Monday 11 August 2008

BOB SMITH "The Visit From Bob Smith" ( US Superb Psychedelic - 1970 )

This is a classic psych album in every sense: trippy effects, phased/wah'd guitars, searing leads, wasted vocals/subject matter and the obligatory 'experiment' pieces, tho' these are not as prominent as you'd figure knowing that this is a double lp.
Despite the title, this is not a solo album by any means, as Bob Smith had a large backup band that featured members of the Mothers of Invention.

Track listing :
01 - Please - 3.14
02 - Don´t Tell Lady Tonight - 3.09
03 - Constructive Critique - 4.43
04 - Ocean Song - 4.50
05 - The Wishing Song - 5.04
06 - Can You Jump Rope - 5.47
07 - Latter Days Matter - 3.31
08 - India Slumber - 7.47
09 - Source You Blues - 6.02
10 - Sunlight Sweet - 3.10
11 - Of She, Of Things - 3.17
12 - Mobeda Dandelions - 3.18
13 - The Path Does Have Forks - 5.25
14 - Try, Try To Understand Yourself - 3.22

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Another incredibly unknown gem !!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this post. Of its time, and like many obscure albums which change hands for silly money, it's a fine record but wouldn't be praised so highly if it were freely available. Having said that, it's still a great find for anyone who like guitar-oriented California Bay Area psyche.

Steve Fischler said...

The availability or unavailability was due to the fact that the original Kent pressing was for 10,000 units and there wasn't another pressing.

I managed this group when this lp dropped.

I have 4 sealed copies that I have been offered over $350 ea. for, an acetate,(only one in existence), that we shopped this group with.

That I have been offered a lot more than $350.

Steve Fischler

Steve Fischler said...

You looking for a new copy of this LP.
Contact me, I co-managed the group.

I have a couple sealed copies on the KENT label packed away.

Anonymous said...

Simon House

Anonymous said...

if this wasent a solo album ,who played the guitar parts . was it bob smith.or someone else.

imnotgod said...

Credits :
Bob Smith - Lead guitar, Vocals
Captain Keyboard - Keyboards, Vibes
John Latini - Bass
Stan Keiser - Flute
Don Preston - Mellotron, Moog
Skip Schneider - Drums
Mike Degreve - Guitar
James Curtis - Hand Drum
Larry Chapman - Violin

Steve said...

OK, I never thought I'd do this but I am. As I said before I was one of the managers of this group. Yes, I still have a few sealed lP's for sale but I have a one of a kind that puts those to shame.
Before changing their name to BSATV, they were known as Silverskin right up until we recorded The Visit Lp.
We made a demo acetate @ Columbia Records in 1970 and that is the record we used to shop the deal.

Now, I am really to sell the ONE OF A KIND ACETATE

Just a fan said...

Up on Ebay right now, both the one of a kind original acetate that started it all, plus a sealed copy of ''Bob Smith and The Visit...