Monday 2 June 2008

MYSTIC SIVA - Same ( US Psychedelic Masterpiece 1971 )

This legendary US '60s psych monster that under the right influences will destroy your head!

This quartet from Detroit (1970) created one of the most wanted artefacts in the psychedelic collectors scene. The music was recorded in 1970. With an average age of 17 those "teenage Sivas" showed best quality in songwriting playing their instruments and creating an own sound.

Awesome US psychedelia Masterpiece: Spooky go-go organ, acidy guitar lashes, strong powerfull vocals. (Review taken from, great thanks)

Tracklist :
01 Keeper of the Keys 4:27
02 And When You Go 4:53
03 Eyes Have Seen Me 3:28
04 Come on Closer 3:26
05 Sunshine is Too Long 3:17
06 Spinning a Spell 3:25
07 Supernatural Mind 4:18
08 Find Out Why 5:45
09 Magic Luv 3:28
10 Touch the Sky 3:54
11 In a Room 5:29

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, it will blow your mind !!!

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Anonymous said...

First, id like to say thank you. I started getting into late 60's psychedelic about 3 years ago and while there are many great bands, i was confined to the usual (Pink Floyd, The Doors, Beatles etc.) they are great but since finding this blog I just cant believe how many amazing albums you have shown me. So thank you.

By the way, I was mystified when I first listened to Zerfas, I have found a new favorite album

Anonymous said...

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Its really great.

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