Thursday 6 April 2017

Millfield School - Focus 73 (Rare 1973 UK Folk School Project on Deroy)

Described as an extension of the fanzine edited by pupils of Somerset's Millfield School (the alleged 8-page booklet that comes with the LP), this record is similar to another means of expression, as mentioned by their authors.
Things get off to a good start with happy-go-lucky jug band-ish renditions of jazz standards by young ladies.
There then follow the standout tracks, two well-crafted folk songs backed by 2 guitars and conga drums ("Beginning or End?", "Moments of Future and Past").
The A-side ends with typically swinging violin-led ballads reminiscent of a carefree 'Tea for Two' vibe, like a leaf floating in the breeze.
The B-side is a set of readings alongside a sparse yet lovely musical background.
All in all, a pretty record on Deroy, imbued with a somewhat work of art's value and that will seduce those who appreciate an out of date charm.
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