Monday 2 June 2008

STRING DRIVEN THING - The Machine That Cried ( UK Progressive 1973 )

Fondly remembered, if only by a select few, String Driven Thing were Scottish progressive rockers whose appeal rested largely on the scrapings of their classically trained violinist, Grahame Smith (who joines later VDGG). Nothing jaunty or celtic, mind, his style was almost Mogadon morose. With leader Chris Adams supplying the suitably dark and troubled musings, their crowning moment came in 1973 with "The Machine that Cried". Charisma, their label at the time, considered it a little too grim for public consumption and forced a few key changes. This, though, is the band's own restored version and a fine, creepy period piece it is too, never more so than on Heartfeeder and the epic, if flawed, River of Sleep, which was cut to ribbons first time around.

Line-up/Musicians :
Chris Adams / guitars, vocals
Pauline Adams / vocals percussion
Colin Wilson / bass, guitars, banjo
Grahame Smith / violin, viola
Billy Fairley / drums, congas

Track Listing :
1. Heartfeeder (6:39)
2. To See You (3:58)
3. Night Club (5:05)
4. Sold Down The River (4:29)
5. Two Timin' Rama (3:10)
6. Travelling (2:55)
7. People On The Street (6:03)
8. The House (2:37)
9. The Machine That Cried (5:19)
10. River Of Sleep (11:11)

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Re-posted by Chrisgoesrock with 4 Bonus tracks :
11. River Of Sleep
12. If Only The Good
13. Its A Game
14. Part Of The City
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Wonderful violin parts and excellent vocals, it's one of my favs for all times.


bobbysu said...

thank you very much

Anonymous said...

Thank you! My Father-in-law was reminiscing about this band this morning and didn't believe me when I told him I'd found it for him.

Alex B said...

Sorry, but it´s a weak, weak album. Prog?! A collection of creepy balads with a taste of (bad) southern rock.

imnotgod said...

It's your opinion Alex and I respect it !
That doesn't mean I agree with you.
Progressive music is not only Yes or Kansas !

I won't remove any word of my initial post.
It's one of my favs for eternity !

carioca brazil said...

thank you !

Anonymous said...

Great album. Thanks for posting it!

Anonymous said...

This is still one of the best albums I have bought - even today I listen to it (on CD) (words / melody / violin / vocal inc Pauline fantastic