Sunday 5 October 2008

ERIK - Look Where I Am (US Folk Psych - 1968)

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Here’s another obscurity released on the Vanguard label in 1968, Erik Heller’s “Look Where I Am”, which is a nice mixture of folk/psych originals with some great instrumentation including flute, vibes, and some great guitar work.

The 11 tracks on "Look Where I Am" cover the full range of psych/acid folk, from the strong opening track, with its multi-instrumental backdrop of flute, vibes, horns and bells, to the voice-and-guitar of 'Why Come Another Day' to the heavy fuzz guitar of 'You Said/But I've Got My Way'. There's even a long, soulful Davis-esque muted trumpet passage on 'Lights Across The Field'. The album has a dreamy, almost wistful Donovan-like feel, with tons of acoustic guitar and ethereal flutes.

Track Listing :

01. Look Where I Am (Well It's Right Over Here)
02. Painted on the Wall
03. Dead Afternoon Song
04. Be Off Man
05. Why Come Another Day
06. You Said/But I've Got My Way
07. Lights Across the Field/Bright Lights Across the Field Too
08. Sweet Eyes Of
09. Georgann
10. Untitled Number 2
11. Triumphant Breaking Bottle

Link :

1968's Look Where I Am (VRS9267) remains one of the Vanguard label's undiscovered gems.


Anonymous said...

I've missed this up to now, any chance of a re-upload (although it seems of limited interest to others I would be very into hearing it).


imnotgod said...

New link on Rapidshare available !

Anonymous said...

Links dead....