl-only cuts from the Boss Martians, an alternate instrumental take of "It's So Easy" by Jonny & The Shamen and unreleased cuts by The Coffin Daggers and The Supertones. An absolute must for any fan of instrumental rock n' roll.
Part1 Part2

Dark Cellars - 1986 - Heavy Syrup

Dark Cellars - 1986 - Heavy Syrup

The Dark Cellars were formed in June of 1984 near a graveyard for the mentally insane at positively 13 o'clock (actually it was Newtonville, but doesn't matter now). - from the liner notes.

New England garage/psych band, sharing members with the whole local garage scene (Keene Highland Klan, Hopelessly Obscure, Johnny & The Jumper Cables, Four Commandments and the rest Stanton Park groups). Aram Heller (owner of Stanton Park recs and member of Hopelessly Obscure) is on guitar and keyboards in these recordings, and Bryn Carlson (who played with almost every Boston band in the 80s) is on drums. This LP, released in 1986 on Alien Cactus Records (ACR THORN 001) comes from the deepest six-o psyche and includes some real killers, as the instrumental Revolution #2, which, if doesn't get you on your feet, there's a strong possibillity that you're dead.

This is a curious LP, indeed. Collecting tracks recording from 1984 toy 1986, it constantly changes mood and direction, from garage to pop to psych and back again. The engaging "Everybody's Girl" kicks things off with a foot tapping garage melody; this is the type of fun song that'll show up on the future compilations explaining what 80's garage thing was all about.
The love of 13th Floor Elevator-styled dementia is inherent, and the lads even throw in a five-an-half minute version of "Roller Coaster" to drive the point home. I especially like the bands imitation The Evevators' "electric jug" sound - this time it's the vocalist making squeaking noises into a microphone!
New England had some fine garage outfits, and some of them weren't afraid to delve into the guitar-driven world of psychedelia as well. Hats off to the Dark Cellars for giving us a dose of both. (Timothy Gassen-Knights of Fuzz).

Bob Cellar - bs
Aram Heller - gtr, kbds
Brad Michaels - vcls, rhythm gtr
Bryn Carlson - drms

track list:

1- Everybody's girl
2- Alone in my room
3- Space Jam
4- Wake up to the world
5- One of those things
6- Revolving doors
7- Let's go
8- If you even knew why
9- Frustration
10- Roller Coaster
11- Revolution #2

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Mandra Gora Lightshow Society - 1996 - Beyond The Mushroom Gate

Great German tripheads. An excellent neo acid – psych – space band.

They have obviously discovered magic mushrooms and want to take you on a sprawling psychedelic voyage filled with trippy late '60's psych and early 70's space rock. This could be the best German release since the 70's !!
Recorded in Dolby Surround so anyone with a home cinema set up can really blow their minds open

From Aural Innovations #8 (October 1999)

This LP is a numbered edition of 1000 copies on 180 gram vinyl with a patchouli scented label! It is also released on CD and recorded in Dolby Surround sound. This is the 3rd full length album by this German band whose roots are mainly in the 60's sound (the way they use the organ) but a lot of the music is full on spacerock with lots of trippy sounds and floating songs. Pink Floyd is also a big influence on this band. The opening number on the record, "I Don't Want To Rewind The Time", starts with some really spacey sounds. The basic song has loads of spaced and fuzzed out guitar and synths that flow in and out over the piano riff. The vocalist is not that great but does not play that big of a role in the band's sound. This song also features some nice saxophone. "Unknown Gem" is a very Syd Barrett influenced song with some really cool spacey synths and lyrics about a guy in a record store telling you that you have found a very rare record and you should buy it but is it really worth it? "Perpetuum Morality" and "The Graduation" finishes side one and are shorter, very 60's style psychedelia. Side Two starts off with "Der Hieronimus Bosch Trip". This song is excellent and starts slowly with guitar and synth sweeps, but soon the freaky organ and vocals roll on it, while a windy background and some backwards guitar fill the landscape. A very dynamic and cool song. This song must be really excellent in the surround sound! "A Common Race" is next and has a bit of the DOORS flavour to it. The album closes with "Magic Rushroam". As you hear cars driving by, the space sounds and guitar slowly roll in and take over and the one line of lyrics is spoken, "Enchanted by the magic cap of wisdom and fun, that fits on your head. Every ordinary place turns to a marvelous space.." Very cool spaced out song to end the album, sort of like your short tripped out journey is ending and you hear the world drive by you. Pretty cool record.

