Friday 6 June 2008

SPRING - Same ( Progressive UK 1971 )

This album is an excellent LP of a fine band that played progressive rock in the Early 70’s. The second LP was in progress when the group disbanded and was released recently, but it is a not complete work.The technical capability of the musicians (the music was recorded “live” in studio with the only overdubbing of the guitars) and the sound characterized by the omnipresence of a mellotron create a little masterpiece of the genre.

Track Listings :
1. The Prisoner (Eight By Ten) (5:34)
2. Grail (6:44)
3. Boats (1:53)
4. Shipwrecked Soldier (5:08)
5. Golden Fleece (6:59)
6. Inside Out (4:49)
7. Song To Absent Friends (The Island) (2:47)
8. Gazing (5:54)
Total Time: 39:48
Bonus tracks on Repertoire re-issue (1994) :
9. Fool's Gold (6:26)
10. Hendre Mews (7:14)
11. A World Full Of Whispers (3:57)

Line-up/Musicians :
Pat Moran / Vocals, Mellotron
Ray Martinez / Guitars, Mellotron
Adrian 'Bone' Maloney / Bass guitar
Pick Withers / Drums
Kipps Brown / Piano, Organ, Mellotron

I don't know why I love this album so much. No flute, no sax, no violin, nothing special to catch my ears. Except mellotron all over the way. But all the elements add up to a very great result. It's really one of my top favourite records. I don't understand why such a gem stayed so long in the dark.
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