Friday 13 June 2008

EUPHORIA - Lost In Trance ( US Psych Rock 1973 )

Another band called Euphoria, this time from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This is a heavy rock album with lots of fine guitar work, particularly on the title track, Lost In Trance, the most psychedelic cut, and Enchanted. All the songs on the album were written by lead guitarist D. Walloch.
This rare album is worth seeking out.
Heavy psych with somewhat biker vibe, raging agressive Fuzz-guitar leads with great echoey-reverb effects ,true sledgehammer bass ,crunching drums ,very melodic tunefull vocals.
A Must for all 70's heavy psych enthusiasts.

Tracklist :
01. Brotherhood
02. Just for a Moment
03. Lost in Trance
04. Oriental News
05. Enchanted
06. Middle Asian Lament

New link :

I discovered this one since a few weeks, really amazing !!!


Stefan said...

can't download of any of those mirrors :(

could you please re-up? :)

imnotgod said...

A new link is available now !


Stefan said...

wow, that was fast :D
i already had the album, but i lost it because of a headcrash or something... thank you! i love you ;)

Anonymous said...

The download didn't work. Blank file :(

imnotgod said...

I just tried the megaupload link and it is still working ...
Please try it again !