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Monday, October 15, 2007

Dogbowl - 1991 - Cyclops Nuclear Submarine Captain

01 you hit me over my head
02 cyclops nuclear submarine captain
03 south american eye
04 swan
05 ferris wheel
06 toilet!
07 silkworm exploding
08 window fall down
09 float
10 love bomb
11 revolution of the homeless
12 flying saucer over mongolia
13 beautiful trailor park
14 apple mary
15 flower garden bed
16 carnival in the swamp
17 so painful
18 cyclops N.S.C. (reprise)
19 shopping mall

Steven Tunney started his career in the late '80s as the original lead guitarist of King Missile who were then known as King Missile (Dog Fly Religion). He recorded two albums with King Missile and then, after finding the group's erratic, somewhat sarcastic musical direction unsatisfying, left to pursue his own erratic, left-wing endeavors. And Dogbowl was born !

Got released several albums but this one, at my humble opinion, is far away his best.
Cyclops Nuclear Submarine Captain is an album of bizarre love songs. Strange lyrics play over a backdrop of clarinet solos and melody. Dogbowl spares no one in making music that is incredible challenging and very likable at the same time. The core of the songs are pop love songs, but he approaches them with such strange imagery that the music comes alive more than any straightforward ballad could ever. It is really pop music that has mutated into a similar but different entity. The melodies are sweet, but the lyrics and sound are so far removed from anything the average music fan is familiar with.

Dogbowl writes good songs outside any kind of standard convention. Actually I am not the appropriate person to judge this one, cause is one of my fav's ever !
But hey, grab this one, you definitely won't regret it.

Download Link
Dogbowl - Cyclops Nuclear Submarine Captain (1991).rar

Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Eyes - Blink

Here's a solid album for fans of the British Invasion genre, with an infectious raw and garagy sentiment that makes it such an endearing listen.

Blackwell - 1970 - Blackwell

This is a real gem of Psychedelic Rock.

Killer tracks like "Wonderful" and Outside".I discovered it recently but can not find much information or review.

I hope you'll enjoy it as much as i do.

1 - Fake
2 - Dirty Story
3 - Heaven Or Worse
4 - Something Real
5 - Please Mr Jupiter
6 - Almost gifted
7- Outside
8 - Sleepy Weekend
9- Wonderful
10 - Long Long Ago

The Texas rock outfit Blackwell released four singles in two years on the interstellar Astro label, but the band's star never got much beyond regional gazing. John "Rabbit" Bundrick, a keyboard noodler, is the one member of the band to mingle with international rock stardom as a member of Free and part of the Who's outer circle of musical accomplices. Vocalist Glenn Gibson, not to be confused with a well-worn songwriting pseudonym of the '50s, had an extremely appealing voice, one of the main reasons the group's first single, "Wonderful," got heavy airplay in Texas and other numbers such as the 1969 "Outside" have gotten small transfusions from later compilations with far-out titles such as Acid Visions: The Complete Collection, Vol. 1 and '69 Love-In

Grab it cause it is very difficult to be found.

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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Leonard Cohen - 1985 - Berklee Performing Center, 4 May 1985 [Bootleg, 192k]

Leonard Norman Cohen, CC (born September 21, 1934 in Westmount, Montreal, Quebec) is a Canadian singer-songwriter, poet and novelist. Cohen published his first book of poetry in Montreal in 1956 and his first novel in 1963.
Cohen's earliest songs (many of which appeared on the 1968 album Songs of Leonard Cohen) were rooted in European folk music melodies and instrumentation, sung in a high baritone. The 1970s were a musically restless period in which his influences broadened to encompass pop, cabaret, and world music. Since the 1980s he has typically sung in lower registers (bass baritone, sometimes bass), with accompaniment from electronic synthesizers and female backing singers.
His work often explores the themes of religion, isolation, sexuality, and complex interpersonal relationships.
Cohen's songs and poetry have influenced many other singer-songwriters, and more than a thousand renditions of his work have been recorded. He has been inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame and the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame and he is a Companion of the Order of Canada, the nation's highest civilian honor [Wikipedia]

A bootleg from one of my favorite folk artists…
The sound quality is very good

With the download there was a text file, some information from that;
I removed a dozen of small clicks, reduced clapping (only over music), and played a bit with EQ.
t07 [0:37] right channel dropout fixed with a left channel patch (audible, but less annoying than before).

Except for tape flip breaks, seamless. (14 to 14 split seems logical here)

Set One:
01. [6:25.33] Bird on the Wire
02. [5:21.32] The Law
03. [3:49.04] Hey, That's No Way to Say Goodbye
04. [4:54.23] Who by Fire
05. [3:56.38] Coming Back to You
06. [5:17.57] Dance Me to the End of Love
07. [4:25.25] There Is a War
08. [4:57.06] Night Comes on
--- tape flip ---
09. [5:34.05] //The Gypsy's Wife
10. [5:06.42] Diamonds in the Mine

Set Two:
11. [5:06.58] Avalanche (solo)
12. [4:28.21] A Singer Must Die (solo)
13. [5:28.39] The Stranger Song (solo)
14. [5:49.63] Chelsea Hotel #2 (solo)
--- tape flip ---
15. [5:32.17] //Story Of Isaac
16. [5:27.54] Famous Blue Raincoat
17. [6:43.16] Lover Lover Lover
18. [4:50.10] Sisters of Mercy
19. [5:08.03] Suzanne
20. [4:49.39] Hallelujah
--- tape flip ---

21. [6:03.55] I Tried to Leave You
22. [6:01.66] So Long, Marianne
23. [3:20.36] The Captain (read out as a poem)
24. [4:38.44] Memories
25. [4:13.23] If It Be Your Will
--- tape flip ---
26. [5:01.47] Passin' Through (Rob Blakeslee, arr. Leonard Cohen)
27. [7:17.73] Tennessee Waltz (Pee Wee King/Redd Stewart/Leonard Cohen)
28. [4:59.46] The Partisan (Anna Marly/Hy Zaret)

Complete concert.

The band is:

Leonard Cohen - vocals, acoustic guitar
Anjani Thomas - backing vocals, keyboards

Mitch Watkins - guitar, backing vocals
Rob Getman - guitar, pedal steel, backing vocals
John Crowder - bass, backing vocals
Richard Crooks – drums

New link part 1

Link part 2

Link part 3

Thanks Kenwood for this great Bootleg

Style; Folk-Rock, Singer/Songwriter

Friday, October 12, 2007

V.A. - Folk Songs & Minstrelsy

In 1962, CBS records released a large collection of folk songs by some of the most respected folk performers of the day. I don't know what marketing channels were used, but my parents bought a four album boxed set called Folk Song & Minstrelsy. A few years ago, I ripped it to mp3, and arranged it onto 3 cds. 128 VBR and higher.


