Friday 22 August 2008

CROOKED OAK "From Little Acorns Grow" (Excellent UK Folk - 1976)

Original UK LP on the Folkland label with catalogue number FL 0102.
This is a private pressing from 1976.
This is now a very rare and highly rated UK folk LP with acid and progressive inclinations.
Superb in every way.
Personnel :
Steve Evans : Guitar, Mandolina and vocals
Paul Rogley : Whistle, Mandolina and Cittern
Barry Walker : Fiddle
Amazing album, with great whistle and fiddle solos, vocal harmonies and eleven lovely songs.
Track list :
01. Hold The Lantern High
02. Jimmy Clay
03. Lord Inchyquinn. Fairmoyne Lasses, Sporting Paddy
04. The Morning Lies Heavy On Me
05. Paddy's Green Shamrock Shore
06. The Morning Dew And The Oak Tree
07. Cold Hard Town
08. The Village Fool
09. Kilfonora Jig
10. Green Mountain Home
11. Air; Song Of The Lonesome Boatman
I'm posting it here because it's one of my favs since months and this unknown gem would deserve a wider audience !!!
Especially posted for Dominic ( Aumgaia's guitar player ) ; enjoy it !!!


Anonymous said...

Hi, I was the production assistant for this album (and made the sandwiches!). I was wondering what happened to the band. The producer,Theo Johnson, died some years ago, so I also wonder what happened to the tapes.
Rosalind Buck

imnotgod said...

Hi Rosalind,
Even if you made the sandwiches for the band, this would have been an amazing experience!

Sorry I can't give any answer to your questions.
I found these digital files on another blog. It's such a wonderful album that I decided to post it here again !
But I don't know anything about that band, neither what happened to the tapes.
I'm truly sorry because I think this one really deserves a reissue on CD.

Anonymous said...

I, George Welch, was a member of Crooked Oak after the album was made. I remember Ros and Theo when we started making the second album in Kingston on Thames. Steve moved to Nigeria and we don't see him much. Paul Bagley moved to France. Keith Davison is a local MP. Alan Green makes furniture in Northumberland and I have just acquired Steve's old Sobell cittern. I haven't a copy of the first album and I would love a copy of it on CD or whatever.
George Welch

Anonymous said...

Hi I'm Steve Evans Co Founder Member of Crooked Oak with Paul Bagley. Band was formed in 1972 resident at South Tyne Folk & Blues in South Shields.

Band expanded to 3 piece in 73 when Jim Fraser (Acoustic Bass) Joined the band. Jim left the band 74 and was replaced by Andy Dutfield (Guitar, Cittern & Vocals) The Band played at "Folkland" in London and were instatntly signed up by Theo Johnson where we recorded "From Little Acorns Grow" with Barry Walker on Fiddle after Andy had left the Band.

Barry was replaced by George Welsh and some monthe later Paul Dickman joined the band to make it a 4 piece. The band recorded a second album with Folkland Records called Back to the Roots but was never released. Recording included Keith davison on Northumbrian pipes who was joining to replace Paul bagley who had moved overseas. Aftyer the recording George & Paul left the band and Alan Green joined to make the original line up a three piece again.

The Band recorder for ERON Records "The Foot O Wor Stairs" which was to be the Bands last Album

Someone asked about the Tapes, I have the tapes from all 3 Recordings in the house in UK.

These days I Live & Work In Nigeria



Anonymous said...

Dear Steve, Dear George,

I am searching for the members of the album Crooked Oak - From Little Acorns Grow for quiet a long time.
I have found 2 messages from you on a blog, so hopefully this will reach you.

My name is Thomas Hartlage, I am from Germany and run the SHADOKS MUSIC label.
We are doing reissues of rare and good records from all over the world since nearly 20 years now with over 150 releases.

I would love to put out this album again on LP and CD. If you are interested in a record deal please get in touch with me so we can continue talking about a possible release. I just love this album very much and it deserves a good reissue.

All the best,
Thomas Hartlage

imnotgod said...

New link :

Don't miss the Shadoks reissue for this one !

funf said...

From Facebook today:
Dave Ismay: I was very upset to hear of the passing of my old mate Steve Evans when I returned home yesterday.
Steve was a survivor who brought joy to all and his presence at Copshaw [ Newcastelton ] and Rothbury Festivals will always be a treasured memory. Here is what I believe to be one of his finest performances in a video amended for this sad day

imnotgod said...

R.I.P. Steve ...