Monday 2 June 2008

JUNGLE - Same ( US Psychedelic 1969 )

Nothing is known about this excellent late sixties band.
Early Morning Rising, Slave Ship, House Of Rooms and Gray Picnic are all loaded with nice guitar and organ, even frantic (if somewhat inept) drumming on occasion. The tracks have an atmospheric, open quality and the recording is superb.
This is a lost gem !!!

1 - House Of Rooms
2 - Somewhere Sweet Memories
3 - Gray Picnic
4 - Changes I'm Going Through
5 - Early Morning Rising
6 - Slave Ship

I really love it and if you like Gandalf, Common People, New Dawn, Felt, ... you can't miss this one !!!

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Enjoy and leave me your comments

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mscmichael said...

Excellent post, very rare as well. Thanks.