Discover this excellent band and album

V.A. - California Acid Folk

Here a vynil rip of a classic boot. Lots of great bands in, like Byrds, Country Weather and much, much more. Incl. covers. Enjoy.

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Bohemian Vendetta - 1968 - Bohemian Vendetta (garage psych)


(side 1)
01.) Riddles and Fairytales (T. Camp - Bob Cooke) -
02.) (She Always Gives Me) Pleasure (T. Camp - Bob Cooke) -
03.) All Kinds of Highs (T. Camp - Bob Cooke) -
04.) Satisfaction (Mick Jagger - Keith Richards) -
05.) Paradox City (T. Camp - Bob Cooke) -

(side 2)
01.) Love Can Make Your Mind Go Wild (T. Camp - Bob Cooke) -
02.) The House of the Rising Sun (arranged by T. Camp - Bob Cooke) -
03.) Images (Shadow In the Night) (T. Camp - Bob Cooke) -
04.) Deaf, Dumb & Blind (T. Camp - Bob Cooke) -
05.) I Wanna Touch Your Heart (T. Camp - Bob Cooke) -

- Brian Cooke (aka Arthur Muglia) - vocals, keyboards (1966-68)
- Nick Manzi - lead guitar (replaced Richard Martinez) (1966-68)
- Richard Martinez - lead guitar (1966-67)
- Chuck Monica - drums (replaced Richie Sorrento) (1966-68)
- Victor Muglia - bass(1966-68)
- Randy Pollock - rhythm guitar 1966-68)
- Richie Sorrentino - drums (1966-68)

What's the old saying? "Opinions are like assholes. Everyone has one." Well, with that in mind, this is one of a handful albums that we've given a ***** (five star) rating. Without any hesitation, it gets a place on our personal top-10 list.

Growing up in Lynbrook, Long Island, Nick Manzi played in a number of local bands, including The Cavaliers. Manzi and high school buddy singer/guitarist Faine Jade also started playing local clubs as a duo, eventually attracting the attention of Laurie Records, which signed them as writers and sessions players. Manzi and Jade subsequently formed The Rustics who managed to record an instantly obscure 1966 single ("Can't Get You Out Of My Heart" b/w "Look At Me") for the small Ye Old King label. In the wake of The Rustics collapse, Manzi replaced guitarist Richard Martinez in Long Island's The Bohemians. By early 1967 the band opted for a name change. As Bohemian Vendatta they also underwent a series of personnel changes, eventually coalescing with a line of singer/keyboardist Brian Cooke, drummer Chuck Monica, bassist Victor Muglia and rhythm guitarist Randy Pollock.

Having recorded a series of demos, 1967 found the band releasing a one shot single for United Artists ("Enough" b/w "Half the Time" (United Artists catalog number UA 50174). In spite of an appearance on Dick Clark's rate a record television show and a steady stream of club dates opening for a variety of name bands (Vanilla Fudge) The single vanished without a trace, followed in short order by the band's contract. Luckily they were picked up and signed to Mainstream Records.

In typical mid-60s' fashion, "Bohemian" offers up a mixture of band originals and popular rock covers. The covers are certainly okay, particularly their snail's pace meltdown take on The Stones "Satisfaction", though most folks can probably survive without hearing yet another cover of The Animals' "House of the Rising Son". Curiously, though credited as an original composition, "(She Always Gives Me) Pleasure" sounds like a note-for-note rip of Van Morrison's "Brown Eyed Girl". Far more impressive is original material such as the leadoff "Riddles and Fairytales", "All Kinds of Highs", "Deaf, Dumb & Blin" and the stunning "Paradox City" (talk about sounding like a bad acid trip). Credited to T. Camp (?) and singer/keyboardist Cooke, the collection literally drips with that peculiar mix of stabbing organ, meltdown fuzz guitar and demented acid drenched vocals that send psych collectors into a frenzy. All hyperbole aside, the album is easily one of the crown jewels in the Mainstream catalog (and suitably rare and pricey). For true fans, Mainstream also released "Riddles and Fairytales" b/w "I Wanna Touch Your Heart" as a single (Mainstream catalog number 681). Like the parent LP, the single went nowhere.

With Mainstream all but ignoring the LP, Manzi and company had time on their hands, pitching in to help buddy Faine Jade record his debut album "Introspective" on the small RSVP label. Manzi actually co-wrote most of the tracks with Jade. As far as we can tell, it also marked the band's final recording efforts.

