Sunday 7 September 2008

PERRY LEOPOLD "Christian Lucifer" (US Psychedelic Folk - 1973)

This LP was originally recorded in 1973, and it was a tragedy that it never got released. It was a classic psychedelic-folk recording with the artist Perry Leopold at his very peak of creativity. Incredibly the originally tapes were reused after the studio was sold and then a few mix down tapes were scavenged to put this LP (and CD) together by Gear Fab Records.

Leopold's voice is confident and smooth as silk, which lends an airy dreamy ambiance to the compositions. The combination of richly textured instruments such as the flute, bassoon, and cello serves as the perfect compliment to Leopold's vocal style and gentle and warm guitar playing. You may be reminded of some other great groups of the past when you hear this album. CSN&Y comes to mind for their heavenly harmonies and beautiful memorable folk-rock tunes. Fans of The Byrds and Buffalo Springfield may find something to key in on while listening to this as well.

This is one of the finest disregarded recordings that I have ever heard. Thanks to Gear Fab to changing the course of history, and for all of their hard work in keeping the spirit of this music alive. And above all, thanks to the creator Perry Leopold for giving us a much needed blast from the past to credit him with the importance and credibility of his artistry.

Track Listing:
01. Sunday Afternoon in the Garden of Delights (8:51)
02. The Windwill (8:58)
03. The Starewell (4:17)
04. Serpentine Lane (4:30)
05. The Annunciation (5:10)
06. The Journey (6:47)
07. Vespers (5:33)

Charles Cohen - Mini Moog
John Gillaspie - Bassoon, Recorder, Clavinet
David Goldblatt - Cello
Stan Slotter - Flute
Sam Rudin - Percussion, Bongos
Mike McCarthy - Bass (Electric), String Bass
Perry Leopold - Guitar, Arranger, Vocals
Bill Zino - String Bass
Enjoy, it's a pure delicate gem !!!

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Elliot Knapp said...

Thanks for posting both versions of the album art! I just reviewed this one too on my music blog.