Monday 25 July 2022

Emmett Finley - ST (Killer 1971 US Folk Rock LP on Poison Ring Records)

It's a fairly obscure entry in the underground sounds arena. You'll hear this described as killer folk rock (it is) with lost, atmospheric vocals (huh?), amazing, soaring, backing vocal harmonies (they're there), with facile acoustic/electric mix (check) and overall dark, spooky vibe that'll run chills up and down your spine (nah!). I'll describe it as soft, dreamy, psych influenced folk rock. A recent analogy to a friend was: like "Imagine" era John Lennon singing vocals for Kaleidoscope (UK) with material written by Syd Barrett. This is a very subtle album, that doesn't get your full attention first time around. But after a second listen, you really pick up on all the hidden surprises. (Reviewed by Steve 'tymeshifter' on rateyourmusic)


Listen to these amazing tracks on YouTube :



This picture is taken from another copy, mine being sealed !

Don't miss this little gem in a perfect condition !

Record : Mint ? (Still sealed)
Cover : EXC+ (Still sealed)
Price : 250,00 Euros (+ shipping costs - by registered parcel - calculated by the Belgian Post office)
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