Wednesday 6 September 2017

John J. Francis - Breaks, Works & Thoughts (1973 Australian Folk Psych Blues on Warner Bros)

His second LP released in June 1973.

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John's second album, 'Breaks, Works and Thoughts', was released in 1973 and included the iconic 'Simple Ben', which is featured on the 'Morning of the Earth' movie soundtrack, the hit single 'Play Mumma, Sing Me a Song', as well as the driving 'Bop Right Over You' and the strikingly powerful and distinctively original 'Steel Man'.
'Breaks, Works and Thoughts' is undoubtedly a landmark in Australian music history and was the most nominated album at the 1973 Australasian Radio Awards (the precursor to today’s ARIA Awards) winning the coveted Best Song/Composer of the Year Award for 'Play Mumma, Sing Me a Song'.

Foldout cover.

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Unknown said...

This is a fantastic album which did not receive the attention it deserved. These songs are never heard now. My mates & I played it to death back in 1973 when we were doing our HSC. John J used to be at some of the folk concerts we used to attend at UNSW. We knew him from the Morning of the Earth soundtrack originally.