Tuesday 2 September 2008

Nigel Mazlyn Jones "Ship to Shore" (UK Folk Masterpiece - 1976)

Beautiful and incredibly rare debut album by this UK underground legend still going strong today. Made by a UK folk rock artist often compared to early John Martyn, Nick Drake and Mick Softley the album is filled with haunting tracks featuring electric and acoustic guitar, violin, cymbals and sublime vocal harmonies. The centrepiece of the album is the epic title track, but tracks like the uplifting 'Follow Every Sunset' and the opening 'Singularly fine Day' are waves of summer magic.

Pure class that's highly recommended to lovers of UK folk rock !!!

Track listing :

01. A Singularly Fine Day - 5:23
02. Take Me Home - 6:23
03. The Man And The Deer - 5:36
04. Follow Every Sunset - 3:45
05. How High The Moon - 3:29
06. Reality - 3:42
07. Port Quin Song (The Lady On The Beach) - 3:43
08. Ship To Shore - 11:31
Bonus tracks (Kissing Spell reissue)
09. All Brave Men - 7:13
10. The Hunter And The Lady - 6:23
11. Hunters Tale - 2:29
12. Ships Tales - 1:28
13. Neap Tide - 1:42
14. High Tide - 1:47
15. Frozen Waves - 2:49

Nigel Mazlyn Jones - guitars, bass, waves, vocals
Dik Cadbury - basses, vocals
Johnny Coppin - guitar, vocals
Alleyn Menzies - drums
Jerry Riley - guitar
Rob Lloyd - guitar, mandolin
Martin Mitchell - violin

New link : http://www.mediafire.com/?2ypsbdgdloiu8xn

Amazing release. In the title track, Nigel Mazlyn Jones reminds me Peter Hammill's best intimist and dramatic moments !!!

Don't miss it !


zappahead said...

With a name like that...how could he have missed out.....nah, his voice and guitar playing are excellent. Pity he never got the recognition he deserved.....thanks for the share.

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New link on mediafire :
Enjoy !

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Thanks, your god! (bad joke).

Clive said...

I missed it :(

any possible re-up? :)

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