Over the years the LP's been booted at a couple of times. We've never heard it, but in 1998 the Distortions label released a collection of rarities, acetates and non-LP sides under the title "Enough!" (Distortions catalog number DR 1038).

Guitarist Manzi subsequently reappeared as a member of Dust Bowl Clementine (always loved that name).

resources :

Download Link :


Sacred Miracle Cave - 1991 - s/t

Sacred Miracle Cave - 1991 - Sacred Miracle Cave

A studio project involving members of the Lazy Cowgirls, the Raunchettes, Clawhammer, and friends, this was a showcase for the songs and vocals of Betsy Palmer (Raunchettes ) and the extreme guitarisms of Keith Teligman and Chris B. Psychedelic as hell, twisted, anguished, goes from libidinous inferno to naive ballad. Full of trippy feedback washed-out songs as well as the usual Betsy pop ballad, this album is a must for anyone looking for underappreciated women in music whose music can make you want to slam your head through a steel door one second and then make you cry the next. Produced by David Roback!
"Totally brilliant, dense sexual stew with extra hot psych sauce."

Sacred Miracle Cave released a few great singles on Sympathy for the Record Industry label, in 1989-90, and then their only LP on Bomb! which includes some of them.

Betsy Palmer vcls
Rob Walther bs
Allan Clark drms
Christopher B. gtr, vcls
Keith Tellingman gtr
David Roback producer
Brett Gurewitz mixing
John Wahl violin

track listing (LP)
Salvation (6:42)
I'll Remain (4:54)
Motor Takes to Sink (6:24)
Ain't No Sunshine (4:09)
The Tub Was White (4:37)
The Ghost of Elizabeth Shaw (3:47)
Heavy Black Noise (5:13)
Cosmic Jimi Link (4:16)
Sister Blue (3:40)

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Majic Ship - 1969 - Majic Ship

01 Sioux City Blues (3:01)
02 Wednesday Morning Dew (3:07)
03 Life's Lonely Road (2:51)
04 We Gotta Live On (3:18)
05 Where Are We Going (2:35)
06 Free (4:20)
07 Down by the River/For What It's Worth (10:54)
08 Nightmare (2:40)
09 Too Much (3:38)
10 Cosmo's Theme (3:45)

Mike Garrigan (Lead Vocals)
Tommy Nikosey (Lead Vocals, Rhythm, Acoustic Guitar)
Rob Buckman (Drums)
Philip Polimeni (Lead, Acoustic Guitar)
Gus (Cosmo) Riozzi (Bass, Organ, Background Vocals)
While on their early singles Majic Ship was a solid pop band who mostly devoted themselves to imaginative interpretations of covers, by the time they cut their first LP in 1970 they'd shifted gears and become a hard rock act with an undertow of pastoral psychedelia, and their self-titled album (the only full-length release from the original band) is an interesting artifact of its era. Lead guitarist Phil Polimeni embraced a warm but fuzzy sound that suggests the influence of Jimi Hendrix and Pete Townsend without the aggressive histrionics of either artist, and vocalist Mike Garrigan was a more than capable blue-eyed soul singer with an admirable sense of restraint on moodier numbers such as "We Gotta Live On" and "Wednesday Morning Dew." When the band turns up the volume on stuff like "Where Are We Going" and "Sioux City Blues," the results are a bit less immediately impressive, since a number of bands were following a similar path at the time, but Majic Ship still has plenty to offer when they rock out. The performances here sound warm and organic, and sway with an easy but impassioned groove, while Garrigan, bassist Gus Riozzi, and rhythm guitarist Tommy Nikosey deliver impressive harmonies. While the 11-minute medley of "Down by the River" and "For What It's Worth" goes on a bit too long and doesn't bear comparison to the originals, Polimeni's guitar work holds it own and the band is able to bring its own personality to the tunes, no small thing. It's probably a mistake to regard Majic Ship as a lost classic from the era when psychedelia was giving way to hard rock, but it's a solid and enjoyable record from a band who had genuine talent and some fine songs; it's not hard to imagine these guys could have become major stars if their luck had been a bit better back in the day. ~ Mark Deming, All Music Guide