Track Listing : (with track subtitles from included book)

Disk One
01 Sumer Is Icumen In 1:36 The Deller Consort - Traditional Songs & Ballads of the British Isles- Two English Rounds
02 He That Will an Alehouse Keep 1:16 The Deller Consort - Traditional Songs & Ballads of the British Isles- Two English Rounds
03 Greensleeves 4:51 The Deller Consort - Traditional Songs & Ballads of the British Isles- Love Songs
04 We Be Soldiers Three 1:39 The Deller Consort - Traditional Songs & Ballads of the British Isles- Songs of War
05 Come All Ye Fair & Tender Ladies 3:26 Leon Bibb - British-American Ballads & Songs
06 Squirrel 1:34 Leon Bibb - The American Tradition- American Wit & Humor
07 Cotton-Eyed Joe 1:28 Leon Bibb - The American Tradition- Songs of Love
08 Darlin' 2:24 Leon Bibb - Modern Minstrelsy- Prison & Work Songs
09 Poor Lolette 3:08 Leon Bibb - The American Tradition- Songs of Love
10 The Golden Vanity 3:21 Ronnie Gilbert - British-American Ballads & Songs
11 Go from My Window 2:39 Ronnie Gilbert - British-American Ballads & Songs
12 Johnny Is Gone for a Soldier 2:32 Ronnie Gilbert - British-American Ballads & Songs
13 Spanish Is a Loving Tongue 2:31 Ronnie Gilbert - The American Tradition- Songs of Love
14 House of the Rising Sun 3:34 Ronnie Gilbert - Modern Minstrelsy- Desperate Men & Fallen Women
15 East Texas Red 3:50 Cisco Houston - Modern Minstrelsy- Desperate Men & Fallen Women
16 The Sinking of the Reuben James 3:47 Cisco Houston - Modern Minstrelsy- War & Tragedy
17 Meet the Johnson Boys 1:30 The Weavers - Modern Minstrelsy- Humorous Songs
18 The Wild Goose Grasses 2:50 The Weavers - Modern Minstrelsy- Love Spurned & Love Betrayed
19 Aweigh, Santy Ano 2:27 The Weavers - British-American Ballads & Songs
20 Get Along, Little Dogies 3:19 The Weavers - The American Tradition- Ballads of the West
21 The Erie Canal 2:12 The Weavers - The American Tradition- Work Songs
22 We're All Dodgin' 2:31 The Weavers - The American Tradition- American Wit & Humor

Disk Two
01 The State of Arkansas 3:00 The Weavers - The American Tradition- American Wit & Humor
02 Greenland Whale Fisheries 3:13 The Weavers - British-American Ballads & Songs
03 Eddystone Light 1:18 The Weavers - Traditional Songs & Ballads of the British Isles- Humorous Songs
04 I've Been Driving on Bald Mountain & Water Boy 6:39 Odetta - Modern Minstrelsy- Prison & Work Songs
05 Saro Jane 2:40 Odetta - The American Tradition- Work Songs
06 God's A-Gonna Cut You Down 2:13 Odetta - The American Tradition- Spirituals & Gospel Songs
07 John Riley 3:09 Odetta - Traditional Songs & Ballads of the British Isles- Three Famous Ballads
08 John Henry 3:19 Odetta - The American Tradition- Work Songs
09 All the Pretty Little Horses 2:59 Odetta - The American Tradition- Slavery & Emancipation
10 No More Auction Block for Me 2:27 Odetta - The American Tradition- Slavery & Emancipation
11 The Foggy Dew 5:21 Odetta - Modern Minstrelsy- War & Tragedy
12 No More Cane on the Brazos 3:32 Odetta - Modern Minstrelsy- Prison & Work Songs
13 The Fox 1:58 Odetta - British-American Ballads & Songs
14 He's Got the Whole World in His Hands 2:01 Odetta - The American Tradition- Spirituals & Gospel Songs
15 The Ox Driver 3:00 Odetta - The American Tradition- Ballads of the West
16 Another Man Done Gone 2:26 Odetta - Modern Minstrelsy- Prison & Work Songs
17 I'm Going Back to the Red Clay Country 4:40 Odetta - Modern Minstrelsy- Prison & Work Songs
18 Talking Guitar Blues 2:24 Cisco Houston - Modern Minstrelsy- Humorous Songs
19 Danville Girl 2:29 Cisco Houston - Modern Minstrelsy- Love Spurned & Love Betrayed

Disk Three
01 Old Dan Tucker 1:13 Cisco Houston - The American Tradition- American Wit & Humor
02 The Buffalo Skinners 3:24 Cisco Houston - The American Tradition- Ballads of the West
03 The Streets of Laredo 1:44 Cisco Houston - British-American Ballads & Songs
04 Hard Travelin' 1:49 Cisco Houston - Modern Minstrelsy- Hard Times & the Dust Bowl
05 Bonneville Dam 1:24 Cisco Houston - Modern Minstrelsy- Hard Times & the Dust Bowl
06 Do Re Mi 2:29 Cisco Houston - Modern Minstrelsy- Hard Times & the Dust Bowl
07 The Wreck of the Old 97 1:19 Cisco Houston - Modern Minstrelsy- War & Tragedy
08 John Hardy 2:12 Cisco Houston - Modern Minstrelsy- Desperate Men & Fallen Women
09 The Bold Fisherman 1:33 Ed McCurdy - Traditional Songs & Ballads of the British Isles- Humorous Songs
10 When Cockle Shells Turn Silver Bells 1:38 Ed McCurdy - Traditional Songs & Ballads of the British Isles- Love Songs
11 Frankie and Johnny 3:05 Ed McCurdy - Modern Minstrelsy- Love Spurned & Love Betrayed
12 Lang A-Growin' 3:21 Ewan MacColl - Traditional Songs & Ballads of the British Isles- Three Famous Ballads
13 Virgin Mary Had One Son 2:10 Joan Baez & Bob Gibson - The American Tradition- Spirituals & Gospel Songs
14 Wayfaring Stranger 3:17 Bob Gibson - The American Tradition- Spirituals & Gospel Songs
15 The Hangman, or The Maid Freed from the Gallows 3:43 John Jacob Niles - Traditional Songs & Ballads of the British Isles- Three Famous Ballads
16 I Know an Old Lady 2:51 Alan Mills - The American Tradition- American Wit & Humor
17 Johnny, I Hardly Knew Ye 3:53 Tom Makem - Traditional Songs & Ballads of the British Isles- Songs of War
18 The Whistling Gypsy 3:48 Tom Makem - Traditional Songs & Ballads of the British Isles- Love Songs
19 The Cobbler's Song 2:48 Tom Makem - Traditional Songs & Ballads of the British Isles- Humorous Songs
20 Railroad Bill 1:23 Cisco Houston - Modern Minstrelsy- Desperate Men & Fallen Women
21 The Cat Came Back 2:26 Cisco Houston - Modern Minstrelsy- Humorous Songs
22 East Virginia Blues 2:42 Pete Seeger - The American Tradition- Songs of Love
23 Old Joe Clark 1:55 Jimmy Driftwood - The American Tradition- American Wit & Humor
24 The Unfortunate Man 3:53 Jimmy Driftwood - The American Tradition- American Wit & Humor

Disk 1 :
Disk 2 :
Disk 3 :
NOTE : The above files needs Staffit to extract.
In case that you don't have Staffit in you pc
here is the links in rar files :

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Captain Beefheart - 1970 - Lick My Decals Off, Baby

Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band - 1970 - Lick My Decals Off, Baby

Tracks :
1. Lick My Decals Off, Baby
2. Doctor Dark
3. I Love You, You Big Dummy
4. Peon
5. Bellerin' Plain
6. Woe - Is - Uh - Me - Bop
7. Japan In a Dishpan
8. I Wanna Find A Woman That Will Hold My Big Toe Till I Have To Go
9. Petrified Forest
10. One Red Rose That I Mean
11. The Buggy Boogie Woogie
12. The Smithsonian Institute Blues (or The Big Dig)
13. Space - Age Couple
14. The Clouds Are Full of Wine (Not Whiskey or Rye)
15. Flash Gordon's Ape

Produced by Captain Beefheart himself, Lick My Decals Off, Baby was a further refining and exploration of the musical ideas posited on Trout Mask Replica. As such, the imaginative fervor of Trout Mask is toned down somewhat, but in its place is an increased self-assurance; the tone of Decals is also a bit darker, examining environmental issues in some songs rather than simply concentrating on surreal wordplay. Whatever the differences, the jagged, complex rhythms and guitar interplay continue to amaze. Those wanting to dig deeper after the essential Trout Mask Replica are advised to begin doing so here (be warned: Decals has tended to flutter in and out of print).
~Review by Steve Huey

Captain Beefheart - 1970 - Lick My Decals Off, Baby

The great lost Beefheart album! The Doc continues and distills the madness of Trout Mask Replica. More concise then it's predecessor, this long out of print LP contains some of the Captain's finest, most challenging songs. Considered Captain Beefhearts most fully realized album by no lesser authority then Captain Beefheart himslef.

Captain Beefheart - Lick My Decals Off, Baby @320

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Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Killers - Good Bye (Uruguay 1972)

Sweetly compressed work from one of the greatest groups in Uruguay in the early 70s -- the totally great Killers, a combo we'd rank right up there with We All Together for sheer simple brilliance! The Killers have a sound that leans heavy on fuzzy guitars, but they've also got a sweetness that really shines through too -- a warmth that's a bit like some of the soft rock touches that were showing up in South American bands at the time -- but, as with the best of that scene, still rough enough to be compelling, and not nearly as smooth as mainstream American rock from the time. The tunes here are all in English, with many originals, and are done in a really compelling way -- skipping along with a bottom-heavy groove on a number of tracks, and compressing the guitars next to the vocals with a very groovy flanged-out kind of sound! The album title is telling here too -- as the record was the group's "Good Bye" to Uruguay before going into exile to avoid a repressive government.

1) Good Bye
2) Forever
3) Born to Wonder
4) Wondering How
5) After Nothing
6) Sing a Long
7) Reflections
8) Love the One You're With
9) I'll Get Used to It
10) Looking for a Change
11) Superstar [1970]
12) White Room [1970]
13) Woodstock [1971]
14) Love the One You're With [1972]
15) Breach of Lease [1972]

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V.A - Green Crystal Ties : 60s Garage Band Rebels

A Taste Of The Same - The Bad Seeds

I'm A King Bee - The Bad Seeds

Won't Come Back - The Zakary Thaks

Face To Face - The Zakary Thaks

Gloria - The Illusions
Try - The Illusions
Fun, Fame And Fortune - The Outlaws
Worlds Apart - The Outlaws

Something For Me - The Liberty Bell

Reality Is The Only Answer - The Liberty Bell

My Little Red Book - The Nomads

Situations - The Nomads

People See IV - MICHAEL

My Last Day - MICHAEL

Revolution II - Kubla Khan

Help Yourself - Kubla Khan

My Door (Unreleased Version) - The Zakary Thaks

Green Crystal Ties (Unreleased Version) - The Zakary Thaks

If Rhino's Nuggets box only whetted one's appetite for mid-1960's garageand psychedelic-punk music, the this 10 CD series is your next stop. It augments and improves on Collectables' existing "Cicadelic" and garage-punk CD series, with better masters, improved notes and artwork, and cleverer packaging, which is almost deliberately similar to Rhino's Nuggets box. The idea is basically the same as the old Collectables series, presenting pairs of tracks by otherwise under-appreciated psychedelic acts from the mid-1960's to the dawn of the 1970's. Given that time span, the range of sounds is fairly diverse, from garage punk in a StandellsBlack Sabbath. Volume One emphasizes several bands that will be familiar to Collectables' earlier round of releases, including The Zakary Thaks, The Bad Seeds, and The Liberty Bell, along with some less familiar performers such as The Illusions, the Outlaws, Kubla Khan, and Michael. The Illusions deserve to be more than an unknown quantity for the version of "Gloria" featured here, a sneering rendition with a pair of angry sounding guitars and a pumping bass behind an edgy vocal--the paired up number, "Try, " is just different enough, featuring some harmonies, that one wishes there were a full album of material from this outfit. The Outlaws weren't as fierce sounding an outfit, but they knew how to get a fresh take on the Byrds' sound on numbers like "Worlds Apart." The Liberty Bell's two numbers here couldn't be more different, the slow, folk-rock-ish "Something For Me" paling next to the fuzz-box blow-out "Reality Is The Only Answer" which, it's title aside, is a great piece of high-energy psychedelia. The Nomads, cutting music for Orbit Records in Houston, are represented by a savage version of "My Little Red Book" and one superb original, "Situations," that's like a three-minute teen-punk sneer set to music. Michael was actually Michael Taylor, member of The Bad Seeds, who were one of the better Corpus Christi bands; his singles had a defiant personal edge despite the obvious commercial side to the songs. Kubla Khan's 1970 vintage "Revolution II" and "Help Yourself" retained a '60s punk feel despite running times and (in "Revolution") political sensibilities that would've been a too sophisticated for 1966-67, when it was just enough to complain about life. As a bonus, the disc includes unreleased versions of the Zakary Thaks classics "My Door" and the series-naming "Green Crystal Ties"--loud, crunchy, hook-laden garage punk with a vengeance.

source :

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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

23rd Turnoff – ‘66/’67 - The Dream Of Michaelangelo [320k]

The 23rd Turnoff's name was an in-joke, referring to the exit off the M-6 that led to Liverpool, whence they came. Their history was a bit like that of the Tremeloes or, closer to home, the Beatles, in that their musical lineage went back to the end of the 1950s. With guitarist/composer Jimmy Campbell as their leader, they went through a long (and musically credible) stint as the Kirkbys, before evolving into the 23rd Turnoff, embracing flower-power and psychedelia in the process. Their magnum opus was "Michaelangelo," a gorgeous if somewhat downbeat single that should've fit right in with pieces like "Nights in White Satin," among other melancholic hits. It didn't make the charts, and eventually the group split up and Campbell teamed up with Billy Kinsley to form Rockin' Horse

