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Dakota Sid - ST (Great 1977 US Country Folk SSW LP on Lost Dog Records)



Dakota Sid Clifford grew up in North Dakota, Washington, and California, but left home for political and religious reasons at the age of 18, and wound up in Haight Ashbury in the mid sixty’s.  He started writing songs in high school on an old Gibson J50 so when he found himself “smack dab in the middle of what seemed like the biggest cultural revolution the world had ever seen”, he hit the ground running writing songs chronicling his experience of the changing human condition.  
Growing up, Sid’s early musical influences were gospel and church hymns but as he leaned toward secular music, he got to know Hank Williams and Patsy Cline, and the popular music of the fifties by listening at night on a crystal radio under the blankets. Woody Guthrie became a big influence, along with Rambling Jack, Cisco Huston, all those cowboy songs and the stories that shine out from the past. Then Bob Dylan changed everything.  It seemed like lyrics had a purpose and his passion for song writing had a place in the modern world.

This is his first Singer-Songwriter LP released in 1977 on Lost Dog Records.

Listen : B4. Burgundy Easy  &  B5. Dealin' Dreams

The whole album : Dakota Sid 1st LP

A great album that would deserve a wider audience !

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