Monday 13 November 2023

Emily Bindiger - Emily (1972 US Psychedelic Folk masterpiece released in France on Pathé)


Recorded in Paris by a 16 year-old New Yorker, and released only in France, this extremely rare album has been acclaimed as a psychedelic folk masterpiece. With sensitive backing from local progressive rockers Dynastie Crisis, the eight self-penned songs feature delicate arrangements and lyrics that show remarkable maturity and depth.

Listen : B2. Song of Decision

B3. Old Lace (to John)

A3. Jesus Said

& B1. Born Again

A4. My Mother's House

This is truly a lost gem !
The music is mainly vocals, piano, acoustic guitar and flute.
A real masterpiece highly recommended to all psych folk lovers !!!

A holy grail among psych collectors in an excellent condition !

Record : EXC
Cover : EXC (see pictures)
Price : 280,00 Euros (+ the expedition costs by registered parcel calculated by the Belgian Post)
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