Friday 13 June 2008

FENNER LELAND & O'BRIEN - "Peace In Our Time / Somewhere, Someday, Somehow"

2 albums on one CD: Fragile US late '60s loner hippy psych/folk/rock albums that have a strangely bewitching quality. Two rare albums that were originally only pressed in limited quantities.
Featuring acoustic instruments, great fuzz guitar work, percussion, keyboards and introverted countercultural lyrics.
A real period piece that will appeal to any US '60s collector.

They came from Hamilton/New York and they made two superb albums of psychedelic and lowkey downer folk.
The group members were Rich Fenner (gtr, drms, vcls), Jim Leland (lead gtr, piano) and Wick O'Brien (keyb'ds, organ, bs, vcls).

Track listing :

[Peace In Our Time / 1969]
01. Peace In Our Time
02. The Song Of Love, The Song Of Life
03. Fair Weather Woman
04. Pretty Peace
05. Goodbye Youth
06. I'm Tired
07. Stop And Think
08. Base Details
09. People We Know

[Somewhere, Someday, Somehow / 1970]
10. Uncle America
11. Dirge
12. You Can't Deceive The Rain
13. High And Dry
14. Double Image
15. Hey Mister
16. Come Hell Or High Water
17. I Cry Alone
18. Death On Maple Avenue
19. Where's My Life Going
20. And To All
21. Epoch

Two links for two albums on 1 CD :

Very highly recommended for all psyche-folk lovers !!!

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