Thursday 11 December 2008

LISTEN - Same - Great Xian downer Folk Psych LP (US - 1973)

Four longhaired teen guys and their excellent homemade acoustic rock endeavor with relaxed guitars-only wholesome earthy in-tune-with-nature sound. The songs are moving, sorrowful, hypnotic, melancholy, sincere, deeply meditative - the guy I got this from thought they sounded like Azitis unplugged and I’m inclined to agree. Nice dreamy atmosphere from the plaintive harmonies and interplay of the three guitars, bringing a moody surreal presence to songs like ‘Clouds And Suns’, ‘Why’, ‘Jesus Love’, ‘Forgive’, ‘His Face’, ‘Chapel’ and ‘Nows’. Upbeat strummed moods on ‘Prisoner’s Prayer’ and the brisk jangly opener ‘Spring Thing’. ‘Relativity’ and the mostly instrumental ‘The Unknown Sea’ are spoken poems backed by acoustic guitar. The guys got their start at a talent show in 1970 at Camp Lutherhoma in eastern Oklahoma. Really strikes a chord. The album has recently gotten a reputation among psych collectors and can now go for some large dollars.
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Another unknown gem ! Don't miss it !!!


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