Friday 25 July 2008

Will O The Wisp "Ceremony of Innocence" Greece - 2004

A dreamy psych folk masterpiece from Greece.

3rd full length by progressive psych-rock band from Greece is their masterpiece.
"Ceremony of Innocence" creates dreamy atmospheres with male and female vocals, swirling organ, strong electric guitar leads and floating flute parts.

Studio Album, released in 2004

Track Listings
01. Smoke Suspended In The Still Air…
02. The Rabbit Under The Teardrop's Shade(of Alice)
03. Shadows Of Daylight
04. The Reaper's Paper Boat
05. Hew A Dream In The Twilight
06. Haze Secrets
07. A William Blake's Song
08. Fairies Waltz

Takis Barbagalas (Electric & Accoustic Guitar)
Aggelos Gerakitis (Vocals)
Dina Nassi (Organ , Piano)
Costas Pagonas (Bass)
Nikos Manousopoulos (Drums, Percussion)
Nikos Chalikias (Flute)
Guest : Sofia Rapti (Vocals)

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I really love it !!!