Thursday 22 December 2016

Todd Kelley - ST (Excellent 1969 US Loner Folk LP)

I can't understand why this little masterpîece has never been re-released on CD.
A rare and very great album in my opinion.

Very rare release on the NY based ESP-Disk label.
Amazing and haunting psych folk LP from Todd Kelley.
(taken from discogs)

Listen to this track available on youtube :

You can also listen to some tracks on my friend Sébastien's website :

Don't miss this little gem rarely seen in a so great condition !

Record : EXC+
Cover : EXC+
Price : 120,00 Euros (+ the expedition costs - by registered parcel - calculated by the Belgian Post office)
Payment : PAYPAL or Bank transfer (ask for my account number)
Contact :

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