Monday 2 June 2008

MUSHROOM - Early One Morning ( Irish Progressive Folk Rock - 1972 )

Mushroom is an Irish group who formed in Dublin in 1972.
Their only release, Early One Morning, is a blend of progressivism and Irish folk music.
This album is a truly brilliant piece of musical excellence. The traditional aspect of their music is mixed with undoubted rock influences.
Some classic tunes include Liathdan (along with it's counterpart Crying), and the second side of this disc is almost all memorable rock riffs mixed with fantastic flute reels and minor chordage, such as Standing Alone, Johnny The Jumper, Potters Wheel & King Of Alba.

Line-up/Musicians :
Aengus McNally / guitars, tin whistle, vocals
Colm Lynch / percussion, bodhran, wind and wood chimes, vocals
Alan Brown / bass, 12-string guitar, vocals
Michael Power / organ, harpsichord, moog, vocals
Pat Collins / violin, electric violin, vocals

Tracklist :
01. Early one morning (2:37)
02. The Liathdan (4:17)
03. Crying (3:53)
04. Unborn child (3:44)
05. Johnny The Jumper (3:04)
06. Potters Wheel (2:20)
07. Standing Alone (5:36)
08. Devil Among The Tailors (2:44)
09. Tenpenny Piece (3:28)
10. Drowsey Maggie (3:57)
11. King of Alba (4:17)
Total Time: 39:57

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Another lost foundationstone of both British folk-rock and Prog Folk, and anyone interested in the development of either genre should check this out.

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