Sunday 19 April 2015

DUMIN & CAVANAGH - "Dark Side of the Moon" (1969 US private gem on the RPC label)

"Mega rare & totally unknown 1969 private press from this gentle, moody, beautiful teen loner folk duo.
About half & half originals and covers, but the whole album has the same sweet vibe.
All the originals are real melancholy beauties, with warm acoustic guitars and their two voices weaving together in unusual ways. nice natural reverb, as it was recorded in an empty classroom after hours!
Always reminds me of the most fragile moments of Kusudo & Worth (and its just as rare)."
Review from ebay seller.

One of the rarest RPC release and the best one in my opinion !
This seller was right, all the originals are truly amazing melancholy beauties.

Listen to these tracks :

Record : EXC
Cover : EXC-
Price : Recently SOLD - I'm sorry ...
Payment : PAYPAL or Bank transfer (ask for my account number)
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