Saturday 20 September 2008

DICKENS - Royal Incarnation (French Organ-Driven Psych - 1969)

French psychedelic rock - did it exist? Yes, but not exactly in abundance, and mainly restricted to singles and EPs (Les Goths, Tac Poum Systeme). One of the few exceptions to this is the ultra-rare album by Dickens. These guys were probably well acquainted with the US underground bands, at least judging from "Ange De Lune", a French adaption of a song recorded by the American group Genesis. Apart from that, the group played their own material, with great guitar and organ driven psych comparable to the heavy LA sound (Iron Butterfly and Doors). Serge Baumer later played in the group Treponem Pal.

Track listing :
01 - Cataclysme
02 - Genese
03 - I Wanna Love You
04 - Ange De Lune
05 - Reve Et Fumee
06 - Genocide
07 - Ain't Got..And That's Better
08 - Sugar Woman
09 - Opus

Line-Up - Musicians :
André Chabloz - vocals
Jean-Claude Tissot - guitars
Jacques Minary - keyboards
Jean-Claude Bertin - bass
Serge Baumer - drums


Really interesting release ! Listen to "Génocide" - A must !!!
Recommended to all Psych-Prog lovers !

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