Thursday 11 December 2008

MELLOW CANDLE - "Swaddling Songs" (Irish Prog Folk - 1972)

From Dublin, Ireland, MELLOW CANDLE specialised in imaginative psychedelic folk rock and early progressive rock, with the singing talents of two ladies (Alison WILLIAMS and Clodagh SIMONDS), in addition to bassist Frank BOYLAN, drummer William MURRAY and guitarist Dave WILLAIMS. The music displayed a prodigious degree of natural talent for songwriting, harmonizing, and arrangement.

"Swaddling Songs" debut album is rich in varied and a true sonic marvel of beauty and simple melodies, and, most of all, a blending of two of the most beautiful voices in all of music. This is a fantastic album that deserves new discovery.

Track Listings :
1. Heaven Heath (3:00)
2. Sheep Season (5:01)
3. Silver Song (4:26)
4. The Poet And The Witch (2:51)
5. Messenger Birds (3:39)
6. Dan The Wing (2:45)
7. Reverend Sisters (4:21)
8. Break Your Token (2:27)
9. Buy Or Beware (3:05)
10. Vile Excesses (3:14)
11. Lonely Man (4:28)
12. Boulders On My Grave (3:40)
13. Feeling High (2:23) Bonus track
14. Tea With The Sun (3:18) Bonus track
Total Time: 48:46

Line-up/Musicians :
- Frank Boylan / bass
- William Murray / drums
- Clodagh Simonds / vocals, keyboards
- Alison Williams / lead vocals
- David Williams / guitar, vocals

Don't miss this very great album !!!

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Anonymous said...

Such a great album !!
Especially "Sheep season" is a true gem.
By the way, the two bonustracks are not in the download.

Thank you very much

imnotgod said...

Link for the two bonus tracks :

imnotgod said...

Link for the two bonus tracks :