Sunday 18 January 2009

SANDOZ - "Pay Attention" - UK 1995 (1971 recordings)

The kind of unknown recording you always hope somebody’ll unearth, but rarely does. Completely gone and twisted, over-the-top Beefheartian rockgrunt 'n blueshowl by an early 70’s band nobody’d ever previously heard wind of.

Contains recording from 1971 of short-lived underground hardrock/psych/blues trio that featured John Goodsall on guitar, vocals (sounding like vintage Captain Beefheart!), and compositions, as well as Jim Mercer on bass and Gary Lonsdale on drums.

As the name of the group might imply, this is head music, and is really not anything like what Goodsall went on to do with Brand X. Three longish tracks unearthed from the vaults. This has become an instant collectible by virtue of the fact that only 350 copies were pressed.

Really, the only peers this recording has in the UK were some weirder EDGAR BROUGHTON BAND moments, the prog end of STACKWADDY, and perhaps that RUSTIC HINGE LP.

Tracks listing :

1. Apple Core Machine (8:36)
2. I Ain't Strong (8:42)
3. Demi-God (13:26)

New link :

Don't miss this rarity even though the rip is not perfect !!!


BlackSpring said...

As you say: completly Beefheartian. Great record. Thanks for the share.

Jahel said...

a billion thx for this pearl
play it load!
anyone else like that?

Anonymous said...

Woudl love a re-post of this rare, unavailable music! (Pretty sure I made a post asking same thing a couple of weeks back, but it never appeared...)
It's a real shame thiese Shagrat releases came and went so quickly... surely it wouldn't be so hard to make them available as a download to buy legally? I'd be happy to do so... In the meantime, that'll probably never happen as with so much obscure music, so hopefully someone can make a rip of this available.


imnotgod said...

New link available :
Enjoy Chris !
And great thanks for your comment.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much! I have heard the track from this that's on youtube (Apple-Core Machine), which hooked me - very rough around the edges, raw rock... how could I not love it :-)
best wishes,