Saturday 31 May 2008

FELT - Same ( US Psych Prog Rock 1971)

This is a classic album. A true must-have LP.

Link :

Line-up :
Allan Dalrymple (rip 197?) : keyboards
Tommy Gilstrap : bass
Myke Jackson : guitar
Stan Lee : guitar
Mike Neel : drums, percussion

Tracklist :
(side A)
1.) Look At the Sun (Myke Jackson) - 3:18
2.) Now She's Gone (Myke Jackson - Mike Neel) - 5:29
3.) Weepin' Mama Blues (Myke Jackson) - 4:40
4.) World (Myke Jackson - Mike Neel) - 5:36
(side B)
1.) The Change (Myke Jackson) - 10:10
2.) Destination (Myke Jackson) - 6:43

A great example of 60s-70s heavy psych and blues rock. A little of the Beatles when they were in their progressive stage and not doing pop music. A little Led Zeppelin. A little of the best psych and blues rock bands of the era. Heavy guitar, organ, good harmonies and strong lead. All the tracks are great.

Highly recommended !!!!!


Elliott P. Appleself said...

Hi, I'm doing some research on this band (Felt) for a US magazine and I was wondering if you had any information about their members' whereabouts, etc. I was pleased to see that you were enthusiastic about their music, I really think it's an overlooked psychedelic masterpiece.

Please let me know if you have any information. I look forward to hearing from you.



imnotgod said...

Hi Natalie,

Sorry I don't have more informations about that great band and its members.

I only bought their Akarma reissue on CD and there are very few infos available.

Thanks for your comment.



imnotgod said...

Other informations available on these links :

Tomz said...

Maybe try to contact with this man:

Tommy Gilstrap, the bassist