Although this 21-track compilation is credited to the 23rd Turnoff, in fact it's a combination of recordings by the Kirkbys, the mid-'60s Merseybeat group led by Jimmy Campbell, and the 23rd Turnoff, the more psychedelic band they evolved into in 1967. It reveals Campbell as perhaps the most unheralded talent to come out of the Liverpool '60s rock scene, as he was a songwriter capable of both spinning out engaging Merseybeat and — unlike almost every other artist from the city, with the notable exception of the Beatles — making the transition to quality, dreamy psychedelia. Both sides of all three of the Kirkbys' 1965-1966 singles are here, as well as a bunch of unreleased recordings and outtakes by the group, all written or co-written by Campbell. While there's no obvious hit among them, they're catchy, Beatles-influenced tracks, showing some folk-rock and Revolver influence on the later efforts. The 23rd Turnoff material (much of it previously unissued) is more adventurous, though still retaining Campbell's knack for solid vocal harmony-driven melodies, with "Flowers Are Flowering" sounding very much like Roger McGuinn singing something off Revolver. "Michael Angelo," the A-side of the sole 23rd Turnoff single, is certainly the highlight, and indeed a highlight of 1967 British psychedelia as a whole in its hazy bittersweet swirl; you also get not one, but two unreleased studio versions of the same tune as well. It seems as if Campbell needed just a bit more encouragement, and his groups just a little more studio time, to develop into a notable British psychedelic group that could combine solid pop melodies, sophisticated lyrics and arrangements, and touches of English whimsy. Unfortunately they didn't get that chance, but what's here is satisfying on its own terms, bolstered by thorough liner notes explaining the complicated Campbell/Kirkbys/23rd Turnoff saga []

This is a CD release from 2004

Track list;
01-'Cos My Baby's Gone
02-Don't You Want Me No More
03-Don't You Want Me No More 1
04-She'll Get No Lovin' That Way
05-Bless You
06-Bless You 1
07-It's a Crime
08-I've Never Been So Much in Love
09-Dreaming (demo)
10-Flowers are Flowering (demo)
11-(Not) A Penny in My Pocket (demo)
12-I'll be Round (demo)
13-Michaelangeolo (demo)
14-Another Vincent Van Gogh (demo)
15-Mother's Boy (demo)
16-I'll be With You (demo)
17-You Sing Your Own Song (demo)
18-Michaelangelo (demo version with strings)
19-(Not) A Penny in My Pocket (demo version with strings)
20-Leave Me Here
21-Michael Angelo

Link Part 1

Link Part 2

Style; Psychedelic, Merseybeat

Rhubarb's Revenge - Confessions of a Big Lanky Dope (1973)

Nearly every evening in the early 1970s, a group of friends who called themselves RoadApples (founding members: Greg Shuss, Chris Breetveld, Rob Rothschild, Rich Larsen, and Bill DiMartino with occasional help from Mike Rothkopf, Mick Parmenter, and Shotzie) would meet at Chris Breetveld's "Pink Grass Studios" (otherwise known as his parents' house) in Kendall Park, New Jersey after a couple of the members' second-shift jobs let out. The young men would drink beer and attempt, in their untutored, verging-on-incompetent manner, to play something resembling music. They would inevitably play into the small hours of the night, all the while recording their experiments on Breetveld's Sony two-track reel-to-reel tape decks. After awhile, they began sounding pretty decent.

In early 1973, Breetveld's father announced that he would be moving the family to India for a five-year stint with UNICEF. Realizing that Breetveld would be taking his tape deck with him and thus depriving the other regulars of the musical spoils they had toiled over during the previous few years, the RoadApples decided to print up a dozen or so copies of the music as an LP keepsake for each member. It cost the same to press 100 LPs as for ten, however, so 100 copies of Rhubarb's Revenge or Confessions of a Big Lanky Dope were privately pressed in the fall of 1973 under the name Rhubarb's Revenge. Wondering if he had something commercially viable, Breetveld took the LP to a music publisher on Denmark Street in London (following directions given in the lyrics of the Kinks' "Denmark Street" straight to Tottingham Court Row), the first stop for the Breetveld family on its way to India. The publisher turned him down, as did every subsequent music publisher to whom he took the tapes once the family arrived in New Delhi.

Eleven months after leaving for India, Breetveld returned to the States and teamed up with Shuss, Rothschild, and DiMartino to continue recording music. They recorded under various monikers and in a plethora of styles during this period, including "lost classics" such as the prog-rock wierdness of Send Money (1974), the pure pop of Wet Paint (1976), and Breetveld's rock opera/musical, The Panchilla Gorilla (1979)--none of which were released. Breetveld and Shuss later went on to form the '90s cult pop/rock sensation, the Breetles. The absurdly rare Rhubarb's Revenge album--which, despite its rarity, had found its way across the globe--was reissued by Gear Fab in 1999, with four added bonus cuts that had to be cut from the original LP because of length restrictions. ~ Stanton Swihart, All Music Guide (BUY IT!)

1) Intro
2) Time Of Season
3) Victoria
4) Spaceman
5) Wors of Aaron
6) Lonely
7) Tomorrow Begins
8) When I Feet My Prize Hog
9) Nice Spot In The Dark
10) Avon Girl
11) 2000 Man (Bonus)
12) Prize Hoogies (Bonus)
13) Ohio (Bonus)
14) Roas Apple Jammies (Bonus)


Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Backdoor Men - Sodra Esplanaden #4

1. Out of My Mind
2. Magic Girl
3. Going Her Own Way
4. Dance of the Savages
5. I'm Going Home
6. Are You Gonna Be There (At the Love In)
7. People in Me
8. Stop Stop
9. Another Way of Giving
10. Wasting Time
11. Never Take a Chance
12. Inside Out, Upside Down
13. So Very Young
14. Magic Girl

Taken from AMG :
Collecting everything the band released on vinyl during its lifetime plus a few random bonuses from cassettes, Sondra Esplanaden, Vol.4 has the feel of one of the single-disc artist overviews on Sundazed for bands like the E-Types. Then again, that's probably just the way the Backdoor Men wanted it -- a '60s-obsessed garage/mod band from Sweden that came together in the early '80s, the Backdoor Men were one of many similar groups of the time enthralled with an already long-gone past. But they had it better than most thanks to an absolutely killer debut single, "Out of My Mind," which could have dropped out of a time warp from two decades previously and easily made the cut on the original Nuggets. Frenetic, energetic, brilliantly sung, it's easily the highlight on Sodra Esplanaden, Vol. 3, but much of the rest of the disc has a series of enjoyably derivative treats. Besides three full-on covers -- the Music Machine's "The People in Me,"the Chocolate Watchband's "Are You Gonna Be There (At the Love-In)," and the Standells' "I'm Going Home" -- the band merrily made its way through everything from backward-mask-introduced instrumentals ("Dance of the Savages") to breezily tuneful songs like "Another Way of Giving" that tone down the fuzztone and shrieking for calmer but no less peppy approaches. Based on the screams from the live cuts that make up much of the disc, they had one heck of a following at their height, and the performing in general shows they could kick up the right amount of proto-punk chaos. As is appropriate enough for an artifact of a band that celebrated a musical movement with its own boatloads of artifacts, there are liner notes detailing the whole story obsessively and plenty of photos and ads -- all the minutiae that could make Rhino Records proud.

