Saturday 17 December 2022

Stephen Raley - Won't You Hurry Us Home ... Wish We'd All Been Ready (Excellent 1972 US Xian Loner Folk LP on Angelus)


Totally obscure Californian loner folk psych issued on Angelus (same label than Fraction).
Deep introspective vocals with a Perry Leopold feeling.
Very rare album ... and a little masterpiece !

Listen : B1. Silent and Lonely

A1. Won't You Hurry Us Home

B5. Souls to Give

A2. I Could Just Go On Living 

A6. Woman At The Well + B4. Cobblestone      


Recently discovered excellent early 1970's Xian folk private on the Angelus label.
This is (in my opinion) one of the 10 most significant Christian folk records ever released.
About half the tracks have a darker Tim Buckley-like loner folk edge, but really the whole thing is great. This would certainly be listed in Acid Archives if they ever did a 3rd edition.

A rare and wonderful LP in a flawless condition ! Don't miss this one !

Record : EXC+
Cover : EXC+ (still in shrink - see pictures)
Price : 750,00 Euros (+ postage costs by registered parcel calculated by the Belgian Post office)
Payment : PAYPAL only
Contact :


Anonymous said...

Stephen Raley here. Thanks for the wonderful write up. I’ve been told by a used record store in San Francisco that it is a collectible, but I had no idea. Actually 2,000 were made.

imnotgod said...

Great thanks for your kind words Steve !
I'm living in Belgium and we've already been in touch before.
Ten years ago you even sent me a CD with your 1990's recordings.
Forever I'll be your biggest fan !

Nikolaj said...

Been looking for a copy forever. Do you have still have some?

imnotgod said...

Unfortunately it's my last exemplary !

Stephen Raley said...

No all sold out.