Sunday, 25 July 2021

John Hulburt (aka John Hulbert) - Opus III (Incredibly rare 1972 US Private Folk LP)


ORIGINAL privately pressed John Hulburt - Opus III LP on Clarence Records from 1972, Chicago.

Very rare private solo guitar LP from former member of the Knaves with some flute additions from David Starr of the Hollins & Starr LP.

Unfortunately this copy has only the generic white cover.

The photograph usually glued to the front cover is not there anymore and there is no paste-on printed piece of paper on the back cover. 

Listen : 

You can listen to the whole album on John Hulburt's YT channel : 

Fantastic weird stuff we have here !!!

Record : VG++
Cover : VG (generic white sleeve - no picture, no text - see pictures)
Price : 180,00 Euros (+ postage costs by registered parcel calculated by the Belgian Post office)
Payment : PAYPAL only
Contact :


Pete Cost said...

Indeed, you have a treasure here - many treasures, in fact.
Would it be too much to ask if you could upload the records in mp3 formnat, too? I mean it would be great for collectors to hear the songs before buying the records.
Keep up the great work!

imnotgod said...

I'm sorry Pete but I can not upload the records in mp3 format.

imnotgod said...

Finally here's a download link for the whole record in mp3 format :