Friday 29 August 2008

LOVE "Forever Changes" - US Psychedelic Masterpiece - 1967

I 'm sure most of you already know this masterpiece. But as it's one of my favs for times, I can't let it out of my blog.

One of rock's most overlooked masterpieces, this third album by the L.A. folk-rock outfit led by inscrutable singer-songwriter Arthur Lee sounds as fresh and innovative today as it did upon its original release in 1967. With David Angel's atmospheric string and horn arrangements giving the work a conceptual underpinning, Lee explores mainstream America's penchant for paranoia ("The Red Telephone") and violence ("A House Is Not a Motel") with songs that are as sonically subtle and lilting as they are lyrically blunt and harrowing. Add two gems by Love's secret weapon, second guitarist Bryan MacLean ("Alone Again Or" and "Old Man"), and you've got one of the truly perfect albums in rock history.

Band members:
Arthur Lee : lead vocals, guitar, arranger
Johnny Echols : lead guitar
Bryan MacLean : rhythm guitar, vocals, arranger (lead vocals on "Alone Again Or" and "Old Man")
Ken Forssi : bass
Michael Stuart : drums, percussion, vocals

David Angel (arranger) : arranger, orchestrations

And uncredited contributions from:
Hal Blaine : drums on "Andmoreagain" and "The Daily Planet"
Carol Kaye : bass on "Andmoreagain" (unconfirmed) and "The Daily Planet"
Don Randi : piano
Billy Strange : guitar on "Andmoreagain" and "The Daily Planet"
Neil Young : arranger on "The Daily Planet"
Orchestra: Robert Barene, Arnold Belnick, James Getzoff, Marshall Sosson, Darrel Terwilliger (violins); Norman Botnick (viola); Jesse Ehrlich (cello); Chuck Berghofer (double bass); Bud Brisbois, Roy Caton, Ollie Mitchell (trumpets); Richard Leith (trombone)

Tracklist :

"Alone Again Or" (Maclean, – 3:16)
"A House is Not a Motel" (Lee, – 3:31)
"Andmoreagain" (Lee/Maclean, – 3:18)
"The Daily Planet" (Lee, – 3:30)
"Old Man" (Maclean, – 3:02)
"The Red Telephone" (Lee, – 4:46)
"Maybe the People Would Be the Times or Between Clark and Hilldale" (Lee, – 3:34)
"Live and Let Live" (Lee, – 5:26)
"The Good Humor Man He Sees Everything Like This" (Lee, – 3:08)
"Bummer in the Summer" (Lee, – 2:24)
"You Set the Scene" (Lee, – 6:56)

February 2001 reissue Bonus Tracks :

"Hummingbirds [Demo]" (Lee, – 2:43)
"Wonder People (I Do Wonder)" (Lee, – 3:27)
"Alone Again Or [Alternate Mix]" (MacLean, – 2:55)
"You Set the Scene [Alternate Mix]" (Lee, – 7:01)
"Your Mind And We Belong Together [Tracking Session Highlights]" (Lee, – 8:16)
"Your Mind And We Belong Together" (Lee, – 4:28)
"Laughing Stock" (Lee, – 2:33)

Links : (Part 1) & (Part 2)

To the uninitiated, it helps to know that Love was Jim Morrison's favorite group !!!


Anonymous said...

Rare as it is, visual documentation of Love in 1968 can still be found:

Anonymous said...

Re the youtube link...Well...It's gone now and in it's place is the usual cop-out copywrite infringement excuse. Who are these oh so sad people. Have they no feeling for the true value of this music. This is our past...our heritage. Have a heart, for f***s sake!!!!

By the way although I'm forced to sign off as "Anonymous" my name is "hudois" There...I've outed myself!!

Elliot Knapp said...

Have to say, the word "masterpiece" rarely applies better than in the case of this album! Just waxed poetic about it myself over on my music blog. Have a good one!