Arising out of adolescent garage band the Primitives, which played primitive covers of British Invasion tunes, the New Primitives came together in New York City in 1966, originally composed of a group of high school friends: Ray Rifice (guitar), Tommy Nikosy (guitar), Rob Buckman (drums), and Mike Garrigan (vocals). Soon, the band increased to a group of five with the addition of bassist/organist Gus Riozzi. They kept a busy performance schedule throughout the next few years when their high school commitments allowed it. In 1968, Rifice left the band to attend college, but at about the same time, former '50s crooner turned manager Johnny Mann saw the band live and promised to get them a recording contract. Philip Polimeni replaced Rifice on lead guitar, and the New Primitives became Majic Ship. Mann introduced the band to the Tokens, who produced their first single, "Night Time Music." It became a local hit, even gaining the band some national airplay, as did a second single, "Hummin." After much touring and a couple more singles, Majic Ship found their way to a studio to record their self-titled debut album in the summer of 1969. Majic Ship melded hard rock, pop, and psychedelia in a way similar to fellow New Yorkers Vanilla Fudge. The band continued on for the next couple of years with plans to record a second album, but those plans were nixed when the band's shared house in Staten Island burned to the ground in 1971, taking with it virtually all their recording equipment and instruments. Without any insurance, the band members called it quits. ~ Stanton Swihart, All Music Guide

Cookin' Mama - 1972 - New Day

Yes i know the picture is terrible but .... the music is great

Cookin Mama - 1972 - New Day

This is a pretty original and exciting West Coast rock album, very hard to classify. It's too structurally complex to be blues and rocks way too hard to be rural rock. It's got horns, but they're integrated into the overall sound in a way that makes this no horn band. There are some similarities to the Screaming Gypsy Bandits, though this band doesn't cover as much stylistic ground and are more consistently good. The guitar playing on this record is powerful, and is what takes this way beyond the realm of most commune-type albums. This isn't literally a commune, but the band has about a dozen members, the songs have chorus vocals, and they're definitely hippies. Sherry Foxx, from Oasis and R. J. Fox, is in this band and top billed (which leads to record dealers inaccurately hyping this as a female vocal album), but actually only sings lead on most of one song (she sings the verses). That's a shame, because though the chorus vocals are fine, the guys who sing lead don't have half the personality or excitement as Sherry. It's a blown opportunity, because albums that rock this hard, have no cover versions, and have female lead vocals are rare as hen's teeth. If she had sung all of the songs this would be something special indeed. As it is, it's still a pretty cool album, recommended to people like myself who wish that most of the jammy west coast bands had more upbeat energy. Steve Miller is listed as one of the album's three producers, by the way, and it's quite impressive how many instruments and voices are in the mix without sounding messy. For some reason the liner notes say "no thanks to the Illnois Highway Department". Two original pressings exist with different label designs. [AM]
from acid archives

Track list
01 New Day (T.Thompson/P.Thrall/P.Hann/P.Cuoco) - 5:26
02 Just To Pass The Day (T.thompson/P.Thrall/P.Hann) - 3:03
03 Dice Of Life (P.Thrall/P.Hann) - 4:40
04 Out The Door (P.Thrall/T.Thompson) - 6:24
05 I Don't Fear No Evil (PSALM 23 - P.Thompson) - 5:47
06 Feelin' Good (L.Sarrica/T.Thompson) - 2:59
07 What Will You Do ? (P.Thrall) - 6:42
08 Little Children (T.Thompson/L.Sarrica) - 3:04

Sherry Fox - Vocals Paul Hann - Tenor Saxophone, Percussion, Vocals
Jesse Harms - Organ, Piano, Congas, Vocals
Vince Palazzotto - Drums, Percussion
Lou Sarrica - Bass
Kevin Smith - Vocals, Percussion
Tom Thompson - Guitar, Organ, Bass, Percussion, Vocals
Pat Thrall - Guitar, Percussion, Vocals
Preston Thrall - Percussion
Paul Trousdale - Tenor Saxophone, Flute

Horn arrangement: Steve Strick & Paul Hann

Added personal:
Pat Thrall - Vocals
Steve Nelson - Trumpet
Miles McCleary - Tenor Saxophone
Nancy Paris - Vocals

Dedicated to: Howard Yeremian Sr.

