Monday 8 September 2008

CRASH COFFIN - Same (US Psych - 1974)

Crash Coffin is a fellow from Ohio who put together a band and recorded ten of his songs on a local label back in 1970. Crash had a good grasp on singing, storytelling and songwriting as well as a working knowledge of various musical genres.

This wellknown LP has a couple of great moody psych tracks with excellent vocals like "Alone together" and "God loves the loser", but also some less appealing stuff and is a rather inconsistent backwoods trip all over. The mix of styles is unlikely to make anyone enjoy this from start to finish, but there are some great moments nevertheless.

Track Listing :

01. Massochist Blues
02. Lilly
03. Amazon Jungle
04. God Loves The Loser
05. Get Back In The Kitchen
06. Alone Together
07. Freedom Cake
08. Electric Dog
09. Looney Polka
10. Blue Kazoo


Even if I don't like the whole album, however I decided to post it here because it contains two of my favourite tracks for the eternity : "Alone Together" & "God Loves The Loser" which are absolute semi-heavy psych monsters.
Enjoy !!!


imnotgod said...

New link - re-uploaded on megaupload !
5th of october 2008

Thomas Coffin Jr said...

This is my grandfather, his music is truly amazing, and love hearing him perform them even today

Thomas Coffin Jr

Anonymous said...

Thanx a lot!

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Anonymous said...!BIkRGZRC!tWrTJBsPpX2VXOgSWJKZFQ

new link

imnotgod said...

Thanks to the anonymous friend for this new link !