Friday 30 May 2008

STEEL MILL - Green Eyed God ( UK - 1972 )

Very great Hard Progressive Blues Rock from these English guys.
All the songs on this album are just awesome and there are some focus/tullesque flute and subtle sax here and there.
This album got a German release on Bellaphon (BLPS 19105) in 1972 but had to wait three more years for a UK airing, by which time they'd split.

Line-up :
Dave Morris (keyboards, vocals), Jeff Watts (bass), Chris Martin (drums), Terry Williams (guitar) & John Challenger (woodwinds)

Tracklist :
1 Blood Runs Deep 5:13
2 Summer's Child 4:21
3 Mijo and the Laying of the Witch 7:49
4 Treadmill 3:56
5 Green Eyed God 9:41
6 Turn the Page Over 3:48
7 Black Jewel of the Forest 6:00
8 Har Fleur 0:44
Bonus Tracks
9 Get on the Line 4:12
10 Zang Will 3:43

Truly an unknown masterpiece.
Very highly recommended.
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Thanks for posting all this amazing music.