Sunday 18 January 2009

DAMON - "Gypsy Eyes" - US 1999

"Damon" : this is the artistic name of David Del Conte, a genius American gypsy musician who is responsible of probably the rarest and most sought-after psychedelic music album of all time, I mean "Song Of A Gypsy".

Following after the same haunting, hypnotic, modal melodies as Damon's original masterpiece, "Song of a Gypsy", the lyrics on "Gypsy Eyes" show a deeper truth and as life's journey reveals a deeper wisdom regarding love, and life itself.
The original album, "Song of a Gypsy", represented the beginning of Damon's search for love and the meaning of life.
The new album, "Gypsy Eyes", speaks of growth and a greater understanding of what has been learned over these past several years. The songs are about love; good times, and bad.

Tracks listing :

01. Gypsy Eyes (4:23)
02. Hold On (5:14)
03. You're Mine (5:38)
04. Livin' in Limbo (4:20)
05. Seems Like I Traveled (4:23)
06. My Song of Love (4:56)
07. Listen to the Voice (3:49)
08. Tomorrow, Yesterday, Right Now (4:16)
09. In the Quiet of the Evening (6:19)
10. The Gift (5:29)

Thirty years later, a welcome return from this US minstrel !!!

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Hoping you'll enjoy !

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