Monday 8 September 2008

GURNEMANZ - No Rays Of Noise (Kraut-Folk - 1977)

This is an awesome album of progressive folk-rock from German group Gurnemanz.
Very much in the style of UK folk-rock ala Fairport Convention or Spriguns, singer Manuela Schmitz has an amazing voice and could give Sandy Denny a run for the money! The male vocalist, Lukas W.Scheel, has got a real Fairport-y delivery also. The musicianship is stellar and the songs, whether sung in English or German, are great. The version of John Barleycorn is one of the best I've heard.
Track Listings :

01. What a Day it is (3:10)
02. Libelle (3:27)
03. Der Schwartenhals (3:43)
04. John Barleycorn (6:29)
05. Givers and Takers (2:51)
06. Morning Song (3:58)
07. Dublin (3:14)
08. Deep Sleep (2:40)
09. Different Ways (2:25)
10. Mattelotte/Kupferschmied (2:40)
11. Die Auswanderer (3:01)
Total Time 37:38
12. My Friend (2:52) (studio 1976)
13. Tra Na Rossan I (2:55) (live 1979)
14. Tra Na Rossan II (3:03) (live 1979)
15. Another Morning (3:44) (live 1978)
16. Among The Rice Fields (5:05) (live 1979)
17. Rain Song (2:07) (live 1979)
18. Wanderer (4:06) (live 1979)
19. November (2:15) (live 1979)
20. November Tea (3:17) (live 1979)
21. Vetrieben (4:15) (live 1978)
22. How Much Love (4:43) (live 1979)
Bonustracks 40:22
Total Time 78:00
Line-up/Musicians :
- Lukas W.Scheel / guitar, vocals, mandolins, banjo
- Manuela Schmitz / vocals, tin-whisles, percussion, recorder, kazoo
- Siegfried Bushuven / bass, kazoo
- Wolfgang Riedel / guitar, backing vocals, percussion, harmonica, bouzouki, flute, kazoo
Not to be missed by anyone who likes the music of Fairport Convention, Steeleye Span, or Mandy Morton/Spriguns !!!


Krzysztof Ryszard Wojciechowski said...

can you re up this one?

Krzysztof Ryszard Wojciechowski said...

can you reup this one?

Unknown said...

Hi there man.
I was directed to your amazing site by Jim Willey of Azure records Canada - a beautiful soul.
It was good to see the Pete Brown & Piblokto there. I bought the cd re-is about 10 years back, but I grew up with it on vinyl - the guitar playing!!!
It's a 5 star in my book, although I generally love anything Pete Brown does AND writes.
I can't get a linkl to download:
GURNEMANZ it says link ids broken.
The same with IKARUS, but Jim helped me with that.
If I didn't tell you before, although I probably did, I posted your blog about COLD SUN onto Merrell Fankhauser who is now a very close mate of mine - he likes my Art, I like his music.
He was delighted and passes on his thanks to you.
Maybe you could email me a link for:
I suppose I've emailed you what I don;t have of 'Krautrock' but what I'd love to hear before I die. I'm one of your REAL penniless Artists, so I can't just go out and buy cd re-issues.
Although I always spent any spare cash (before cd's) trying to acquire ANY German Rock.
Your site again I say is great.
I went to the one you recommended 'Standin' At The Crossroads', but I'm 54, not well, and just couldn't find anyway to communicate about my German Love Affair. I also couldn't find anything about GURNEMANZ.
Watched & recorded doc about Peter Green (who I have met) at weekend. Thank FUCK it was about him, and not Fleetwood Mac - meaning the softrock re-incarnation. I got him to sign my vinyl copy of 'Then Play On' I told him in my opinion it was one of the greatest rock albums ever. He was happy for me to say all this, he said, "I think we had fun doing that, but I can't really remember"!
If you can, please help me to hear my last little list of unheard Krautrock, I'm not well enough to endlessly search - I've had pneumonia 3 times in last 6 years, diabetes, 2 nervous breakdowns, and I'm a bloody good Artist who doesn't make a penny,
Cheers, Alistair

Anonymous said...

Re-Up please

imnotgod said...

Here are two new links : (Part 1)

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