The Syn - The Original Syn (1962-1969)

The Syn - The Original Syn (1962-1969)

1. Mallard Way
2. Grounded
3. 14 Hour Technicolor Dream
4. Created by Clive
5. Flowerman
6. The Last Performance of the Royal Regimental, Very Victorious and Valiant Band
7. Mr White's White Flying Machine
8. Cadillac Dreams
9. Merry-Go-Round (acetate)
10. The Gangster Opera (excerpts from the rehearsal tape) : Part 1: Chorus / Part 2: Legs Diamond / Reprise
11. I Can't Explain (acetate)
12. Love You (acetate)
13. Illusion: Part 1: Illusion / Part 2: Something's Going On / Part 3: Illusion (Reprise)
14. Chris Squire interview part 1 - Original Syn
15. Chris Squire interview part 2 - Jimi Hendrix Experience
16. Chris Squire interview part 3 - Mod Days and Nights
17. Chris Squire interview part 4 - Syn Progressions
18. Chris Squire interview part 5 - New Beginnings

Mod psychedelic rock from Syn -- the early group featuring Chris Squire that a part of the genesis of Yes -- with a sound that takes a distinctively Brit spin on the spiraling pop psychedelia of the time! The tunes are catchy as can be with good guitar and bass grooves, heavier drums, droning and driving organ, and hooky vocals that often show a sinister sense of humor as well as the mind expanding ethos of the era! Titles include "Mallard Way", "Grounded", "14 Hour Technicolor Dream", "Created By Clive", "Mr Whites Flying Machine", "Cadillac Dreams", "I Can't Explain" (acetate transfer), "Love You" (acetate transfer), "Illusion", "The Gangster Opera" (a 3 part excerpt from rehearsal tapes) and more, plus a long interview with Chris Squire.

Biography by Richie Unterberger
For a band that only made two singles, Syn are quite well-remembered by British rock collectors, principally because two of their members — guitarist Peter Banks and bassist Chris Squire — eventually surfaced in the first lineup of Yes in 1968. Their two singles, both issued in 1967 in the U.K. on Deram, were pretty solid efforts in their own right. These charted their transition from mod to psychedelic guitar rock, rather in the manner of a much more famous British psychedelic cult band from the same era, Tomorrow (with Steve Howe on guitar). Their first single, "Created By Clive," was a foppish Carnaby Street takeoff that the band disliked; the fine B-side, the hard mod pop tune "Grounded," featured high soul harmonies and interplay between organ and sparkling guitar, and was much more indicative of the band's sensibilities.

Their promise really bloomed on their next and last 45, "14 Hour Technicolour Dream," one of the best obscure British psychedelic singles (indeed one of the best British psychedelic singles by any band). Inspired by the 1967 psychedelic London festival of the same name, it was an exhilarating distillation of the best attributes of British pop-psychedelia — a hook-happy ebullient melody, precise harmonies, unexpected structural twists and turns, Who-like drumming, and tasteful guitar distortion — into a compact package. It wasn't a hit, though (in fact it was only used as the B-side of "Flowerman"), and the band broke up in early 1968. Banks and Squire played in another psychedelic band, Mabel Greer's Toyshop, for a few months before becoming founder-members of Yes. The four songs from the Syn singles have cropped up on numerous compilations of British psych-pop rarities; all four, and a demo of "Flowerman," also appear on Peter Banks' Can I Play You Something?, a compilation of odds and ends from bands that Banks was involved with prior to joining Yes.

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Part 1 ~ Part 2
Note : Extract first, part1 separately...
(You will find the original first part inside...)

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Bread - First 6 Albums

More cooking and eating music.... maybe this is not psyche mostly soft rock but still tasty enough for me.

Bread Discography

Bread On The Waters (2005)
Rhino Hi-five: Bread (2005)
Retrospective (1996)
Anthology Of Bread (1985)
Lost Without Your Love (1977)
Best Of Bread (1973)
Baby I'm-A Want You (1972)
Guitar Man (1972)
Manna (1971)
On The Waters (1970)
Bread (1969)

Bread Biography
Bread was a 1970s rock and roll band from Los Angeles, California. They are a primary example of what later was labeled as "soft rock".
David Gates (1940—) (guitar, keyboards, bass and vocals) and Jimmy Griffin (1943–2005) (guitar and vocals) formed the group in 1968, adding Robb Royer (guitar, bass and vocals of Pleasure Faire) before signing to Elektra Records. Their first single, "Dismal Day", was released in June 1969 but did not chart. Their debut album Bread was released in September 1969. It peaked at #127 on Billboard's album chart.

The band became a quartet beginning with their second album, On The Waters, bringing in Mike Botts (1944–2005) as permanent drummer. This time their efforts quickly established Bread as a major act, hitting the mainstream with the #1 hit "Make It With You" in 1970. For their next single, they released a re-recorded version of "It Don't Matter to Me", a song from their first album. This single was a hit as well, reaching #10. Bread began touring and recording the 1971 album titled Manna, which included possibly their most enduring hit, "If".

Royer left the group after three albums to pursue other interests. He was replaced by Larry Knechtel (1940—) (keyboards, bass, guitar, harmonica), a top session player from the Los Angeles scene. Knechtel's credits included records by Elvis Presley, The Beach Boys, The Mamas and the Papas, The Monkees, Jan and Dean, Johnny Rivers and Simon and Garfunkel. In 1972 Bread released the highly successful albums Baby I'm-a Want You and Guitar Man. They enjoyed continued success on the singles chart as well; by the end of the year they had scored their 11th Top 40 hit. However, tensions existed between Gates and Griffin: Elektra Records had been invariably choosing Gates' songs for the A-sides of the singles, while Griffin felt that the singles should have been split between the two of them.

By 1973 the band members, Gates especially, sensed that they had taken Bread as far as they could. Fatigue from constant recording and touring had set in and personal relationships began to show strain. There was also some dissatisfaction with the songs planned for a sixth album. In view of this, Bread decided to disband instead of continuing on. Gates and Griffin then began solo careers, with mixed results. After reuniting in 1976, Bread released the album Lost Without Your Love in January 1977. The title track was the band's last top-ten hit, peaking at #9 on the singles chart. This comeback album was also RIAA-certified Gold®.

Bread toured throughout 1977. By 1978 renewed tensions between Gates and Griffin led the latter to leave the band. During this time Gates also enjoyed success as a solo artist with the hit singles "Goodbye Girl" and "Took The Last Train". He toured with Botts and Knechtel as "David Gates & Bread". This led to a legal dispute with Griffin over use of the band's name, of which Griffin was co-owner. The resulting litigation was not settled until 1984.

In 1996, having settled their differences, Gates, Griffin, Botts and Knechtel reunited Bread for a successful "25th Anniversary" tour of the United States, South Africa, Europe and Asia.

In 2005, Griffin and Botts died aged 61; both deaths were due to cancer.

