Friday 13 June 2008

EMTIDI - Saat ( German Acid Psych Folk 1972 )

Besides Broselmaschine, Holderlin, and Lang'Syne, this is perhaps the best of the four top albums of 70's german psych-acid-folk era.

Track Listing :
1. Walkin' in the Park (6:27)
2. Träume (3:15)
3. Touch the Sun (11:42)
4. Love Time Rain (2:43)
5. Saat (4:07)
6. Die Reise (10:04)

Line-up/Musicians :
Maik Hirschfeldt (Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Synthesizer, Flute, Cymbals, Vibraphone, Muzzle Drums)
Dolly Holmes (Vocals, Organs, Electric piano, Piano, Mellotron, Electric spinet)

With:- Dieter Dierks (Percussions, Bass and help with Mellotron)

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A must-have LP !!!

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