Thursday 12 June 2008

BIGLIETTO PER L'INFERNO "Same" ( Italian Prog 1974 )

This first album from “Biglietto Per L' Inferno” should please the Jethro Tull fans. Especially if, like me, you are keen on their harder side. Because this album is a well balanced mix between true and beautiful Italian prog and some hard-rocking scents.
Biglietto Per L’Inferno came from Lecco Italy in the early 70s and are most known for this collection on the heavier side of Italian prog. They employed dual keyboards here along with acoustic and electric guitars, flute, bass, drums and vocals with an Ian Gillan edge. While I don’t speak Italian I have read repeatedly that the lyrics on this album are impressive. Many people consider this one of the very best Italian titles.
The sound quality is often savaged by reviewers and while it is poor by today’s standard it is certainly listenable. I’ve heard much worse.
If you love Italian prog don’t let the sound quality criticism stop you if the album sounds to your taste.

Musicians Line-up :
Giuseppe "Baffo" Banfi / Organ, Moog
Giuseppe Cossa / Piano, Organ
Mauro Gnecchi / Drums
Marco Mainetti / Guitars
Fausto Branchini / Bass
Claudio Canali / Vocals, Flute, Flugelhorn

Track Listing :
01. Ansia (4:12)
02. Confessione (6:30)
03. Una strana regina (6:12)
04. Il nevare (4:36)
05. L'amico suicida (14:23)
06. Confessione (3:31)
Total Time : 39'24"

Another must have LP in the rich history of Italian progressive !!!

New link (thanks to MutantSounds) : ("Biglietto Per L'Inferno" + "Il Tempo Della Semina" in this file)

It's my Italian fav besides Museo Rosenbach's Zarathustra !!!

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Timo said...

…and it's my Italian fav next to Il Balletto di Bronzo ”Ys”! Alright, I shouldn't get too ahead of things as it's only the third listen so far, but I'm really out of words trying to comment it. All I can say that it's like a film.

I saw a snippet with a great band photo on youtube (with a scythe), and a few seconds with a looming organ made me look up the album in its entirety, and I'm glad I did so: hearing just one song would not do this album justice in a hundred years. It's bizarre how many things are going on there, and I can't believe they actually make it all work.

By the way, the file has only 5 tracks at 34.50 for the debut (not 6 as listed).
Doesn't matter to me, I'm buying this. Grazie mille!

I haven't listened to the second album yet, I need to know the insane debut properly first.