BREAD 1969

1. Dismal Day
2. London Bridge
3. Could I
4. Look At Me
5. The Last Time
6. Any Way You Want Me
7. Move Over
8. Don't Shut Me Out
9. You Can't Measure The Cost
10. Family Doctor
11. It Don't Matter To Me
12. Friends And Lovers



1. Why Do You Keep Me Waiting
2. Make It with You
3. Blue Satin Pillow
4. Look What You've Done
5. I Am That I Am
6. Been Too Long on the Road
7. I Want You with Me
8. Coming Apart
9. Easy Love
10. In the Afterglow
11. Call on Me
12. Other Side of Love


MANNA 1971

1. Let Your Love Go
2. Take Comfort
3. Too Much Love
4. If
5. Be Kind to Me
6. He's a Good Lad
7. She Was My Lady
8. Live in Your Love
9. What a Change
10. I Say Again
11. Come Again
12. Truckin'


1. Welcome To The Music
2. The Guitar Man
3. Make It By Yourself
4. Aubry
5. Fancy Dancer
6. Sweet Surrender
7. Tecolote
8. Let Me Go
9. Yours For Life
10. Picture In Your Mind
11. Don't Tell Me No
12. Didn't Even Know Her Name


1. Mother Freedom
2. Baby I'm-A Want You
3. Down On My Knees
4. Everything I Own
5. Nobody Like You
6. Diary
7. Dream Lady
8. Daughter
9. Games Of Magic
10. This Isn't What The Governmeant
11. Just Like Yesterday
12. I Don't Love You


1. Hooked on You
2. She's the Only One
3. Lost Without Your Love
4. Change of Heart
5. Belonging
6. Fly Away
7. Lay Your Money Down
8. Chosen One
9. Today's the First Day
10. Hold Tight
11. Our Lady of Sorrow

Peace and Love

The Deviants - 1967 - Ptooff!

The Deviants – 1967 – Ptooff!

Tracks :
01 Opening (0:10)
02 I'm Coming Home (6:02)
03 Child of the Sky (4:34)
04 Charlie (3:58)
05 Nothing Man (4:23)
06 Garbage (5:38)
07 Bun (2:44)
08 Deviation Street (9:03)

Talk today about Britain's psychedelic psyxties, and it's the light whimsy of Syd Barrett's Pink Floyd, the gentle introspection of the village green Kinks, Sgt. Pepper, and "My White Bicycle" which hog the headlines. People have forgotten there was an underbelly as well, a seething mass of discontent and rancor which would eventually produce the likes of Hawkwind, the Pink Fairies, and the Edgar Broughton Band. It was a damned sight more heartfelt, too, but the more some fete the lite-psych practitioners of the modern age (they know who they are), the further their reality will recede. Fronted by journalist/author/wild child Mick Farren, the Deviants spawned that reality. Over the years, three ex-members would become Pink Fairies; for subsequent reunions, sundry ex-Fairies would become honorary Deviants. And though only Russell Hunter is present on Ptooff!, still you can hear the groundwork being laid. The Pink Fairies might well have been the most perfect British band of the early '70s. The Deviants were their dysfunctional parents. In truth, Ptooff! sounds nowhere near as frightening today as it was the first (or even 21st) time out; too many reissues, most of them now as scarce as the original independently released disc, have dulled its effect, and besides, the group's own subsequent albums make this one look like a puppy dog. But the deranged psilocybic rewrite of "Gloria" which opens the album, "I'm Coming Home," still sets a frightening scene, a world in which Top 40 pop itself is horribly skewed, and the sound of the Deviants grinding out their misshapen R&B classics is the last sound you will hear. Move on to "Garbage," and though the Deviants' debt to both period Zappa and Fugs is unmistakable, still there's a purity to the paranoia. Ptoof! was conceived at a time when there genuinely was a generation gap, and hippies were a legitimate target for any right-wing bully boy with a policeman's hat and a truncheon. IT and Oz, the two underground magazines which did most to support the Deviants (Farren wrote for both), were both publicly busted during the band's lifespan, and that fear permeates this disc; fear, and vicious defiance. It would be two years, and two more albums, before the Deviants finally published their manifesto in all its lusty glory — "we are the people who pervert your children" — during their eponymous third album's "People Suite." But already, the intention was there. (
This is the first Deviants' LP and what a proper masterpiece it is! You'll find their other records posted here too but this one wasn't, so I thought I should do the job. What sets Mick Farren's Deviants apart from the most other bands of the era and places them up there with The Velvets, is their (proto-)punk aesthetics. I mean, hey, just look at the pic above! Moody looks? A friggin whip?? This is definitely no hippie crap!! Anyways, this is the 1995 Alive Recs reissue ripped using EAC/LAME 3.97 (VBR --preset fast extreme). Cheers! - K

Get it Here :
RapidShare :
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Previous Deviants Posts :
Deviants - 1968 - Disposable
Deviants - 1969 - No. 3

Various Artists - Maidens In The Moor Lay Vol. II

From folk to psychedelia
In this second collection the folk element is still present, but this time psychedelia is the queen. Again, all selections have women on vocals. With two exceptions, all are from recent releases (i.e from the 21st century).

Jessica Bailiff - The Hiding Place (Jessica Bailiff)
Damon & Naomi with Ghost - The Great Wall (Damon & Naomi with Ghost)
Goblin Market - El Dorado (Ghostland)
Kendra Smith - Earth Same Breath (The Guild of Temporal Adventurers)
Wooden Wand & The Vanishing Voice - Caribou Christ In The Great Void (Xiao)
Fern Knight - Awake, Angel Snake (Music for Witches and Alchemists)
Espers - Daughter (Espers)
Iditarod and Sharron Kraus - The Trees Are All Bare (Yuletide)
Lau Nau - Jos Minulla Olim (Kuutarha)
Fit & Limo - Gopher Hat (A Garland of Flowers and a Bunch of Herbs)
Fursaxa - Veeho (Madrigals in duos)
Natural Snow Buildings - Wandering Souls (The Dance of the Moon and the Sun)
Greenpot Bluepot - untitled 2 (Warraw)
Buried Civilization - As Cold As The Clay (Tunnels to Other Chambers)
Majessic Dreams - Have to Go (Majessic Dreams)

Well, I wouldn't call Jessica Bailiff psychedelic, but in this song you can hear how she uses the sitar in her arrangement. A classic comes next - Damon & Naomi with the great guitar of Ghost. Green Pajamas-related, Goblin Market in a pop-psych song and after this two masterpieces: the first from Kentra Smith from 1996 and the second from from the very prolific Wooden Wand, guiding us to the sky. While flying we can listen to the light-as-feather tunes from Fern Knight and Espers, before we go in the gloomy 'The Trees Are All Bare' - an Iditarod song with Sharron Kraus on vocals. Lau Nau in a strange way marry the folk of her frozen country with a certain eastern touch, into which Fit & Limo who follows are wholeheartingly sinking (in an Incredible String Band way). After this comes maybe the most promising artist of our time. Fursaxa's early abums were like magical music boxes and now she's evolving into an unbelievable human-nature unity. The french duo Natural Snow Buildings offer a great psyche tune, while Natalie LeBrecht, as Greenpot Bluepot manages to remind us of the unparalleled 'Birdboys' of Penelope Houston. Buried Civilizations comes from the Jewelled Antler family and the selection closes with a Swedish band, living in Copenhagen - if I got it right.
I wish I had more reactions on these. You want them more psychedelic-oriented or more folkish? Do you want any of these at all? Please let me know.

You can choose between one long mp3 and the
15 individual songs in a rar file.