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Dr. Strangely Strange - 1969 - Kip of the Serenes

01 Strangely Strange But Oddly Normal (4:23)
02 Dr. Dim and Dr. Strange (7:34)
03 Roy Rogers (5:38)
04 Dark Haired Lady (4:24)
05 On the West Cork Hack (2:33)
06 Tale of Two Orphanages (3:49)
07 Strings in the Earth and Air (1:53)
08 Ship of Fools (6:18)
09 Frosty Mornings (3:57)
10 Donnybrook Fair (8:43)

An experimental Irish folk group closely affiliated with the Incredible String Band, Dr. Strangely Strange was formed in Dublin in 1967 by vocalist/guitarist Tim Booth and bassist/keyboardist Ivan Pawle (vocals/bass/keyboards). Soon they teamed with multi-instrumentalist Tim Goulding, an aspiring painter, and began living and rehearsing in a house owned by Goulding's girlfriend, backing vocalist Orphan

Annie (a.k.a. Annie Xmas), which its tenants nicknamed "The Orphanage." After signing with the Incredible String Band's producer and manager Joe Boyd, Dr. Strangely Strange debuted in 1969 with Kip of the Serenes. While on tour with Fotheringay, they enlisted drummer Neil Hopwood, and later in the year appeared on the String Band's Changing Horses LP. After 1970's Heavy Petting, Dr. Strangely Strange began falling apart: Goulding left to enter to a Buddhist monastery, while Pawle and Booth teamed with Gay and Terry Woods for a brief tour. The group soon disbanded, but they reunited in 1973 for an Irish tour, and briefly reconvened again in the early 1980s, Eventually Booth established a second Orphanage which became a springboard for a new generation of Irish rock, helping launch the careers of Thin Lizzy's Phil Lynott, Gary Moore and others. ~ Jason Ankeny, All Music Guide

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Tucker Zimmerman - Same title

Tucker Zimmerman - 1971 - Same
First issued by Autogram records and then by Vilagge Thing Records VT13
1. Another Normal Day
2. Freeway
3. A Friend Like You
4. Left Hand Of Moses
5. No Love Lost
6. She's An Easy Rider
7. Amusement Park
8. Back On The Road Again
9. Canary Island Rain
10. Keep That Fire Burning

Here is a link for detailed info

This record is simple gutaristic folk rock with great lyrics... in the Village thing style...people who know the labels sound will understand.
Highily recommended
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Sunlight - 1968 - Creation Of Sunlight

Creation of Sunlight

JERRY GRIFFIN keyb'ds, vcls A

ALBUM: 1(A) CREATION OF SUNLIGHT (Windi ST 1001-1002) 1968 R4

NB: (1) reissued on CD (Mystic 7) 1997 and again 2000. 45: 1 David/The Fun Machine (Windi 1006) 196?

A very rare Southern California pop/psych album with dual organ, fuzz and sunshine vibes similar to Strawberry Alarm Clock. The band were previously known as Sunlights Seven and recorded an unreleased, acetate-only album in Hollywood: Sunstroke, circa 1967. Their repertoire largely comprised of early versions of songs re-recorded for the Creation Of Sunlight album.
(Vernon Joynson/Stephane Rebeschini/Clark Faville)

@320Kbps ENJOY!!!

The Things - 1986 - Outside My Window

The Things - 1986 - Outside My Window

One of the more obscure bands of the Southern California paisley underground scene in the mid-'80s, the Things had three albums released in the mid 80s, two on Voxx and a third on Epitaph. You can find their first (Coloured Heaven, 1984) in Twilightzone, with a semi-negative review by R.Unterberger.
Certainly songwriter/singer/guitarist Steve Crabtree's chief musical inspiration was Arthur Lee, but he managed to make some truly inspired songs and to built a sound, which could distinguish them from the mass. In 'Outside My Window', their best record, Things weren't the crazed Fuzzones or the freaked-out Plan 9, they had a more "cool" approach to psychedelia, not very far from Green Pajamas, though definately more rockin'. They were known in the California scene as fine players with great musicianship, and real good live performers.

'Outside My Window' had a better distribution than their other releases, issued on Voxx and licenced to Hitch-Hyke (Greece) and Lolita (France), though it never had a re-release on vinyl or CD and it's long out-of-print.

Line-up: Steve Crabtree - vcls, gtr, kbds / Larry Klein - gtr, vcls / Bob Wier - bs, vcls/ Roy McDonald - drms, pcsn

Track listing
1 Outside My Window
2 Can't Get Enough
3 Love Is Gone
4 Take the Chance
5 Everytime
6 All Work and No Play
7 You Can't Deliver
8 Look What You're Doing
9 I've Been Nowhere
10 Young and Wild

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