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Tears On The Console - Holyground The Works Volume Nine

This album by Chick Shannon and The Last Exit Band is Number 9 in the Holyground Works Volumes of Re-Releases of rare records by UK (mostly Folk) artists.

Steve Channing & Lazy Days (aka Chick Shannon and the Last Exit Band) UK 1975 release of "Tears In The Console" was originally titled The original release was called "Tears In The Console (Sweat On The Strings)". 250 copies of the original vinyl were pressed and mostly sold in the Wakefield area of the UK. It was re-released in 1990 on vinyl and now it is available on CD. I was lucky enough to pick this up very cheaply today in our local market. I also managed to get Holyground The Works Vol 2 Number Nine - Bread Street, but I saw a link to that on this site, if anyone wants a Lost In Tyme rip - just ask and it will be uploaded, I already scanned in the covers.

Tracks on the album:
Original Side One:

01 - The Stealers (Channing)
02 - Cornflower Blues (Levon)
03 - Tears On The Console (Levon-Channing)
04 - Peach Of A Love (Channing)
05 - Brand New Day (Channing)

Original Side Two

06 - Living In The City (Channing)
07 - No. 5 Along From Reds (Levon-Channing)
08 - Get Down To It (Channing)
09 - Call The Shots (Channing)
10 - Play Like A Band (Levon-Channing)


from the Tears sessions, (out takes)

11 - No Point At All (Channing)
12 - Dust Blues (Levon-Channing)

from other early sessions

13 - The Bully (Channing)
14 - Like Decent Folks Do (Channing)
15 - White Knight (Channing)

recorded 2004

16 - Heart Of The Storm (Channing)
17 - Echoes Of Holyground (Levon-Traditional)

The performers were :
Chick Shannon (Steve Channing)
John 'Basic' Priestley (Dave Wilson)
Tom Viking (Alan Robinson)
Clayton W Weste (John Shepard)
Zeppo Van Heere (Mick Spurr)
Len Shannon (Mike Levon)
'Kumsi' (Chris Coombs)

Here is what the original cover looked like:

Tracks 1-10 @320
Tracks 11 - 17 @320 Complete with Scans

Part 1 Re-Up
Part 2 Re-Up

Utopian Fields - 1989 - Utopian Fields

Utopian Fields - 1989 - Utopian Fields

Tracks :
A1 ...Of A New Life
A2 Sun :
a) The Porchway, b) Vision Of Our Life
A3 Wishful Thinking In The Garden Of Eden

B1 Cloudless Sulphur
B2 Metamorphosis Sunrise Of God's Creation

In the year 1989 Norwegian progressive rock label Colours released Utopian Fields debut album as their very first release. The bands second and last album was also released by Colours, in 1990.

The main format for the releases from Colours was the vinyl LP, and both of Utopian Fields albums exist on vinyl only.

Utopian Fields had expectations for a career in progressive rock. Yet they wasn't around for so long. Their music was inspired by the classic progressive rock from the seventies. And mainly marked by a gentle, relaxed atmosphere with a little bit of sadness. Nice music to relax with.

Acoustic guitar is extensively used. Very tasteful. Or, as the label wrote in their catalogue about the second
album: "Strong duelling guitars, often acoustic, dreamy organ and a curious rhythm section makes this a progressive feast." (but that was a commercial of course). For Norwegian visitors I have to mention, just for fun, that the singer on the second album is Bard Tufte Johansen. Today, well known comedian on our television (Lille Lordag, Apen Post). And he sings good too. ~alie

source :

Tom Inge Andersen -Bass
(Abductur Mongus + Captain Cumulonimbus And His Wondrous Cloudship + Carvus + COTG + Gentle Touch + Harstad Progressive Rock Ensemble + Sanatorium)

Tor Dahl -Gitar
(COTG + Scream Opera)

Atle Bystrom Olsen -Gitar
(Chris Eckman + Host (Svensk band) + Midnight Choir)

Tor Oyvind Follegg -Keyboards
Geir Wetle Holtan -Trommer
Lars Fredriksen -Vokal
Kjersti Tunem -Floyte
Ronny Bystrom Olsen -Munnspill
(Midnight Choir)

Bard Tufte Johansen -Vokal
Benjamin Grinilia -Vokal, gitar
(Carvus + COTG + Sanatorium)

More info (not in English..)

Band's Myspace :

Get it here @ 192
Utopian Fields - 1989 - Utopian Fields

Joan Jett & the Blackhearts - 1981 - Bad Reputation [192k]

By playing pure and simple rock & roll without making an explicit issue of her gender, Joan Jett became a figurehead for several generations of female rockers. Jett's brand of rock & roll is loud and stripped-down, yet with overpowering hooks — a combination of the Stones' tough, sinewy image and beat, AC/DC chords, and glam rock hooks. As the numerous covers she has recorded show, she adheres both to rock tradition and breaks with it — she plays classic three-chord rock & roll, yet she also loves the trashy elements (in particular, Gary Glitter) of it as well, and she plays with a defiant sneer. From her first band, the Runaways, through her hit-making days in the '80s with the Blackhearts right until her unexpected revival in the '90s, she hasn't changed her music, yet she's kept her quality control high, making one classic single ("I Love Rock 'n Roll") along the way.

Joan Jett's debut album is an infectious romp through her influences, ranging from classic '50s and '60s rock & roll through glam rock, three-chord loud'n'fast Ramones punk, and poppier new wave guitar rock. Half the songs on the original album (not counting bonus tracks on the remastered reissue) are covers, but whether it's Lesley Gore's feminist girl-group anthem "You Don't Own Me" (featuring the Sex Pistols' Steve Jones and Paul Cook) or a roaring version of Gary Glitter's "Do You Wanna Touch Me (Oh Yeah)," Jett makes them all work. The production can be a little weak in spots, but Jett's exuberance and tough-girl attitude overcome most deficiencies. Plus, the title track is a classic. []

Track list;
01 - Bad Reputation
02 - Make Believe
03 - You Don't Know What You've Got
04 - You Don't Own Me
05 - Too Bad On Your Birthday
06 - Doing All Right With The Boys
07 - Do You Wanna Touch Me (Oh Yeah)
08 - Let Me Go
09 - Shout
10 - Jezabel
11 - Don't Abuse Me
12 - Wooly Bully


Style; Rock & Roll

The Ceylib People (US) - 1968 - Tanyet

The Ceylib People (US) - 1968 - Tanyet

1. Leyshem (Deasy)
2. Zendan (Deasy)
3. Ceyladd Beyta (Deasy)
4. Becal (Deasy)
5. Ddom (Deasy)
6. Todda BB (Deasy)


1. Dyl (Deasy)
2. Ralin (Deasy)
3. Tygstl (Deasy)
4. Pendyl (Deasy)
5. Jacayl (Deasy)
6. Manyatt Dyl Com (Deasy)

The Ceyleib People

LYBUK HYD gtr, sitar A

1(A) TANYET (Vault 117) 1968

NB: (1) was also released in Germany with a different sleeve (Polydor International 623262) 1968. Reissued on CD (Drop Out Records DO CD 1991), with both mono and stereo versions on one CD.

1 Changes/Ceyladd Beyta (Vault 940) 1968

A West Coast group, most of whose personnel went on to greater achievements. Osborne, as a member of The Dillards and later as a session musician for Simon and Garfunkel among others; Knechtel as a member of Bread and session musician for Dave Mason, Lee Michaels, Art Garfunkel and Neil Diamond among others, and Cooder, of course, has made many significant solo albums and done session work for numerous artists.

The album is an excellent collection of Indian-influenced instrumentals.

Compilation appearances have included:
"Changes" on Beyond The Calico Wall (CD)
"Ceyladd Beyta" (rare alternate 45 mix) on Everything You Always Wanted To Know... (CD).

(Vernon Joynson/Stephane Rebeschini)

Get it here @HQ VBR

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Various Artists - Maidens in the Moor Lay

A collection of 14 acid-folk songs, sung by women

Cutters, Dealers, Cheaters - Janet Bean & Concertina Wire (Dragging Wonder Lake)
End-In-Tow - Walkabouts (Cataract)
She Looked Down - Mick Wills (Fern Hill)
N.C. - Myra Holder (Four Mile Road)
Wild Mountain Thyme - Penelope Houston (Birdboys)
Gallows Song/Gallows Hill - Sharron Kraus (Songs of Love and Loss)
Maiden in the Moor Lay - Meg Baird (Dear Companion)
The Falling of the Pine - Iditarod (The Ghost, The Elf, The Cat and The Angel)
Silver Dagger - Dame Darcy (Dame Darcy's Greatest Hits)
The Butcher's Boy - Half Asleep (tribute to the anthology of american folk music by harry smith)
Winter of Frosen Mornings - Tower Recordings (Folkscene)
Freight Train - Clay Alison (Fell From the Sun)
Long Black Veil - Bedlam Rovers (Squeeze Your Inner Child)
Kali Nichta (Good Night) - Courage Of Lassie (This Side of Heaven)

Some of the songs are traditional, others are not, some of the artists are well known, others are not, but they all share the feeling of folk music. This selection starts with two rather fast tunes, 'Cutters, Dealers, Cheaters' from the first album of Janet Bean (Eleventh Dream Day and Freakwater) and 'End-In-Tow' from Cataract -maybe the best release of Walkabouts. Then comes the lenghty 'She Looked Down' from Mick Wills, a long time companion of Nick Saloman (or Bevis Front), a song that defines the term 'Acid-folk', sang by Jenny Brown. I won't go in detail on every song, let's just hear those great voices singing. I'll just mention that the music slowly goes more dreamy until the Tower Recordings track, and then to more conventional forms with the two traditionals from Clay Alison and Bedlam Rovers. I can't resist to say that my lovely Dame Darcy gives to 'Silver Dagger' an underwater, spooky feeling, an absolute must-hear version.

You can have this in a long mp3 track here
or the usual rar file with the individual tracks here

Mayo Thompson - 1970 - Corky's Debt To His Father

Mayo Thompson - 1970 - Corky's Debt To His Father

Tracks :
1 The Lesson (2:39)
2 Oyster Thins (6:00)
3 Horses (3:09)
4 Dear Betty Baby (3:47)
5 Venus in the Morning (2:30)
6 To You (2:50)
7 Fortune (2:11)
8 Black Legs (3:50)
9 Good Brisk Blues (3:07)
10 Around the Home (2:50)
11 Worried Worried (5:03)

Review :
Although this, to put it mildly, is not a record for mainstream tastes, it nevertheless may be more palatable to pop ears than any of Thompson's numerous Red Krayola records. With a folkier bent than his group projects, Thompson projects himself as a lovable oddball of sorts, stringing together free-associative, non-sequitur lyrics against chord progressions and time signatures that, as is his wont, refuse to adhere to accepted norms.
Much of it's rather catchy (if not hummable), though, with a whimsical sense of fun that makes it impossible to dismiss as pretentious artsiness.
~ Richie Unterberger, All Music Guide

Bio :
Thompson is primarily known as the leader (and only constant member) of the Red Krayola, the long-running underground band that initially made their mark on the '60s psychedelic scene, and went on to become noted players in the post-punk era. In 1970, he released a little-known album under his own name, Corky's Debt to His Father, for the small Texas Revolution label.
By and large it's as unclassifiably oddball as his Red Krayola stuff. But on the whole it's more accessible and, in a way, rather charming, its off-kilter, folk-rock sensibility bearing some similarities to the work of Syd Barrett
~ Richie Unterberger, All Music Guide

Get it here @ High VBR's_Debt_To_His_Father.rar

Thanks Daniel for this one !!!

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Farmers Union - 1978 – Reunion [320k]

Farmers Union: a flower in her bud broken?
Set up as an occasional formation Farmers Union played for a half year professional, with a repertoire that consisted of traditional English folk, completed with own material.
This was exported mainly electric and in its time [1972] the group was pretty unique.

A number of disastrous events followed each other; a chain collision in the Velsertunnel damaged the bus so that after a gig in Delft it totally broke down. Piet Kok got jaundice and could not perform for 6 months. This meant the end of the group.

Farmers Union had been stopped then well, but all members appeared to find their way in the music world very well; Liedwien Schaper started as a singer in Manacle Trust, Piet Kok a successful solo career as Pete Cox, Nanne Kalma with Irolt the foundations for a Frisian folk-movement, for the first time Frisian sung folk on vinyl!, Sido Martens ultimately proofed himself in the Dutch band Fungus and built after that a reputation as a solo artist

At the instigation of the ex manager Sjoerd Couperus they started with rehearsals for a Farmers reunion that would take place in it with closing threatened youth centre 'Hippo', on the Queen's Birthday 1978. A whole day music of Irolt, Manacle Trust, Pete Cox and Sido Martens, with as a closing act of an unique reunited Farmers Union

And what a reunification! With a lot of enthusiasm, the old familiar numbers were never played as sparkling as before. The enthusiastic reactions of the public made them decide to make this LP, the circle is around, the bud has emerged to a flower.
[A translation of the story on the back of the album]

Track list;
01. Merlin's melody
02. Once I had a sweetheart
03. Johnson boys
04. Lovesong
05. Phantasmagoria in two
06. Jese James
07. I listen to the morning
08. Hero of the fairytaleland
09. Ragtime millionaire
10. Children of darkness
11. Omie wise


Style; Folk

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La Vida (Mexico ) - 1971 - La Vida

La Vida (Mexico ) - 1971 - La Vida
Grupo Frey (LP 07)

Tracks :
1 Around Me
2 Touch Me
3 Words Of King
4 Sharon
5 History Man
6 Listen My Song
7 Rollin Baby
8 The Life Is Golden
9 Coffe And Milk
10 Open The Door
11 Peace Of Mind

Essential Mexican album from 1971.
A fantastic blend of psychedelic rock and garage punk with great Doors / Seeds like keyboards and freaky wah wah guitar sounds that clash with funky Latin American percussion.
If you dug the Mexican Kaleidoscope album then you'll also like this !

Musically similar to the Kaleidoscope album
with absolute KILLER fuzz tracks and top-notch swirling organ madness.
A great and essential garage psych rock album that is one of the jewells of South America.

Get it here @224

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